10 People In 50 Cent’s Inner Circle (And 10 People Who Hate Him)

50 Cent is an outspoken individual, and if he doesn’t like someone or something, he’s not afraid to make it public. Keeping this in mind, it should come as no surprise that he’s made a few enemies along the way. He’s called out people on social media because they’ve angered him, he’s trolled others, like Ashanti, after it was reported her concert had poor sales. And he’s had major beef with Ja Rule for decades, and there is no sign of it ending any time soon.

That said, 50 Cent also has an impressive and incredibly diverse inner circle. He has rubbed shoulders with some of the world’s most beautiful and talented people and formed strong bonds with the most unlikely stars. He’s apparently made Bette Midler’s life worth living, and lunched with Goldie Hawn, who was equally as impressed. Below are 10 people who love 50 Cent, and 10 who really don’t!

20 Inner Circle: Naomi Campbell

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50 Cent has been in the music industry for decades, so it is no surprise that he has an impressive network of friends. That said, one of his more unexpected friends is supermodel Naomi Campbell, who he even got a selfie with. The only thing that makes this photo better is the fact that it was photobombed by Leonardo DiCaprio!

19 Inner Circle: John Travolta

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There are many famous people who 50 Cent has rubbed shoulders with, but he hasn’t had a viral moment with them in the same way as he did with John Travolta. The two men were at the Cannes Film Festival when Travolta joined 50 Cent on stage while he performed “Just a Lil Bit,” USA Today reports. What followed was some impressive dance moves.

18 Inner Circle: Ryan Seacrest

Via 50 Cent Instagram

No one posts photos on their social media of people they don’t like, right? With that in mind, it’s safe to say that 50 Cent and Ryan Seacrest get on. Although 50 Cent has recently removed his social media, Seacrest also shared the photo on his account, and commented on how the rapper looked “like a million bucks.”

17 Inner Circle: Jennifer Lopez

Via 50 Cent Twitter

Jennifer Lopez is one of the world’s most beautiful women; she’s also incredibly talented and well-respected in the entertainment industry. 50 Cent took to social media to wish her a very happy birthday and also threw in a mention of how good she still looks. The feelings are likely mutual, because according to Entertainment Tonight, at Lopez’s 50th birthday party she danced to 50 Cent's track, "In Da Club.”

16 Inner Circle: Gabrielle Union And Jessica Alba

Via 50 Cent Instagram

Also in 50 Cent’s inner circle are Jessica Alba & Gabrielle Union, and he posted a photo of the three of them, with a mention of how he had been in “good company” the night before. The rapper also accompanied the picture with a mention of how they had “good times, positive vibes.”

15 Inner Circle: Meryl Streep

Via Daily Mail

Two celebs we never expected to see together are Meryl Streep and 50 Cent, but if this photo is anything to judge by, they get on really well. According to E! News, the pair were seen watching the Knicks-Lakers, and they were having such a good time they held hands and laughed for parts of the match.

14 Inner Circle: Bette Midler

Via Irish Mirror

Who would have thought that one of Bette Midler’s BFFs would be 50 Cent?! The pair are reported to have met at the charity, New York Restoration Project, and according to E! News, Midler sang the rapper’s praises saying. "He's really made my life worth living,"  she said. Weird, yes, but also awesome!

13 Inner Circle: Jack Nicholson

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When you take a look at 50 Cent’s social media you’ll find that he knows a lot of people! Among the many people he has posed with on social media is Jack Nicholson. The pair were together enjoying a “fight night.” At the time, Complex even included the post as one of their best hip-hop pictures of the week.

12 Inner Circle: Goldie Hawn


50 Cent can also consider Goldie Hawn as part of his inner circle because they have been known to do lunch. According to E! News, they were spotted getting lunch in 2011, and Hawn later commented on their meeting. "Lunch was especially sweet today cause I met @50cent," she wrote on social media. "His smile lit up the room."

11 Inner Circle: Mark Wahlberg

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Mark Wahlberg and 50 Cent surprised fans when they appeared on stage together during a New Kids on the Block concert, ExtraTV reports. The pair have been spotted together on numerous occasions, including the New York City premiere of 2 Guns (via Daily Mail), and they always look very pleased to be hanging out.

10 Hates Him: Ja Rule

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50 Cent may have many people who he considers friends, but Ja Rule is definitely not one of them, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon! During an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live (via Rap-Up) Ja Rule made his feelings about 50 Cent clear, saying, “We’re sworn enemies forever.”

9 Hates Him: Lala Kent

Via LaLa Kent Instagram

We didn’t expect Vanderpump Rules’ Lala Kent and 50 Cent to even know each other, let alone be feuding, yet it happened in 2019. According to Elle, it started with an unpleasant exchange of words on social media, and it was later revealed that 50 Cent’s real problem was with Kent’s fiancé Randall Emmett, who is believed to have owed him money. The drama is over now, and the debt was paid.

8 Hates Him: Ashanti

Via Daily Mail

Fans of 50 Cent know that he likes to speak his mind, and that’s one of the reasons people love and respect him so much. Well, unless you’re at the receiving end of one of his comments, like Ashanti was. According to Nine, after 50 Cent saw a report about Ashanti having to cancel a concert due to poor ticket sales, he decided to troll her by sharing a screen-grab of the story on social media.

7 Hates Him: Oprah Winfrey

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Everyone loves Oprah Winfrey, right? Wrong! 50 Cent and Oprah are reported to be on good terms now, but according to Nine, the rapper told Associated Press in 2006 that he “could care less about Oprah or her." He also decided to name his dog Oprah. The publication notes that the pair hashed out their problems on Oprah's Next Chapter.

6 Hates Him: Wendy Williams

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Someone 50 Cent won’t be hanging out with any time soon is Wendy Williams. According to HollywoodLife, Williams has discussed 50 Cent on her show in the past, and the rapper clearly didn’t like the things she said. “50 is not going to make peace with Wendy, there is still animosity that he has for her,” an insider told the publication. “He is not interested in being friends with her.”

5 Hates Him: Jackie Long

Via Jackie Long Instagram

50 Cent is probably as well-known for his impressive friend circle as he is for his celebrity feuds, and according to Complex, Jackie Long found himself at the receiving end of 50’s anger. The publication notes that in 2019, 50 Cent called out Long because he claimed he owed him big money from a card game.

4 Hates Him: Teairra Mari

Via Teairra Mari Instagram

Things between Teairra Mari and 50 Cent turned so ugly that they had to go to court to battle it out. Here’s the very short version of what happened: According to Page Six, Mari had sued the rapper after he allegedly shared explicit images of her on social media. Her lawsuit was tossed out and she was ordered to pay 50 Cent over $30,000 in legal fees.

3 Hates Him: French Montana

Via sohh

French Montana and 50 Cent have had words in the past. MTV News reports that in an interview with Complex, French Montana commented on 50 Cent’s career, and he was clearly not happy with what was said. 50 Cent responded by calling out French, and saying some unflattering things about him and music, including calling it “weak.” But their issues seem to be in the past now, as French Montana later admitted they don’t have any "real problem," CapitalFM reports.

2 Hates Him: The Game

Via The Fader

The Game was once part of G-Unit and collaborated with 50 Cent, but according to CapitalXtra, after he was publicly dismissed from the group, he and his fellow rapper proceeded to diss each other. The publication states that “over 100 diss records have been released,” so it’s clear that there’s no love lost between these two.

1 Hates Him: Fat Joe

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Fat Joe’s decision to collaborate with Ja Rule did not sit well with 50 Cent. According to Hot New Hip Hop, 50 Cent dissed many people on his track, "Piggy Bank,” including Fat Joe. Fat Joe wasn’t going to let the diss slide either, and it inspired his track, “My Fofo.” But the two men realized it was time to put their differences aside after the passing of music industry executive Chris Lighty in 2012, a person they are reported to have both been close to.

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