Pat McGrath Labs Releases 10 All-New MatteTrance Lipstick Shades

Pat McGrath Labs has released ten all-new matte lipstick shades, in colors so gorgeous you are going to want each and every one.

Hot on the heels of the beauty brand reaching the $1 billion mark in value, the acclaimed makeup company is adding some new lipstick shades to their collection. There is a lot for Pat McGrath and her brand to be happy about, including these ten new colors of the ultra-popular MatteTrance lipstick that already has social media users going crazy.

The makeup artist stayed true to the brand with her new release. Each tube of lipstick is filled with a long-lasting product that is full of moisture to keep lips soft, not dry them out like many matte products can do. It is the tried and true formula that has made the MatteTrance lipstick a hit with customers.

McGrath shared the news of the new colors via Instagram, showcasing a few of the gorgeous shades. There is literally a shade in the new lineup that will make everyone happy, and that is a rarity. The choices are as follows: "Magnetic Magenta", "Flesh 5", "Guinevere", "Christy", "Elson 2", "Fever Dream", "Deep Orchid", "Executive Realness", "Beautiful Stranger", and "Forbidden Love".

According to Teen Vogue, McGrath chose some of the new lipstick names with inspiration from women who were muses to her. For example, "Christy" is an ode to 80's model Christy Turlington, while "Elson 2" is a tribute to supermodel Karen Elson. We think that it is truly wonderful that she is honoring women who had an impact on her life in her new product line, #GirlPower!

Fans eager to try the new MatteTrance lipstick shades do not have to wait any time at all. All 10 of the new colors are available on the Pat McGrath Labs website and at Sephora. Each tube will run you around $38, but based on the reviews of the formula thus far, these lipsticks are well worth the price. McGrath has even bundled a few of her new shades with specific lip pencils for those looking to add a little something to their look in kits for $50.

Pat McGrath Labs has done it again with ten fabulous new shades of their MatteTrance lipstick collection. Have you ever tried one of the beauty brand's famous lipsticks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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