Paris Hilton And 15 Other Top Celebs Who Are Insecure And Desperate

In the real world, your everyday, average human being is able to accurately mask their insecurities with a smile and a nod. It’s one of the joys we “average” people have – not having our insecurities paraded around in front of a camera where we’re exposed to the entire world. Celebrities go through this on a daily basis. While some manage to handle their own insecurities with grace and poise, others are outright annoying about it and often throw themselves under the bus with their own actions.

Usually, they say the most insecure people are the ones who appear to have no insecurities whatsoever and walk around like they own the world and seem secure in their own skin. While that might be true, these 16 celebs go overboard in an obnoxious fashion and make us roll our eyes. It’s so blatantly obvious that they’re suffering from insecurities (some of which they’ve pointed out to us on more than one occasion). Whether they’re walking around wearing barely any clothes (which is actually fine if that’s what they feel comfortable in) or being severely annoying with all the “me, me, me” talk, it’s clear that these celebs have some issues they need to deal with.


16 The Reek Of Paris Hilton - Commenting On Literally ALL Of Kim's Instagram Pictures

It doesn’t seem like too long ago when everyone was trying to mirror socialite/reality TV star Paris Hilton by walking around saying “That’s hot” to anything and everything. Back in the 2000s, Hilton, with her bizarre alien-looking blue contact lenses and Louis Vuitton everything, paled around with her supposed bestie Nichole Richie on the reality television show The Simple Life, where she and Richie did manual labor jobs and complained about it. Supposed good entertainment, right? Nope. All it really did was highlight Hilton’s own desperation to be loved and admired. So it had to have been a massive blow when her own friend/closet organizer, Kim Kardashian, stole that very spotlight from the hotel heiress. And, yes, she’s been trying to get it back ever since with little to no luck. You just smell of desperation, sweetie. Time to cool off.

15 Bella Thorne-In-My-Side - Who Claims Her Lips Were Simply Swollen From "An Allergic Reaction"


Who is this person even? It’s like she just appeared one day, fully formed, out of the pedals of a cheap, grocery store flower. Apparently, Bella Thorne is a 20-year old Disney actress who starred in such series as Shake It Up and My Own Worst Enemy and kid movies like Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. Like most child actresses, Thorne now appears to want to be taken seriously as an adult figure, and she does this by appearing in everyone’s eye-line at all times. Recently, Bella walked the red carpet looking like she stuck her face inside a hornet’s nest to give them a kiss. Her lips were so badly swollen that fans started comparing her with Kylie Jenner, saying she gets lip injections. She denied this, of course, and said they were swollen from an allergic reaction. Okay – sure thing.


14 No, “Momager” Isn’t A Word, Kris Jenner

If it was up to this woman, her family would be featured on every single hit television show/movie out there right now. Of course, we would assume that Game of Thrones would be jumping the shark if they featured anyone from the Kardashian/Jenner family, but who WOULDN’T want to see Kris Jenner off’ed by a dragon? If it was up to the patriarch of the family, Jenner would sell off her own grandchildren (and Rob too), if it would get her kids on an Emmy Award-winning show that’s actually relevant. Jenner is simply a walking and talking billboard who would sell out her own spawn for a handful of cash. She managed to profit off of her own daughter’s homemade “adult” film and create an entire empire. While that’s impressive, it’s clear she’s extremely insecure and desperate to hold onto her youth through her own children.

13 Will The Real Kylie Jenner Please Stand Up?


It’s not a massive shock to the system to know that the youngest member of the Kardashian clan suffers from some pretty major insecurities: she was mocked as a child by her own siblings (and mother) when she was referred to as “the ugly one”. While she didn’t have quite the same exoticness that her sisters carry, Kylie Jenner had her own unique and beautiful look. It was original. Keyword being past tense in that former sentence. Kylie robbed herself of growing into her original looks by hiring a plastic surgeon to make her look more like big sis Kim. Sure, she lied to us through her teeth about having any sort of surgery, but thanks to the gift of SIGHT and IQs higher than our own shoe size, we knew better.

12 Desperate For DMs Much, Lindsey Lohan?

For the life of me, I will never understand how such a talented individual could throw away her entire career. This happens to be the case for actress Lindsey Lohan. She wowed when she took on dual roles in Disney’s remake of the classic movie, The Parent Trap and made us all laugh until our sides hurt in Mean Girls. So what is the former starlet doing for attention now? Well, she’s DMing more famous people on Twitter in order to see if she can wiggle her way back into the good graces of Hollywood that way. The fact of the matter is, she’s beyond rescue at this point – even her looks and weird stalking of celebs on Twitter can’t save her. And, also, JENNIFER LOPEZ DOESN’T CARE IF YOU LIVE IN DUBI, LINDSEY – SHE’S NEVER GOING TO FOLLOW YOU ON TWITTER NO MATTER HOW MUCH YOU COMPLAIN.

11 Mariah “I Don’t Know Her” Carey


Hey guys – remember when it was actually cool to listen to old school Mariah Carey outside of the holiday season? Yeah, neither do I. Singer Mariah Carey has out-diva-ed herself so much over the past decade, that it’s actually hip to hate on her and laugh whenever she screws up on stage during a live performance. She looks absolutely NOTHING how she did in the 1990s when she was actually somewhat innocent and blew other singers out of the water. Now? Well, now she likes to throw shade at more talented individuals who don’t need to act like spoiled divas in order to get attention. Also, start treating your assistants better, Mariah – they’re gonna be the only ones who are going to end up writing a tell-all book about your witchy life.

10 Drake’s Hotline Cling(y)

We all know that Drake has a major thirst issue. Seeing him friend zoned by both Rihanna and then Nicki Minaj has been a highlight of ours for the past few years since the hip-hop artist moved from the small screen (Canadian hit show Degrassi) to rapping and dancing under the hot lights of an arena stage. However, it’s clear that we’ve seen A LOT of Drake, mainly because he’s so hungry for female attention – which, regardless of being friend zoned by those two uber-famous women, he hasn’t been in short supply of. So why does he still seem like a desperate puppy dog chasing after a car he knows he’ll never catch? It’s probably because he can’t help it thanks to his own insecurity issues.


9 Ariel Winters Leaves Nada To the Imagination


For the record, this writer actually likes Ariel Winters. She’s a good actress who seems to just be stuck in that basic Hollywood pit stain that child actors have to wade through in order to make that transition to successful adult actors. The Modern Family star has been in the public eye before and after hitting puberty, and that’s a tough thing to deal with as a young teenage girl. But now that she’s older, she seems to be trying too hard to prove that she’s comfortable in her own skin by wearing practically nothing. If she really feels comfortable in those clothes, more power to her – but if she’s doing it because she’s insecure and trying to prove to her haters that she doesn’t care what they think, she’s only proving their point in the long run.

8 Everyone Is Pretty Much A Non-Belieber Now, Justin

How is this dude still making the rounds? Is it because Canada has a personal vendetta against America and shipped over Justin Bieber as a way of torture? A few years ago when the American hockey team and the Canadian hockey team faced off against each other in the Winter Olympics, the side bet on their official Twitter account was that “the loser keeps Bieber”. The loser honored the bet and posted a picture of a bald eagle dressed up as the pop “star”. While it was hilarious at the time, it seems even less so these days because the dork is still around, attempting to keep the spotlight on him despite looking like a redneck in a trucker hat stranded at a Texas gas station. THE WORLD IS OVER YOU, MR. BIEBER, YOU CAN CRAWL BACK INTO YOUR HOLE NOW.

7 Kim Kardashian (You Knew This One Was Coming)


Like the two other members of her family that made this list – the name Kim Kardashian shouldn’t come as a shock when making a list of desperate and annoying celebs who suffer from hardcore insecurities. She’s so insecure and desperate for attention that she even decided to point our her body dysmorphia, a sickness that only results in her fan base attempting to cheer her up with compliments and glowing reviews of her figure. We all sympathize with her in regards to the horrible ordeal she went through last year, but we agree that she should have taken more time off and DIDN’T TRY TO USE THE INCIDENT TO PROMOTE THE NEW SEASON OF KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS. C’mon – we’re not morons and can literally see what you and your family are up to.

6 The Curse That Is Lena Dunham

Out of all the people on this list, this is the one that gets me the most. I feel that the world WANTED to like Lena Dunham when she first hit the scene as a supposed prodigy who was taken under the wing of Judd Apatow and created the HBO show Girls, which was just a more obnoxious, and younger, version of Sex and the City. Pretty soon, audiences were turned off because Dunham was the spitting image of her character Hannah – in that she is just as annoying, narcissistic, and blind to her own neurosis. She comes off as a sociopath at times and makes us all want to put a nail through our eye whenever she posts on her Instagram or Twitter in a not-so-veiled attempt to draw attention to herself.

5 Jonathan Cheban, Professional Coattail Rider


I know what you’re thinking if you’re not a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians – who the heck is this dude? I know I’ve said the same thing time and time again, even when homemaking goddess Martha Stewart pointed out his own narcissism to him during a dinner by asking her Twitter followers “who is this guy?” because he wouldn't shut up about how famous he is. Jonathan Cheban is…. Kim Kardashian’s assistant? Stunt double? Garbage man? Recycling man? A stalker? Because he sure doesn’t have the face of someone who should be in front of the camera (perhaps radio is a place best suited for him). All I know is this guy shouldn’t be bragging about ANYTHING and is just so insanely desperate for attention that the desperation is seeping from his pores and stinking up the room.

4 Blac Chyna, Professional Kardashian Slider

Here’s someone I actually can appreciate on a different level other than fame – why? Because she absolutely annoys the utter heck out of the Kardashian clan in the funniest way possible. Blac Chyna was the one who had the last laugh in her terminal relationship with Rob Kardashian after she was able to spawn and have a child who carries the famous Kardashian name (along with a first name that fits right in with all the other idiotic things the Kardashians named their children. C’mon – Dream?). Sure, Chyna clearly suffers from low self-esteem so she pretends to be more secure than she actually is, but it’s amusing to watch her freak Kris and her kids the heck out whenever she logs onto Twitter. You can actually see and hear them clinch a little.

3 Tila Tequila And Her Downright Offensive Obsession


This woman is the epitome of insecurity, desperation, and downright repulsion. Former reality TV star Tila Tequila has been attempting to send her fan base into fits of toxic shock by declaring herself a “Nazi Sympathizer” who believes the white race is the “supreme” race while she praises the President for bringing “true” values back to the White House, claiming that he is truly making America great again. Thing is, she’s an insufferable little moron with supercilious ideals who appears to be brain dead whenever she opens her mouth to speak. She does this to get attention because her old, MySpace antics no longer nab the attention she so covets. Her actions are pretty much just a loud cry for help, but no one is willing to lend a hand because, well, she’s an idiot.

2 Wait, Tori Spelling Is Still Actually A Thing?

Hard to believe everyone was hating on Tori Spelling back before it was actually cool to do so. She only got a part on the 90s teenage drama Beverly Hills, 90210 because daddy basically owned all of Fox television. Her character was the most annoying on the show, mainly because not only could Tori not act, but she couldn’t get fired FOR not being able to act, so she pretty much did whatever she wanted. Casting directors could have replaced Spelling with a scowling cardboard cutout and no one would have noticed a difference. Now, way old, Tori is still desperate to stay in the spotlight so she exploits her own family in order to do so. Thing is, everyone is over her and has moved on.

1 Scientology What Now, Leah Remini?


She annoyed as a young actress who played second fiddle to funny man Kevin James on the hit show The King of Queens, mainly because too much of Leah Remini’s own obnoxious personality leaked into her character and was spewed out onto audiences. Seems that little has changed since those days. Remini disappeared into oblivion for a while during the middle part of her career after the Church of Scientology got their mitts on her. Much like Katie Holmes (who had handled her escape from the church with class), Leah has to have her own reality TV show about calling them out. Which is fine, if the show wasn’t ALL about Leah. If she really wanted to call them out, she would have written a tell-all book. She just did the show to hear herself talk, apparently.


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