Out Of Character: 20 Celebs Who Are SO Different Offscreen

People usually think some actors act a particular way because fans base the stars' real-life personalities on the characters they usually portray on the big or small screen. But deep down they know that Lisa Kudrow really isn’t as ding batty as Phoebe (Friends) or Bryan Cranston really isn’t a… science teacher (Breaking Bad). But fans sometimes space and think they know stars extremely well when, in fact, they truly know nothing about the famous people's personalities in real life.

However, how do the actors feel when someone mixes up their own personality with the personality of their most famous character when meeting them? Especially if the character they portrayed is someone less than nice. Actors usually grow tired of having to correct fans that they, themselves, are nothing like what some people see on the screen.

And that’s usually for the better.

However, there are some celebrities in real life who are, sadly, nothing like the gentle and nice people they portray on the screen and some of the times, fans don’t really blame them. All they want is their privacy and some people just don’t give them that, so they become less gentle and sweet over the years.

Here are 20 celebrities who are very different when the camera isn’t running.

20 Never Judge A Book By Its Beautiful Cover - Megan Fox


For some strange reason, actress Megan Fox’s personality is solely based on her looks when it shouldn’t be. Sure, she’s crazy stunning, but because of her beauty, people often think she’s unapproachable and a literal mean girl all the time.

This couldn’t be further from the truth–Megan is actually the sweet and sensible girl some people don’t want you to believe her to be.

Sure, she’s had to deal with some lip from a particular director of hers who wasn’t too fond of her, but her co-stars and fan base beg to differ. And we hope beyond hope that this is true.

19 Princess Of Grace - Lady Gaga


Lady Gaga has played some pretty eccentric characters over the years (take American Horror Story, for instance–yikes!) but this year, she played the lead character in A Star Is Born and there’s now Oscar buzz circulating for the multitalented performer. Gaga has said that there are similarities with her character in the film. “When I see myself in this film, I see so much of myself when I was younger, when I did not believe in myself, when I was bullied in school, I felt ugly, and my only escape was music,” she said at the Toronto International Film Festival. Going through all that only to become super famous in adulthood has softened her to her fans and made her not just another pretty face.

18 Sugar Act - Katy Perry


There are some people who like to say that Katy Perry isn’t the “best” to work with and that she can be temperamental, which goes against the candy-coated image she likes to project. But you want to know the real story?

Talk to the people who end up serving her at restaurants and they’ll paint you a different picture.

“I served Katy Perry on my first day out of training,” one server posted online. “As if your first day out of training isn’t stressful enough, I have to have the managers breathing down my neck to make sure I cater the every whim of Katy Perry. As it turns out, she was polite, friendly, sweet, down to earth, kind and patient.” That’s always good to know!

17 Staying In Character At All Costs - Jared Leto


Jared Leto is known to be an intense actor who tends to take his characters to the next level when he’s working in their skin. On the outside, Jared seems to be your average, everyday pretty boy (ever watch him in that Claire Danes show My So Called Life?). But in reality, he can be a little standoffish, especially if he’s in character. Most recently, he tackled The Joker (and tackled it amazingly well) but folks would say he’s unapproachable while in that particular character. And it actually makes sense since why would anyone want to willingly approach the Joker himself?

16 "I'll Be There For You... Maybe" - Jennifer Aniston


Jennifer Aniston is one of the most famous women on the face of the planet thanks to her character Rachel Green from the hit NBC sitcom Friends. But what is she really like in real life? The results vary from celebrity to celebrity. Some of whom just sound jealous.

The late Joan Rivers once famously said that she was “bored” with Jen.

TV’s Tim Gunn said that she always seemed “desperate.” Now, these all don’t actually describe her personality. But if you talk to her co-stars, they absolutely adore her–and that’s pretty much all that matters in this day and age.

15 Dueling Selves - Gwyneth Paltrow


On screen, the beautiful Gwyneth Paltrow can convince you that she’s anything from a scared housewife to a powerhouse executive. Her brilliance stems from the fact that she’s been in the business her entire life. However, co-workers and people surrounding her noticed a dramatic shift in her personality after she won her Academy Award for Shakespeare In Love. The words “pretentious” and “snobby” have been thrown around sets. She’s also known to put her foot in her mouth quite a bit as well, which makes her not seem as down to earth as she wants people to believe. It’s a real disappointment.

14 When The Nice Guy Act Is Just That - Josh Duhamel


Ah, the famous Tad Hamilton (as we all really know him from his iconic character from the movie Win A Date With Tad Hamilton that made him a star). But what is Fergie’s famous ex really like in person? On screen, he seems charming and unbelievably sweet.

In reality, however, he’s quite the carefree bachelor, even when he’s technically not even a bachelor.

His talking to other women was one of the reasons why the two ended up parting ways. So, apparently, he IS as charming as we thought he was, just in the least desirable of ways.

13 Grey's Nightmare - Katherine Heigl


Over the years, we’ve heard a lot of stories about actress Katherine Heigl from her co-stars. Onscreen, Heigl is famous for playing the “girl-next-door” type with a sweet and quirky personality. Her most famous character to date is Dr. Isabelle Stevens on the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, and while some of her co-stars have nice things to say about her, others do not. She’s apparently extremely temperamental and judgy. It’s gotten so bad over the years that most people refused to work with her. Though, according to her social media feed, she’s attempting to get her act together. Hopefully, it works for her, because she really is talented.

12 Beyond Gracious - Victoria Beckham


Looks can be very deceiving. Words that have been used in the past to describe Victoria Beckham (Posh Spice herself) have been the following: “Icy” or “Ice Princess” or other uncreative things along those lines. But nothing could be further from the truth.

Victoria is actually the sweetest person on the face of the planet (as those who actually know her, worked with her, or even met her briefly in real life say).

Her charitable work is outstanding in her community and all over the world, and she actually goes out of her way to help those in need. People usually base everything on her looks alone, which they shouldn’t.

11 Niceties Matter - Kiefer Sutherland


Actor Kiefer Sutherland has always been known to play the big, bad tough guy. Whether he’s saving the world (like he commonly did every season on Fox’s drama/thriller 24) or bugging a bunch of middle school kids (like he did in Stand By Me), Kiefer has always been really seen as the “bad boy” of Hollywood–with good reason. Though people who have actually encountered him in real life have something different to say. Apparently, Mr. Sutherland is, in fact, your average normal guy. One time, a fan even approached him after he was dealing with Customs at the airport and he STILL was rather chill and polite.

10 Terror On The Set- Teri Hatcher


Years ago, one of the most popular series on TV was Desperate Housewives, but a lot of people didn’t watch it for the drama that was happening in front of the camera–they tuned in for the drama happening BEHIND the camera, mainly with actress Teri Hatcher.

Rumor had it that she was impossible to work with and her co-stars would often blacklist her.

One famous incident was what went down at the Vanity Fair cover shoot where all the actresses posed in bathing suits and an all-out war broke out because they put Teri in a red bathing suit to have her stand out more.

9 Trying To Outrun Old Demons - Shannen Doherty


We’ve all heard the stories regarding former 90210 and Charmed actress from former co-stars who had had it up to here with her attitude issues. They say it was the reason why she left both shows unexpectedly. But the past is in the past, and right now, Shannen Doherty is currently battling cancer and has been keeping her fans updated via her IG. She has awesomely turned around her entire world and has said to have a new outlook on life as she fights with the help of close family and friends. Her relationships have shifted, especially her relationship with her husband. “My marriage was always strong, but it’s made my marriage a thousand times stronger.”

8 Co-Star's Beef - January Jones


Actress January Jones became wildly famous after playing Don Draper’s wife Betty on AMC’s award-winning drama Mad Men. The show basically set her professional life on fire and she was getting offers left and right. After the show wrapped, she moved on to star on the Fox comedy series Last Man On Earth.

But has she gotten along with her co-stars along on her path to fame?

Some say no, and that she’s a total drama queen behind the scenes, which is odd for a woman who hit a lot of road bumps along the way to the top. Sad.

7 Mr. (Not) Nice Guy - Shia LeBeouf


Shia LeBeouf was a notable child actor who happened to grow up in the public eye, and in doing so, it seemed to dampen his outlook on people a little bit. Especially when it comes to his fans. He even made a few fans cry at one point. One particular incident with a fan took place inside a public restaurant when he made a female fan break out in tears, which then was followed by an angry confrontation by the fan’s boyfriend. We have to play devil’s advocate here: maybe it’s best to let a star eat his meal in peace and wait until a proper time to approach them? Though either way–making someone cry is a big no-no.

6 Sweet And Sassy - Kristen Stewart


Everyone ALWAYS gives Kristen Stewart flack because of her cardboard performance in the Twilight saga, so they naturally assume she must be the same exact way in real life.

Turns out, she’s just simply fed up with being constantly compared to her most famous character.

Hey, if you didn’t want to be defined by it, why do it? But you would be fed up too if you constantly heard and read that nonsense in every media outlet. Stewart is said to be somewhat standoffish in person unless she trusts you, and then she’s an entirely different person. Most stories given about her are often pleasant in real life.

5 America's Un-Sweetened Sweetheart - Julia Roberts

Vanity Fair

Ah man, this one stings a little bit. Actress Julia Roberts basically defined the term “America’s Sweetheart” with just her mere presence. On screen, she’s this shiny, brilliant, and happy individual. Off-screen? Well, that’s a different story. At least, it is according to her late sister, who said that her depression was caused by tension between both women. Julia’s attitude towards her sister often caused a rift in her family. All the stories we hear about the things that were said by Julia to her sister does NOT sound like the wonderful woman we commonly see on screen. Family should always come first, Julia.

4 Singer's Dilemma - Carrie Underwood


NO ONE would have ever guessed that this particular sweetheart of a singer is actually anything but. Though that’s what some people say about Carrie Underwood.

Fans have said that Carrie often acts snobbish towards them when they approach her.

No one likes an arrogant celebrity, but that’s apparently what Carrie is when it comes to other people. She herself even has called herself “selfish and closed off” at times, which can be depressing to hear. There are times where she was even rude to other actresses and singers (though she would tell you differently). This is definitely a bummer.

3 Not So Gleefully Perfect - Lea Michele


We’re going to give Glee actress the benefit of the doubt here since she has been through A LOT in her short life so far. She lost her beloved on and off again boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith a few years ago, but even before then, co-stars would say that she’s a diva on set…. But who do we really want to believe? One of those specific co-stars is actually ON this list and even said that she made up rumors about Lea Michele because the two didn’t get along (you’ll find out which co-star at the end of the list). But hey, if she’s a diva in real life, she matches her character on Glee 10-fold.

2 The Original Mean Girl - Lindsay Lohan


Oh, Lindsay Lohan, you can’t seem to catch a break these days. Years ago when the actress broke out onto the screen, she was seen as a sweet, loving, and amazingly talented young woman on the rise. So it was sad when she hardened the older she got.

She went from being Cady Heron to being Regina George within a few years.

After hitting a slew of troubles, she simply stopped caring about anything and everything and everyone and became reckless as heck. It really is a bummer considering how talented she actually is. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get her stuff together and focus on that in the near future.

1 Bullying On The Set - Naya Rivera


Naya Rivera played sort of a bully on the show Glee, so maybe we shouldn’t be really surprised that she may be one in real life as well. At least the character she played, Santana, had a soft spot for her friends and actually had a heart (despite the image she tried to project). But behind the camera, it was Naya who was the diva and when she and Lea Michele would get into dramatic confrontations on the set, Naya started spreading rumors that Lea was the true diva. That wasn’t the case however and Naya was let go from the Glee cast because no one wanted to work with her.

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