9 People Who Hate Kanye West (And 10 Who Actually Respect Him) 

Kanye West is a controversial celebrity, to say the least. His music career is undeniably successful, but he has certainly ruffled some feathers along the way. He has never held back, and is known for outwardly conveying his thoughts, often without taking a moment to filter them. While some people give Kanye credit for his incredible musical talents, and really admire how he presents himself, that’s not the case for everyone.

There are certainly a group of people that seem to really dislike Kanye and are offended by his public & often offensive rants. Many other celebrities are upset about the way he’s spoken and acted towards them, or just generally don’t agree with his persona. One thing’s for sure, everyone knows when Kanye has arrived! Let’s take a look at 10 People Who Hate Kanye West And 10 Who Actually Respect Him…

19 Hate Him: Taylor Swift

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This one doesn’t require much explanation. Taylor will always think of Kanye as the man who interrupted her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video award. This was back in 2009 when he stormed the stage and publicly declared that she didn’t “deserve" the award. It’s not shocking to hear that Taylor isn’t exactly a fan of his after that whole fiasco.

18 Respect Him: Jonah Hill

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Supporting Kanye is one thing, defending him takes this to a whole other level. Jonah Hill made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in July of 2018, fiercely defending the controversy surrounding Kanye West. He was also one of Kanye’s guests at the reportedly very wild Ye Listening Party in Wyoming.

17 Hate Him: T.I.

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TI has collaborated with Kanye in the past, but an article published in USA Today cites his recent and public disgust for him. Just prior to un-friending Kanye on social media, he posted his thoughts of him by saying “At one time it was a pleasure to work alongside you... now, I’m ashamed to have ever been associated with you”. T.I. reports that Kanye’s support of the US President was the last straw for their friendship.

16 Respect Him: Rapper DMX

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Talk about full-support and mad love… rapper DMX not only attends the Sunday Services that Kanye hosts, he also leads the prayer service on a regular basis, which he describes as being his “joyful involvement” in an interview with NME. He also went off in an interview with Billboard in March of 2019, saying that Kanye is his favorite artist. He seems personally invested in ensuring his message about Kanye is a positive one at all times.

15 Hate Him: Pink

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Rolling Stone reports that Pink had to be physically restrained by security after Kanye intercepted Taylor Swift’s acceptance award. She lashed out backstage and attempted to make her way to Kanye, until she was held back. She later turned to social media in Taylor’s defense. Her Twitter blew up with her verbal attacks on Kanye, describing how she felt about what he had just done.

14 Respect Him: Jay-Z

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Jay-Z and Kanye West are two incredibly powerful men that have stood united with one another for many years. They have a friendship that many have coined as being a “bromance,” and share time with one another both personally and professionally. They have also collaborated on an album, shared the stage, and continued to maintain a solid friendship amidst some very controversial times.

13 Hate Him: Kelly Clarkson

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In 2009, after the award-fiasco with Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson took to her own blog to spew her dislike of Kanye and share her thoughts about his actions. Her blog opened with the lines “What happened to you as a child? Did you not get hugged enough?” and it was all downhill from there. She threw her support behind Taylor and took hit after hit at Kanye in a very long, well-constructed letter of hatred.

12 Respect Him: Katy Perry

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Katy Perry has collaborated on an album with Kanye, and is a regular fan and supporter at his Sunday Services. She invests her personal time attending the services and throws positive vibes in his direction on her social media outlets. Katy Perry and Kanye seem to have a connection that has endured several years.

11 Hate Him: Amy Winehouse

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According to MTV News, Amy Winehouse went on a bit of a dissing spree during her performance at the Glastonbury Festival in 2008. There had never been any public reports of issues between Kanye and Amy, but her disdain for him was evident when she dissed him on stage by using words we can’t repeat. She sarcastically stated that she would never open for Kanye or associate with him.

10 Respect Him: Kylie Jenner

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While it seems that everyone in the Kardashian family loves and supports Kanye, it’s clear that Kylie is his biggest fan in the clan. She supports him publicly and has a closet full of Yeezus Tour merchandise featuring his infamous face. She seems to adore her brother-in-law, and is smitten with sisterly-love.

9 Respect Him: Courtney Love

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Courtney Love throws her support behind Kanye by attending his Sunday Services and video streaming her love for these moments on her social media accounts. On the 25th anniversary weekend of Kurt Cobain’s death, she was right there, seeking solace from Kanye’s Sunday Services, and getting recognized as one of his many celebrity attendees.

8 Hate Him: Brandon Flowers From The Killers

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In a very public and widely viewed article in the Chicago Tribune, Brandon Flowers blasted Kanye West’s entire persona and the way he presents himself to his fans and to the general public. Not afraid to hold-back on his thoughts, Brandon bravely blasted the icon by saying “ Kanye West makes me ill.” He continued by saying “everyone’s afraid to say anything contrary to him being a genius. It’s crazy man, and it’s frustrating”.

7 Respect Him: The Chainsmokers

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According to a publication by the Daily Nexus, The Chainsmokers are essentially credited for creating the anthem for the Kanye fan base. They produced an entire song that contains lyrics such as “I wanna be like Kanye” and it’s evident that they love him and hold Kanye in very high regard.

6 Hate Him: David Crosby


In one of the most descriptive slams of Kanye’s career, The Guardian reports on David Crosby’s verbal lashing and depicts his lack of respect for all-things-Kanye. David went on a talk show and just let it all out, saying “ he can’t write, sing, or play at all. He is an egomaniac, he is dumb as a post….” and so on, and so on, and so on – well, you get the idea. He definitely had a lot to share about Kanye, and none of it was positive.

5 Respect Him: Diplo

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Media outlets everywhere commented on Diplo as he oozed love and adoration for Kanye during a TBS Storyville Special. He adoringly told a tale of one of his experiences with Kanye and gushed excitement about feeling special to have been a part of it. Diplo is also one of Kanye’s regular Sunday Service attendees.

4 Hate Him: Lana Del Ray

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Despite having performed at Kim and Kanye’s wedding, Lana Del Ray does not support Kanye’s political views. She has blasted Kanye on Instagram for his support of the President of the United States and has slammed him by saying she thinks Kanye “relates to his personality on some level.” She went on to call Kanye a narcissist, so it’s pretty clear she won’t be invited to perform at his special events in the future.

3 Respect Him: Orlando Bloom

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It seems that Orlando Bloom is as thrilled with Kanye’s Sunday Service as his fiancée Katy Perry is. He is alongside Katy as they support Kanye to the fullest degree. They are not taking the easy route and just writing nice things about him on their social media outlets, they are actually taking time out of their lives and investing themselves by making regular appearances in person.

2 Hate Him: David Cross

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According to Cheat Sheet, David Cross took a different approach when conveying his thoughts about Kanye West. The famous actor and comedian turned to his forum which he uses freely to express his personal views. His opinion of Kanye was a short, sweet, and very precise message. He went on social media and expressed his feelings about Kanye by saying “You know very little about very little.” Ouch!

1 Respect Him: Kim Kardashian West

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While this seems like we’re stating the obvious, the powerful influence of Kim’s love and support for Kanye West is significant for his career. She has well over 150 million followers on Instagram, and anything and everything she believes in is sure to make the headlines. Kanye is now front and center way more than he ever used to be as a result of his marriage to Kim.

Sources: Rolling Stone, Daily Nexus, The Guardian, MTV News

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