12 People Who Are Only Famous Because Of Who They Dated

Dating a celebrity is a strange thing. You can become quite well-known overnight when you were a total unknown before. Some people seek out famous people on purpose and others hesitate being launched into the limelight a bit more. The people on the following list are definitely famous only because of who they have dated. Some of them seemed to be inching toward the fame with the intention of being famous. Others were fairly successful as they were but their life just headed in a different direction when they happened to end up dating (or even marrying) a famous person. Some of them have used the fame to launch reality TV careers, while others have used it to try and do some good in the world. Whatever their intentions were, here are some people who would be living very different lives if they hadn't started dating a celebrity!

12 Kim Kardashian: Thanks To A Tape


Okay, so it's true that Kim Kardashian probably would have figured out a way to become famous with or without the Ray-J tape, but that happens to be the way that things happened. At the time Ray-J was more famous than she is which sounds crazy since she's become one of the most famous people of all time. Ray-J is singer Brandy's brother who was also quite famous at the time after having a big music career in the 1990s. Like it or not, that tape is basically the reason that Kim started getting so much attention and then she and her entire family ran with it to make sure that they milked the attention for all it was worth. They definitely managed to turn an odd situation into a profitable one. That family just never stops making money or coming up with new ways to bring even more attention to what they've got going on.

11 Kevin Federline: The Backup Dancer


Before Kevin Federline met Britney Spears, he was definitely not famous at all. He was a dancer at the time and the two had a whirlwind romance and got married only five months after they met. Thanks to Britney's extreme fame at the time, Kevin also became well-known as a direct result of the relationship. The duo were together for two years, had a reality show, and had two children. But things just weren't meant to be. After their divorce, Britney admitted that she married him for the wrong reasons and that she was just caught up in the idea of everything. Kevin attempted a career as a rapper but found more success appearing on reality weight loss shows such as Celebrity Fit Club and Excess Baggage. Kevin now has six children with three different women. He met his current wife Victoria Prince on a recreational bowling team called the Party Animals. Not an average life to say the least.

10 Blac Chyna: Complicated Romantic Entanglement


Blac Chyna might be a household name now that she's gotten involved (and uninvolved) with the Kardashian family, but she didn't start out that way. Blac's first fame connection was when she dated Tyga and had a kid with him. But she really became known when she started dating Rob Kardashian. The whole situation was made even stranger by the fact that Kylie had a long-term relationship with Tyga after Blac did... and Rob is, of course, Kylie's older brother. That's a pretty complicated romantic entanglement. Eventually, Kylie and Tyga broke up, and Blac and Rob have also parted ways more than once. They have a child together and that has ensured that Blac will forever be linked to the Kardashian clan. She definitely seems to be the type that enjoys getting a lot of attention and seems to crave the spotlight. She has gotten it... sort of.

9 Meghan Markle: Prince Charming


Meghan Markle has been acting for years but she wasn't famous until she started dating Prince Henry. That'll do it. Nothing like dating a Prince to get your face and name out there. Meghan and Harry were supposedly set up by a mutual friend who thought they might get along. They both spend a lot of time working with charitable operations and it seems like Henry thought that was a great quality for a woman to have. When they first started dating they were trying to keep things on the low but naturally, people started talking, and once they started talking they just didn't stop. Since the two have confirmed that they're dating, Meghan has been in the public eye regularly and seems to be keeping things together pretty well. Not everyone could deal with that sort of attention overnight but she has seemed to slide into the role quite comfortably.

8 Kris Humphries: 72-Day Love Story


Like his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries wasn't famous before he dated a famous person. Sure, he was a well-known basketball player, but he wasn't a celebrity. Kris and Kim had a relatively short relationship that was also highly publicized. The two were featured together on Keeping Up with the Kardashians and had a televised wedding. We also got to see Kim break down on KUWTK when she knew that the marriage was not the right choice for her. The two were not together for very long but it actually took quite a while for the marriage to be legally dissolved so that Kim could move on. Kris is not really as famous as he was while the two were married in the sense that we don't hear much about him. But his name will forever be linked to Kim and the Kardashian dynasty. It was an interesting moment in time, to say the least.

7 Casper Smart: Another Dancer


Casper Smart is yet another backup dancer whose claim to fame was dating a pop superstar. This time around it was Jennifer Lopez. Casper and JLo had an on-and-off relationship for a while but reports came out that Casper had cheated on Jennifer which seemed to be the final straw. The two had a pretty large age gap: he was 29 when she was 47. There were other rumors about why things didn't work out between the two of them such as his refusal to join her as her date at certain events. But, of course, getting caught in a cheating scandal seems bad enough. Casper has not been in the news much since Jennifer moved on and started dating A-Rod. The two seem to be a bit more matched in certain ways and have been happy and out and about together since they first started dating.

6 Chrissy Teigen: Music Video Magic


Chrissy Teigen is another woman who is super successful on her own but clearly got a career boost and became more famous because of her marriage. Chrissy is married to John Legend. The singer has admitted that it wasn't love at first sight and that it took him a few years to realize how much he wanted to be with her. The two met when she was hired to be a model for one of his music videos. They ended up hooking up and keeping in touch although they didn't start a serious relationship for a long time. John was away traveling and spending time with other women, but Chrissy never dated another guy in the meantime. She just tried to keep things cool and never pushed for a serious commitment. Eventually, they ended up together. Chrissy has continued to model and crack everyone up with her candid words and photos on social media, and she's also known for her cookbook Cravings. The couple has an adorable daughter named Luna.

5 Ayesha Curry: Young Lovers


Ayesha Curry surely would have found plenty of success on her own, but being married to Warriors player Stephen Curry and catapulting to fame thanks to that certainly didn't hurt. Ayesha started out doing some acting here and there before she started hosting a cooking show and writing her own cookbooks. Her most recently published cookbook is The Seasoned Life, which hit shelves in 2016. She didn't actually start her cooking career until she had already gotten married and started a family. Her husband is the person who first encouraged her to start blogging about food, and she has found quite a lot of success in doing so. It makes sense that the couple would be so supportive of one another because they actually met when they were 14 and 15 years old at a youth group. They've been together ever since and got married in 2011. They have two children and live in the Bay Area.

4 Amal Clooney: Good People

Bollywood Life

Amal Clooney is an extremely successful woman in her own right, but she was not famous before she started dating George Clooney. George was a notoriously single man in Hollywood so the fact that he settled down with Amal really says something about her. George has shared that Amal is his soulmate and that he has "never been happier in a relationship by any stretch of the imagination." He didn't meet Amal until he was 52 years old. The two recently welcomed twins and have bonded their interest in doing good things for the world. Most recently, the couple made arrangements to send 3,000 Syrian kids to school through a $2.25 million partnership with UNICEF. Unlike some other people who get caught up in fame for the sake of attention, Amal has been given a wonderful opportunity to extend her positive reach on the world.

3 Elizabeth Hurley: Red Carpet Curiosity


Elizabeth Hurley is another actress who was working but wasn't super famous before becoming involved with a famous person. When she started dating Hugh Grant and showed up on his arm at a red carpet event, then people really became interested in her. From then on, she has been a celebrity in the public eye, for better or for worse. One of the moments that wasn't the greatest to be in the public eye was when Hugh got caught cheating. He was dating Elizabeth at the time so naturally, a lot of people wanted to hear how she felt about the situation. She wasn't happy. It seems like they have remained friends over the long term since Elizabeth has said in recent years that the two of them still talk every single day. The two dated for 13 years after meeting on the set of a film and Hugh is still the godfather of Elizabeth's son who she had with her ex, Steve Bing.

2 Dean McDermott: Cheating Scandal


Dean McDermott was an unknown actor until he started dating Tori Spelling. Tori has admitted that the two did the deed on the very first night that they met... which was when she was still married to her first husband Charlie Shanian. Dean was also still married at the time to his first wife, Mary Jane Eustace. They two met while working on the set of the Lifetime TV movie Mind Over Murder. The fact that Tori and Dean cheated on their significant others when they first met made it hard for Tori to blame Dean when he cheated on her with another woman. Not sure that makes perfect sense... These days, Tori and Dean have several children and Dean also has a son from his previous marriage.

1 Jessica Seinfeld: A Way Out


Jessica Seinfeld may be a household name now, but she wasn't before she met and married Jerry Seinfeld. Jessica was actually already married when she met Jerry, but shortly after meeting him, she broke off her marriage and started seeing him. She explained that she was going through a tough time and the way he approached her at the gym and made her laugh really made an impact on her. Jessica Seinfeld has used her fame to become a cookbook author and philanthropist. So far, she has released four cookbooks and also launched a New York based charity called Baby Buggy. The charity provides necessary items for low-income families who are having trouble covering the basics. She started the charity after having her first child and realizing how much stuff they had after the kid that they no longer needed.

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