17 Photos Demi Lovato Wishes We’d Forget (And 6 We Can’t Look Away From)

Demi Lovato has been in the limelight since childhood and she has proven to the world that it’s possible for child stars to have a successful career as adults. That said, Lovato’s life has not been without controversy, and some of her decisions over the years have raised eyebrows, which is not surprising considering the immense pressure that must come with living her life in the public eye.

There may also be a few moments she wishes fans would forget. Then again, maybe not, because one of the best things about Lovato is her willingness to share her life, including her struggles, in an open and honest way. She’s come a long way, and there’s a good chance her fans will be seeing a lot more of her in the future (and we don’t just mean unretouched bikini photos).

23 We May Do This At Home, But We’d Never Post It!

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We all do things in the comfort of our own home which we may consider embarrassing or super cringey, but most of us would never dream of taking a photo of these actions. Demi Lovato is not most of us though, as we can clearly see by her solution for dealing with a runny nose.

22 Demi Has Proved That Makeup Fails Happen To The Best Of Us

Via Daily Mail

Celebrities are often held to a higher standard because they have chosen to live their lives in the public eye. That means that there is often more pressure on them to look great, but makeup fails to happen to the best of us. According to Daily Mail, this photo of Demi Lovato was taken on a night out in New York.

21 You Have To Admire Demi Lovato’s Silliness, But She May Not Have Wanted This Photo To Live On Forever

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One of the best things about Demi Lovato is that she is comfortable with who she is, and that includes her willingness to be silly in front of the camera. She doesn’t take herself too seriously, and she doesn’t seem to be concerned with creating a public image that portrays her as perfect.

20 Can't Look Away: Demi Lovato Made Halloween A Holiday To Remember!

Via People

Demi Lovato is not a child anymore, and her choice of Halloween costume probably proves that. According to People, Lovato posted this photo on her social media in celebration of Halloween. As we can see, she’s dressed up as a French maid and looks amazing. She probably knows it too, because she’s oozing with confidence!

19 Perhaps She’d Like To Explain Her Decision To Pose Like This?!

Via Demi Lovato Instagram

Demi Lovato can do whatever she wants, and she doesn’t need approval from anyone. She can also choose to post whatever she feels is appropriate on her social media, because, well, it’s hers. But perhaps she would like to explain her thoughts behind her decision to pose like this?!

18 Anyone Remember This Awkward Met Gala Moment?

Via E! News

Demi Lovato is not a fan of the Met Gala, in fact, she’s made it pretty clear she had an awful time! According to E! News, she shared a photo of herself, Nicki Minaj, and Jeremy Scott, which appears to show Minaj giving her some major side-eye. The publication notes that she captioned the photo with the following message: "This picture pretty much summed up my first and probably last met.”

17 And Then There's That Time She Took A Photo In Her Very Shapeless Onesie

Via CapitalFM

Celebrities get to wear some of the most beautiful clothes that money can buy, and designers often scramble for a chance to get them into one of their designs. Demi Lovato has had plenty of gowns that she’s stunned in, but when she’s home, it seems she’s more about the comfort than fashion!

16 Can't Look Away: To Encourage Positivity, She Chose To Share Unedited Photos Of Herself On Holiday!


There is a lot of pressure for celebrities to fit into a certain mold, and this includes their appearance. So, it’s refreshing when someone like Demi Lovato decides to be real about who she is, and she did this when she decided to share unretouched photos of her vacation on social media. You go, girl!

15 We Love How Into Her Performances Demi Gets, But Sometimes She’s A Little Too Enthusiastic

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There’s no denying that Demi Lovato is a skilled performer and a talented singer. Fans who attend her concert are in for a treat because she gives her shows her all, but does she sometimes get a little too into her performance? She looks like she’s about to eat the microphone!

14 Some Of Her Outfits Have Been, Well, Not Fashionable

Via Daily Mail

Don’t get us wrong, we love Demi Lovato and have so much respect for the woman she is. That said, we have all had moments when we have worn questionable outfits, and this may have been one of hers. According to Daily Mail, Lovato is seen here, performing at a pool party in Miami.

13 We Know What You’re Thinking: What The Heck Is She Wearing?!

Via Daily Mail

If you think that the above swimsuit and pants combo is an odd choice, then you’re probably looking at this photo and thinking; what the heck is she wearing?! Don’t worry, Demi Lovato doesn’t walk around the streets like this. Daily Mail notes she was channeling her inner prom queen for a TV appearance.

12 Can't Look Away: Demi Lovato Looks Amazing, Even After A Hectic Workout

Via Demi Lovato Instagram

Demi Lovato doesn’t need a full face of makeup and a designer gown to turn heads. Aside from being blessed genetically, Lovato’s determination is very attractive, as this photo was a nod to how people should “never give up,” and she is working on her jiu-jitsu skills.

11 Celebrities Don’t Always Have To Look Glamorous When Running Errands

Via Daily Mail

Celebrities seldom leave the house without a full face of makeup and a cute outfit, but Demi Lovato knows that this is not always practical, especially if you have errands to run. All the more power to her for being comfortable enough in her own skin that she felt she could leave the house without being done up!

10 Sometimes, Screaming Fans Wanting Your Attention Can Be A Bit Much

Via Zimbio

Demi Lovato is one of those celebrities who genuinely cares about her fans, but being around groups of screaming people is probably intimidating, and sometimes scary. We can’t be sure if Lovato is freaked out in this photo, taken when she was greeting fans in New York City (via Zimbo), but she certainly looks it.

9 Her Relationship With Henry Levy Raised Eyebrows Because He’s Controversial

Via Yahoo!

Demi Lovato has had a few high-profile romances, and when she coupled with Henry Levy in 2018, it may have raised a few eyebrows. Why? Well, according to Yahoo!, Levy has a “controversial” clothing line. His brand is Enfants Riches Déprimés, and his personal experience in rehab inspired his designs.

8 Can't Look Away: It's Adorable That She Went To Prom With A Guy From Her Kindergarten

Via Pinterest/E! News

Fans of Demi Lovato won’t need another reason to love her, but here it is anyway; she went to prom with a guy she knew from kindergarten. According to E! News, Lovato kept her promise, which was made when she was only a child, to go to prom with her good friend, Nolan Narddechia.

7 Demi Lovato Has Given New Meaning To Bad Hair Days!

Via The Mirror

Most of us have had a day when our hair just won't play nice, and it's all over the place. No one wants to look like they lost their brush for a week, but it seems Demi Lovato gives new meaning the term "bad hair day" thanks to this photo!

6 If You Don’t Like This Tattoo, You’d Be Glad To Know It’s A Massive Improvement Of What She Had There Before

Via PopStarTats

Demi Lovato is no stranger to tattoos, and her body is covered in ink which is meaningful to her. But there has also been a piece she regretted. PopStarTats notes she covered up her tattoo of red lips, and she decided to do it with is this, a rose.

5 She Looks Happy Next To Nick Jonas Here, But She Later Unfollowed Him

Via Pinterest

There was a time when Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas appeared to be friendly, after all, they've known each other since their teens. But according to E! News, in Nov. 2018, Lovato made the decision to unfollow Jonas on social media, a decision which caught the attention of multiple publications.

4 Can't Look Away: She’s Paid Tribute To Her Great-Grandmother In The Sweetest Way

Via Demi Lovato Instagram

We mentioned earlier that Demi Lovato had a tattoo she decided to cover up, but this will never be one of them! She clearly has a lot of love for her great grandmother and chose to pay tribute to her in the most beautiful way, Allure notes. Lovato also described the ink as “the most meaningful tattoo I’ve ever gotten.”

3 Demi Caused Controversy When She Traveled To Israel (And Later Apologized For It)

Via Daily Mail

The difference between many regular people and celebrities is that when we do something, no one really cares, and it’s certainly not reported on by the media and documented forever. According to Daily Mail, Lovato’s decision to travel to Israel, and then share photos of her journey, caused a major backlash, because of the “ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict."

2 This Photo Is Awkward, Considering Demi And Taylor Swift Are Rumored To Have Had A Feud

Via Marie Claire

Celebrities are just like the rest of us and they cannot be expected to get on with everyone. Different personalities clash, and according to Marie Claire, there have been reports that Demi Lovato shaded Taylor Swift by skipping the VMAs — reports that she proceeded to shut down by praising Swift’s music on social media.

1 Can't Look Away: She Genuinely Loves And Appreciates Her Fans


When you see photos of Demi Lovato interacting with her fans, she often seems to be genuinely interested in them and appreciates their love and support. According to BBC, fans have shared their stories online about how Lovato has helped them in their lives, including facing depression and anxiety. We’ve never met her personally, but we can imagine that being in this crowd was a memorable experience.

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