Paris Hilton Is Releasing A Fashion Line With Boohoo And It's A Total Throwback

When most of us millennials think of Paris Hilton, we think of the Juicy Couture wearing reality star that debuted the phrase "That's hot" while rolling around the country with her then BFF Nicole Richie. It's now been 11 years since The Simple Life came to an end, and life has certainly moved forward for the heiress and socialite. These days Paris Hilton is busy planning her wedding to model and actor Chris Zylka and forging ahead with a career as a DJ. But that hasn't stopped her from teaming up with online fashion brand Boohoo for a truly 00's line.

The collection consists of 70 pieces and is set to launch online on June 20th. The line includes swimwear, barely-there dresses that fit like a glove, and gorgeous maxi's that are perfect for those long summer nights. It's also noticeably affordable, with each piece selling for under $100. The range purposefully gleaned inspiration from the 2000's, when Paris was at the height of her fame and a tabloid staple. According to Cosmopolitan, we can expect baby pink tracksuits adorned with "That's hot", tiaras, and pictures of chihuahuas. What more could you possibly want from a Paris Hilton collection?

The heiress herself favors the silver party dress, the Beverly Hills hotel palm-inspired dress, and the gold halter swimsuit which she dubs "sexy". Hilton credits her love for trendsetting and creating her own style for inspiring the collaboration with Boohoo, going so far as to say that the collection "totally represents" her in terms of her own personal taste, style, and public image. The brand is equally as excited about the partnership, believing that Paris is the embodiment of the typical Boohoo shopper - although presumably much, much richer.

They're hopeful that customers will snap up the collection quicker than you can say "Ew."

Will you be rushing to Boohoo.com come June 20th, or do you think velour should be left in the past, along with 2000's style? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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