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As the weather continues to grow more and more dreary, a majority of women will tailor their makeup to appropriately fit the cold. This typically consists of dark shades of eyeshadow and lipstick. But some women go the opposite route, choosing instead to stick with colors that others would consider to be summery. Another way is to use makeup products more associated with spring or summer, such as lip gloss. Clarins decided to take a chance by releasing a lip gloss-like product for fall and winter.

According to Elle, massive cosmetics company Clarins has just released their Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil. Yes, you read that right- it's a lip oil. That may freak you out a little, but it really shouldn't. The product has been described as similar to a lip gloss, as it creates a beautiful, albeit subtle sheen when applied to the lips. It's perfect for those looking to add a little colour and shine to their lips during fall and winter.

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The Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil is available in many different shades. This includes 01 Honey, 02 Raspberry, 03 Red Berry, 04 Candy, 05 Tangerine, 06 Mint, 07 Honey Glam, 08 Blackberry, and 09 Red Berry Glam. Each shade looks very much like its name, making it easy to distinguish one from the other. Because the product is so sheer, all of the colours could easily work on any skin colour. That could very well make you feel tempted to buy a lip oil in every available shade!

The sheer color and shimmer aren't the only appealing aspects of Clarins' newest addition. The base is made with natural ingredients- including hazelnut oil, jojoba, and mirabelle plum. Plus, because it's a lip oil, it's far more moisturizing than a lip gloss, lip stain, or a lipstick. The result of using one of Clarins' lip oils includes tint, shiny lips that will remain hydrated for hours on end- perfect for the cold weather that tends to dry out the skin. It costs a decent amount of money, but it's definitely a worthy addition to your makeup collection.

You can buy an Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil from beauty or department stores that sell Clarins, or directly from Clarins' website.


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