Here's Why pH Balancing Nail Treatments Will Make Your Manicure Last

If it seems to you like every single time you get a manicure, it never seems to last quite as long as you want it to without some chipping, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to fix the issue. As it turns out, you may just need to balance the pH of your nails.

Your nails are supposed to have a pH that is slightly on the acidic side—this keeps them from getting a little greasy. But if the pH gets a little too alkaline, your nail beds will actually start producing more oil. And it’s this excess oil production that keeps your manicure from sticking. Nail polish can’t properly adhere to your nails if there is too much oil on the surface.

In order to adjust the pH of your nails, you might need to pick up a pH balancer. Balancing your pH has become a trendy concept in the world of skincare because it can help with several common issues that cause redness, like acne and rosacea. But it’s actually taking off in the nail care industry, too. As previously mentioned, you can tell if your own nail pH is a little out of whack if your polish keeps chipping no matter what you do, but if your nails look extra shiny even when you have no polish on, this is also a major clue. It’s important to note that this isn’t a sign of a nail health problem—it’s just a minor issue that can be a little inconvenient.

Choose a product labeled pH balancer and dehydrator. This will dry out the excess oil on your nails so that your polish can really stick. What’s the best way to use it? Simply apply it before putting on your base coat and allow it to dry fully, then continue with the rest of the layers of your manicure. You can also bring it to the nail salon with you and let your manicurist know that you need it.

So, is this a pricey solution to your nail polish chipping problem? Nope, thankfully pH balancers are actually pretty affordable. Most of the drugstore options will work just fine, and they will run you between $6 to $10.

Have you ever tried a nail pH balancer? What were the results like? Let us know in the comments!


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