Petite 'N Pretty Creates Makeup Specifically For Gen Z, But The Beauty Community Is Wondering If It's Really Needed

Relatively new makeup brand Petite 'N Pretty is specializing on makeup for Gen Z, which includes children aged 4 to 18, but the beauty community is not convinced it is needed. The Beverly Hills-based beauty brand is offering an entire range of makeup products marketed specifically towards tweens and teenagers, something on which people tend to have different opinions. While some think that it is perfectly fine to encourage a thirteen-year-old to have fun with makeup and play around with different products, there are also some who mean that young teens should not even be allowed to use makeup in the first place.

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Petite 'N Pretty offers makeup products ranging from lipglosses, highlighters, and eyeshadow palettes, to blushes, glitters, and makeup brushes. Their products are carefully created to be age appropriate regarding colors and ingredients and are all approved by a pediatrician. As most cosmetics brand who want to keep up with the trends, Petite 'N Pretty is also cruelty-free, paraben-free, phthalate- free, and nut-free, so the tween beauty brand will be ticking all the boxes for parents who are careful on what type of products their children consume and use.

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As reported by Allure, Petite 'N Pretty was founded by Samantha Cutler, who used to be the chief product development officer at makeup brand Stila. Being based in Beverly Hills, Cutler had no problem launching her makeup brand with the support from her Beverly Hills celebrity mom friends, and Petite 'N Pretty's launch party was as star-studded an event as any 'grown-up' beauty brand.

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Those who are keeping up with the Kardashian's might remember Kim Kardashian posting a story on her Instagram account of her daughter North walking a fashion show this summer. That was part of Petite 'N Pretty's launch party, where other celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson Ross, Kardashian friend Jordyn Woods, and Kyle Richards from the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills were also in attendance.

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People's opinion on kids and makeup, and products marketed directly at tweens and young teenagers are typically very strong. At the end of the day Petite 'N Pretty is offering age-appropriate, cruelty-free products that are safe to use, so if a twelve-year-old wants to start dabbling in some makeup, this could be a good first brand.

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