Pat McGrath Labs Shares Their New Holiday Collection: 'Opulence'

It’s time to add yet another holiday makeup collection to your wish list. Pat McGrath Labs is set to release Opulence: The Collection, which will include 18 brand new shades divided among three eyeshadow palettes, in just a few days. To match the new palettes ($55 each), McGrath also plans to re-release the brand’s popular MatteTrance Lipsticks in limited-edition colorful packaging. In addition, there will be a brand-new line of lipsticks, called BlitzTrance, launching later this month.

“When it comes to the holiday season, for me, it’s all about adornment. These electrifyingly essential 18 shades are perfect for creating an infinite array of luxurious looks — from the subliminally sensual to the seductively sublime and the startlingly subversive,” McGrath said of the new eyeshadows in a press release from the brand. Each eyeshadow is fully pigmented and creamy to create a multi-dimensional finish.

The first palette in blue packaging, Mthrshp Subliminal Dark Star, draws intergalactic inspiration from McGrath’s Dark Star 006 limited-edition lab. The cool-toned, spacey shades include Enraptured (a bright glittery gold); Deep Space (a light gray matte); Entice (a pale glimmering gold); Interstellar (a glittery blue reminiscent of stars in a dark sky); Metropolis (a dark brown-purple); and Dark Matter (a smokey, glittered dark gray).

Mtshrshp Sublime Bronze Temptation in red packaging, Pat McGrath’s second new palette, is enough to glam up any Christmas look. According to McGrath’s website, this palette draws from jewel tones for regal appearances. The six shades are Supernova (a glittery emerald); Burning Desire (a matte orange); Celestial (a pale gold similar to Entice); Provocatrix (a golden brown infused with glitter); Corruption (a pink-red); and Dark Paradise (a matte brown).

Finally, the third palette, called Mthrshp Subversive Metalmorphosis, is a revamped Metalmorphosis 005 lab packaged in light pink. The glittered, glam-rock shades include Sterling (metallic silver); Copper (red); Metallurgy (pale gold); Gold Standard (deep mustard-gold); Bronze (orange); and Smoked Amethyst (dark purple-gray).

What is an eyeshadow without a lipstick to match? Mother McGrath couldn’t split up the pair, so she reimaged her ever-popular line of MatteTrance lipsticks to join the Opulence collection. The shades Guinevere and 1995 are now decked out in turquoise bullets Mthrshp Subliminal. Christy and Forbidden Love are encased in pink to pair with Mthrshp Subversive. Omi and Elson are now dressed in red to go with Mthrship Sublime. The shade Flesh 3 is available in all three tube colors. The new and improved Matte Trance Lipsticks ($38) also feature gold lips on every tube.

The final piece of the Opulence collection will be a brand-new lipstick line inspired by David Bowie and Marc Bolan. BlitzTrance ($38) will be available in eight glam-rock shades, from orange to pink to yellow to red, meant to deliver a reflective glow when worn either sheer or full-coverage. The shade names are Nude Romantique, Flesh Fatale, Fuchsia Perfect, Cyber Orchid, Rebel Red, Club Kiss, Blitz Gold, and Electra.

Take a deep breath and get your wallet ready. The Opulence eyeshadow palettes and the reimaged MatteTrance lipsticks will drop on October 18th, and the BlitzTrance lipstick line will drop on October 25th.

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