Expert Warns Against Using Hair Masks Too Frequently

The market is full of amazing products for our hair, and all promise to do wonders and make our locks more beautiful than ever. So all that one has to do is to make sure to add all of these special products and treatments to a daily routine, right? Wrong! There is actually such a thing as overdoing it when it comes to using reparative treatments, and even though we all have our moments of being an overachiever, a haircare routine is not the moment to go crazy!

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When it comes to hair masks, and the frequency of which one is using them, there is a term called 'overmasking.' Gasp! So although a beauty buff has the best intentions for their mane, they might actually be doing more harm than good. Actually, when it comes to any hair care product, using them too often can cause a product buildup, which is obviously no bueno.

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Celebrity stylist Earl Simms told PopSugar that having a buildup of product in the hair will weigh it down a lot, leaving hair looking lifeless and dull. That is probably the opposite of what anyone would want their hair to look like, especially after using a mask. Apparently, when it comes to both hair masks and regular conditioner the mantra for how much to apply is 'less is more'.

Hair masks and conditioner are both very concentrated products, so you really don't need to apply as much as you might think. This is especially true when it comes to salon brands, but in general, the most common mistake people tend to make when it comes to haircare is overdoing it. Washing the hair too often, using too much product, and overmasking, are all things that can lead to hair becoming greasy very quickly.

Sigh, and all we wanted was healthy, shiny hair!

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When it comes to haircare products and hair masks it can be a struggle to find what works best for you and your hair type. The best advice is to get a professional hairdresser to tell you what type of hair you've got, and what products and treatments you need, and to try your best to not overdo it on the amount of product or frequency of the treatments.

The bottom line is: don't overmask!

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