Pam Beesly AKA Jenna Fischer Trolls The Kardashians In Japan

When it comes to media scrutiny, those Kardashians have got all the bases covered, from print and electronic to social media platforms galore. But when another celebrity decides to get on the bandwagon by trolling those Golden State gals, well... that warrants some additional attention.

Jenna Fischer, best known to devout TV audiences as Pam Beesly on the NBC sitcom The Office, decided to have a little fun on Instagram when she spotted Kim and Kourtney Kardashian in Tokyo while getting a hotel room. That's when she put her smartphone to good use.

With paparazzi-style finesse, she clicked the duo as they zipped past her.

"We found the Kardashians," posted Fischer, who was with her husband at the time. "At our hotel. I think they were checking out as we were checking in. So crazy."

The Kardashians were checking their phones while leaving the hotel lobby, presumably to check out the latest and umpteenth million reaction to whatever the duo put on social media. They were dressed for the part, with Kim's hair now dyed pink and balled up while she sported tights and a black jacket strutting out the building in a pair of mules. Kourtney, not wanting to draw extra attention, was in a grey tracksuit.


But once Fischer made it into her hotel room, she took it a step further by getting her husband to help her lampoon Kim by imitating a pose the tabloid target had made and shared online a day earlier. Fischer mockingly claimed she was simply trying to channel her "inner Kardashian," adding that she made her husband get rid of a suitcase from a closet shelf to ensure she could pull the move off. The Instagram image at this writing garnered more than 168,000 likes, and received glowing responses such as one observer who noted Fischer was hotter than the famous Kardashian.

Meanwhile, Fischer's getting hotter these days, with this month's debut of her new ABC sitcom, Splitting Up Together, while dealing with rumors that she was to be included in a possible reboot of The Office. On Monday, she told press that those rumors were not only new to her, but her dedication to the new ABC show would result in a scheduling conflict.

Meanwhile, there's been no news of any reaction to the Fischer stunt from the Kardashians.


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