Our Toddler Years: 20 Fashion Styles That Are Making A Comeback

With most of us '80s and '90s children well into our late twenties and thirties now, it's bizarre to see trends that we rocked as toddlers and youths hitting the runways and becoming mainstream again.

If we're being honest, we didn't really have a say in what we wore, as our mothers dressed us in whatever they deemed hip and upcoming at the time. Corduroy dungarees, countless hair clips, and bucket hats galore, we truly looked utterly adorable.

While some of these trends evoke warm memories from the playground and have us smiling, others have left us in a total state of bewilderment. That being said, like all retro things that have come back in 2019, they've been given a fresh update, with silhouettes more streamlined and flattering while the prints are less jarring.

We're feeling quite nostalgic, so we've rounded up twenty fashion trends that we ran around in as toddlers that are making their triumphant return—and they're not reserved for playgrounds anymore.

From chunky trainers to fanny packs and even warm fleece pullovers, 2019 is gearing up to have some practical trends of yesteryear maneuvering their way onto the center stage and with that, into our nostalgic hearts, as well.

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20 Adorable Hair Clips Our Moms Stuck In Our Hair


We all used to squirm and shout as our mothers put a thousand little hair clips in our tresses while we were toddlers, usually printed or frilly but absolutely adorable.

It turns out that just because you're an adult, it doesn't mean you have to give up such an innocent trend, as your fast-paced lifestyle can still make room for some cutesy practicality.

Instead of going for sparkly butterfly clips, you can up your game and refresh this trend by finding clips that have on-trend words or phrases, bedazzled pieces, or even demure and sleek clips that'll really complement your entire look.

19 Dungarees That We Used To Run Around In Are Now Off-Duty Model Staples


Overalls were a staple in the '90s, with some of our favorite stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and even Destiny's Child at the tail end of the decade rocking such a fun look. Tommy Hilfiger was the "it" brand of dungarees, with the classic red and blue detailing the perfect accent.

In recent years, top model Gigi Hadid decided to call upon her love for all things nostalgic and pair up with the iconic fashion brand for Tommy x Gigi, collections that see the model bringing back the vintage looks that the iconic brand was once known for. Of course, with these collections, Gigi saw fit to bring back the ubiquitous Tommy dungarees, too.

18 Colorful And Printed '90s-Style Sets Are So Playful


The late '80s and the first half of the '90s saw clothes exploding into neons and crazy patterns, with looks so jarring they're impossible to match with anything.

Millennials have recently brought back the matchy-matchy top and bottom sets, yet decided to make them sleek, elegant, and monochromatic... Kylie Jenner in Fashion Nova sets, anyone?

Although we love the minimalistic and modern sets that exist, we are happy to see colorful prints coming back to rock as two-pieces. Except this time around, designers have made sure they have more wearability so you're not left with a clashing combination that's a total eyesore.

17 Big, Chunky Sneakers Are Finally Back And Give A Bit Of A Platform As A Heel Alternative


A trend that we saw pick up last year had us scratching our heads on whether or not it was here to stay, as it was a throwback to such a ridiculous style of our youth. There wasn't any chance it would pick up traction—and yet it did. Cue the chunky trainer, otherwise known as the "dad shoe" due to the colorful and touristy quality sneaks that our fathers wore in the '80s and '90s.

Cropping up on our social media feeds and seen on our favorite models, the dad shoe is the perfect alternative to wearing chunky heels, giving you just that little bit of height you need and contrasting with your perfectly feminine sundresses and skirts.

16 Bucket Hats That Were Shoved On Our Heads Once As Sun Protection Are Now Extremely Hip


We hated wearing our bucket hats when we were children, the brimmed, fisherman style pieces that blocked out the sun while we ran around on the playground.

Now, thanks to the likes of celebrities such as Rihanna, this adorable look has been given a street-style update, as the songstress is the number one bucket hat aficionado that rocks the look so well.

While the trend may seem daunting to some, bucket hats are actually so easy to wear and incorporate into your wardrobe, as they're the perfect spring and summer accessory to go with all your adorable dresses and tennis shoes.

15 Short Rompers, Since They Make Us Feel Like Total Kids Again


The best part of being a toddler was the practicality that was the dominating factor of getting dressed. That's why we love that the romper trend is coming back, as it cuts back your getting ready time in half when you wear something that has a top and bottom half already thought out for you.

What's the update when it comes to wearing a romper as an adult? Make sure you go for structured and well-tailored fabrics, giving this fashion item an elevated and more polished look. As PopSugar explains, "It's definitely best to steer clear of very short styles and flimsy fabrics. Look for options that are streamlined and made of structured fabrics, like poplin or denim."

14 Scrunchies Were A Girl's Number One Accessory In The '90s, So We're So Happy They're Back


Everyone's favorite hair accessory of the '80s and '90s has made a triumphant return in recent times—and our tresses are thanking us for it.

Scrunchies are back and have been dominating runways with endless textures, prints, and fabrics.

Made to be shown off and not hidden in a low bun, the scrunchie should take center stage on your mane, worn loud and proud at the top of your head. The best thing about this trend? Scrunchies are actually great for your hair, as the soft fabric is less abrasive than your regular, small hair elastics.

13 Corduroy Pants Were So Comfy To Wear As Kids, We're Overjoyed They're Trending As A Go-To Denim Alternative


Corduroy pants are back, and we're so happy about it since the fabric is a great denim alternative when you want to go for a comfy, everyday look. And you're not even limited to wearing corduroy as pants. We've seen it come back in the form of overalls, jackets, and even tops.

When you want to rock the cord pants, make sure to go for either a skinny or "mom" fit, as you don't want anything too wide that'll eat up your entire look. We recommend paring your corduroy pants with a cable knit sweater, scrunchie in your hair, and chunky trainers for that perfect, off-duty look.

12 Collecting Patches Was A Blast When We Were Young, So The Patched Up Denim Trend Has Us Feeling Very Nostalgic


We used to love collecting patches as kids, as they were a perfect way to express ourselves and our own personal style, which we could then put onto our denim, DIY-ing our own look.

Now, major fashion houses such as Gucci have decided to bring back patches and stick them on denim, a fun take on a style of our youth.

The best part of patching up your denim is how easily customizable and affordable it is. We suggest thrifting a lighter-washed, oversized denim jacket and then ordering the most original patches you can find online. From then, go to town making your perfect piece of outerwear!

11 Remember The Jelly Sandals That We Had To Wear To The Beach? They're Now A Summer Festival Go-To


Jelly sandals were the "it" shoe of the summer when we were kids, easy to throw on and protect our little feet as we splashed around on the beach or at the park. Our favorite waterproof and plastic shoe is finally back and this time with a modern update that sees certain styles with a tall, block heel, instead of being completely flat.

Yet again, we have the queen of all things retro, Rihanna, to thank for the jelly sandal resurgence, as she decided to bring back the once-popular look for her FENTY collection and turn it into a modern, millennial-approved slide shoe.

10 Fanny Packs, The Most Convenient Bag Ever


One of the most practical bags of yesteryear has been creeping up into the mainstream in recent years, only to recently take center stage as the dominating "it" bag in streetwear.

Fanny packs are back—yet this time looking sleek and sartorial and not at all like the ones your dad used to rock.

Finally elevated with luxury fabrics and a modern chicness, belt bags got their biggest style update in recently when the world's biggest influencers decided it's chicer to wear them around the shoulder or crossbody—basically anywhere else but around your waist.

9 Mom Shorts, A Triumphant Return As The Perfectly Baggy And Oversized Fit For The Summer


Oh, how times have changed recently for fashion, seeing us go back further and further into past trends after the resurgence of all things short and cropped in the mid-2000s. For the summer, gone are the short shorts that dominated our closets, and they've finally been replaced by the comfiest summer trend of the '90s: the mom short.

Shorts with this fit are just the same as your favorite mom-style jeans, as they have that incredibly comfortable high waist and more of a straight-leg fit as opposed to being unbearably skinny and tight. We love this look for the warmer months of the year as it's easy to rock and gives off a perfectly vintage vibe.

8 Chunky, Multicolored Sweaters Instantly Cheer Us Up, Making Us Feel Like Toddlers Again

Bright colors and rainbow-patterned pieces were the norm when we were toddlers, with fun options that simply put us in the best mood.

Just because we're adults now doesn't mean our wardrobes have to be so monochromatic and serious, so we're so happy to see chunky and colorful pullover sweaters dominating the runways again.

Keeping you warm and stylish and most importantly, in high spirits, this trend is so easy to throw on. It works well paired with some straight leg jeans and chunky shoes or even worn in the spring thrown over your favorite sundress or skirt.

7 Friendship Necklaces We Used To Rock With Our Besties Are Now Trending, Thanks To Some Of The Cutest Celebrity Duos


We all used to beg our parents to buy us friendship necklaces with our besties when we were younger, the perfect way to declare your love for the most important buddy in your life. With one friend rocking the "best" portion of the necklace while the other choosing "friends," girls everywhere loved being able to show off their ultimate friendship.

Now, thanks to the likes of our favorite top models, Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and Cara Delevingne, this trend is back, as the girls love rocking updated nameplates around their necks. CaKe for Cara and Kendall and KenGi for Kendall and Gigi, the girls decided to take this throwback trend and personalize it even further.

6 Jarring Prints Of Our Youth Such As Polka Dots Have Been Given An Adorably Updated Twist That Works


The '80s and '90s saw jarring prints as the norm for our outfit choices, with bold and neon patterns and oversized polka dots dominating our looks.

2019 sees a millennial update to patterns such as polka dots, ensuring they're more streamlined and minimalistic to rock.

Cropping up on runways from labels such as Balenciaga, Self-Portrait, Mary Katrantzou, Giorgio Armani, and Dior, polka dots are now wearable on gorgeous chiffon dresses or sleek and sheer skirts and paired with muted accessories that won't overpower your entire look. Not reserved for the likes of high-end runways or thrown onto thrift store racks half-heartedly, we love that the polka dot gets another chance to shine—this time properly.

5 Tiny Backpacks Are Perfect For Our Essentials And So Convenient To Carry, Too


If you can't get on board the fanny pack trend for 2019, we have another practical option for you to tote your wares in on a daily basis. Thanks to the likes of everyone's favorite IG influencers and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, and Selena Gomez, we bring you the itsy bitsy backpack trend.

Perfect to sling over your shoulder and not have to worry about dragging along with you, the tiny backpack is ready to be rocked once more, with high-end fashion houses such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton channeling the popular trend of the '90s and making it chic, boxy, and utterly perfect.

4 Denim On Denim Looks Are Back To Being Matchy-Matchy Perfection


There was a time when wearing the denim tuxedo was frowned upon and when matching your denim top with your jeans was just way too much on the eyes.

In recent years, this monochromatic look has been given an update, and can actually look fabulous when styled correctly.

If you're just starting off getting into this trend and want to ease yourself into it, try playing around with different shades of denim, perhaps wearing a lighter shade as your button-up shirt with your jeans a slightly darker wash. As you're definitely making a statement, don't be afraid to elevate your outfit, too, with premium-looking items such as statement heels.

3 Fleece Pullovers Are Finally Making A Comeback, And We Love That Fashion Is Getting So Comfortable!


Along with the other bizarre, dad-inspired looks of the '90s that have seen a resurgence in the past year, another one to dominate the streetwear scene is the fleece pullover, a look once reserved for our dads over the weekend, or us, as toddlers.

An update to the comfy hoodie trend, the dad fleece started trending once '90s-inspired maven Gigi Hadid started rocking her bright blue number, signaling the start of a new throwback trend. Essentially quite easy to wear, you have the option of going full-on retro and wearing them with mom jeans and chunky sneakers, or polishing it up much like Gigi with sleek bottoms and a high heel.

2 Oversized Denim Jackets, A Comfy And Easy-Going Outerwear Option For The Warmer Months


We absolutely love that oversized denim jackets are back and dominating the fashion scene in the fall, spring, and summer, as they're the perfect option for a comfy and laid-back look.

Fitted slightly slouchy and appearing worn-in, the denim jacket has seen an update in recent years, with the silhouette going more towards an oversized fit while washes are going lighter and lighter.

A new and updated take on our favorite classic of the '90s, the denim jacket can be paired with absolutely anything. It's a must-have and chic piece to wear practically year-round.

1 Those Comfy Tracksuits We Wore As Kids Are Suddenly Making A Comeback Thanks To Streetwear Mavens Such As Kylie Jenner


Retro sportswear from the '80s and '90s has seen a triumphant return in recent years, even embraced by some of the biggest fashion houses such as Balenciaga, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Valentino. With fabrics becoming more technical and premium this time around, we love that this comfortable trend is back in full-force.

In particular, thanks to celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, the matchy-matchy tracksuit look is back too, in all its comfy glory. Able to be dressed up with heels, or down with a chunky dad shoe, it turns out that girls can have so much more fun in athleisure than boys!

Source: Popsugar

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