Our '90s TV Boy Crush We're Meant To Be With Based On Our Astro Sign (& Why)

If there's one thing we know, it's that we can't help but look to the past for inspiration. Not only is Lisa Frank making a comeback, The Platinum Pixie, Neon Accents, Edgy Lace, and the Goth Slip Dress are all just a few of the things from the '90s that have made a comeback this year. Then, we have television. Roseanne, which is now called The Conners, made its comeback earlier this year, along with a Full House sequel called Fuller House, and there is even a Charmed reboot going on now. There were even some rumors that Married With Children might make a comeback. Imagine Al Bundy, the man who scored four consecutive touchdowns in one game, making a comeback in 2018. Crazy right?

Speaking of television, remember all those hunky heartthrobs that used to play on our favorite shows? Floppy hair, baggy jeans, big sparkling eyes, and the most amazing smiles — one look and they had all the girls swooning.

To this day, some of the actors who played those heartthrobs still look exactly like they did back in the '90s when their show was popular. Then there are those who were hot back in the '90s, but got even foxier as they aged.  Keep scrolling to learn which hunky '90s heartthrob would be the perfect match for someone based on their astro sign.

24 Aquarius (Jared Leto As Jordan Catalano)


Those born under the Aquarius sign are notorious for being independent. They are known to have a pretty big rebellious streak that can sometimes land them in hot water, even when they have the purest of intentions and mean well.

It is because of his demeanour that makes Jared Leto’s role as Jordan Catalano in My So-Called Life, the perfect match for an Aquarius.

Now, most people find his character to be a bit emotional immature and have a bit of aloof nature, but Aquarius don’t see it. Instead, they see him as being an original thinker who prefers to listen then just talk.

23 What He Is Up To Now


Jared Leto started his career in the early '90s when he took on the role of Jordan Catalano on the show My So-Called Life.

Since then, he has done many different stints in television and movies. Some of his most recent roles in films include The Joker in Suicide Squad, Niander Wallace in Blade Runner 2049, and Nick Lowell in The Outsider. He is also a talented musician now. In the late '90s, Jared went on to create the band Thirty Seconds to Mars with his older brother Shannon Leto.

The band went on to release their debut album in 2002 called 30 Seconds to Mars. They gained international fame, though, in 2005 when they released their second album A Beautiful Life. To this day, the band is still going strong.

22 Pisces (Will Smith)


Pisces are ruled by the planet Neptune, which makes them more intuitive than other signs and have an amazing artistic talent. It is common early on in life for a Pisces to show an interest in music.

Will Smith would be the perfect '90s heartthrob for a Pisces. He is committed to his artistic endeavors like a Pisces, and that is hard to match up.

Will Smith went back and forth through-out his entire career from rapping to acting, both which he excelled in. It also helps that he is a family man with a gentle and romantic side, which lots of people have been drawn to since his first appearance on TV.

21 What He Is Up To Now


Will Smith, born Willard Carroll Smith Jr., does not deal with music much nowadays, but he is still big in the acting business. In fact, in April 2007, he was listed in Newsweek as “the most powerful actor in Hollywood.”

It was in the later 1980s that Will Smith first gained fame thanks to his musical career. He grew modestly famous under the rap name The French Prince and then his fame increased even more when he stared in the NBC show The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in 1990.

When the show ended in 1996, he decided to transition over from television to film, in which he has stared in numerous blockbuster films since. In fact, Forbes has ranked him has the most bankable star worldwide. In 2014, it was recorded that 17 out of the 21 films he has done in his career have grossed in a whopping $100 million each.

20 Aries (Mark-Paul Gosselaar As Zack Morris)


Aries is the first sign and those born under it are known to be energetic and dynamic, along with being big competition seekers. This is why Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Zack Morris from the show Saved by the Bell is the perfect match for an Aries.

Zack Morris was the leader of the pack at Bayside High. He was outgoing, confident, and always determined to accomplish anything he set his mind to.

It is Zack’s independent nature that draws an Aries in, especially because an Aries has a habit of sometimes forging their own schemes and enthusiastically taking them on with determination and vigor.

19 What He Is Up To Now


Mark Paul Gosselaar first gained fame when he took the role of Zack Morris in the show Saved by the Bell. Fun fact, though, his character Zack was actually taken from a short-lived show that only aired on the Disney Channel for one seasoned called Good Morning, Miss Bliss. Though the show was not so popular, the character Zach was.

After the original Saved by the Bell ended in 1993, he reprised his role for two different spin-off shows called Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class, and then two movies called Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style and Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas.

He has take on some other roles since that one could say were not as successful, but hopefully he can pick his luck back up 2019 when he takes the lead in the new FOX drama The Passage.

18 Taurus (Leonardo DiCaprio)


Leonardo DiCaprio was one guy who owned the '90s, along with every girl’s heart. From Growing Pains to Romeo + Juliet, it did not matter what role he played we were entranced with his vulnerable, romantic side.

Taurus know how to appreciate the finer things in life. They’re sign is the fruits of labor, and they love to surround themselves with beauty and finer things to show off their hard work.

It is a Taurus’ appreciation for the finer things that make them drawn to Leonardo and his ability to make life all about experiences. 

It is nothing but love, beauty, and indulgence between a Taurus and Leonardo DiCaprio.

17 What He's Been Up To Since

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Leonardo DiCaprio has done a lot in his career. From first staring in commercials in the later 1980s, from his recurring roles in the soap operas Santa Barbara and Growing Pains.

He first received acclaim in 1993 with his award-winning performance in the movie What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. It was in 1997, though, that he gained international fame when he was Jack Dawson in the romantic film Titanic.

He has branched out from the acting branch since then and has gone on to also produce. In 2018, he produced the movie Delirium, a psychological horror film about a man who inherits a mansion from his deceased wealthy father after he is released from a mental institution. Strange things start to happen, and he soon starts to wonder if the house is haunted or if it’s all in his head.

He also produced the new Robin Hood that was released the day before Thanksgiving this year.

16 Gemini (Jaleel White As Steve Urkel)


Geminis have a habit of having multiple personalities. One minute they can be sociable, communicative, and ready for fun, then in the drop of a dime they can change and become serious, thoughtful, and restless. This is why Jaleel White’s character Steve Urkel from the television show Family Matters is the perfect match for a Gemini.

On the show, Steve Urkel was a nerdy, very intelligent, geeky guy who would sometimes transform himself into a handsome, very cool, slick gentlemen.

Add Steve Urkel’s dual personalities to the fact he is quick-witted, book-smart, and swimming with worldly persona vibes to a Gemini’s love for learning and they are the perfect match.

15 What He Has Been Up To Since


Jaleel White first stared as Steve Urkel in 1989 for the show Family Matters. It was originally planned for the role of Steve Urkel to just be a one-time guest, luckily for Jaleel though, the character was such a hit that he soon became a regular on the show.

Many don’t know this, but Jaleel also was the voice of Sonic in the animated shows Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic SatAM, Sonic Underground, and then in the 2013 fan film Sonic.

Since Family Matters ended, Jaleel has done many different things, including being a contestant on season 14 of Dancing with the Stars and hosting the game show Total Blackout in April 2012.

14 Cancer (James Van Der Beek As Dawson Leery)


Cancers are a caring and emotional sign who are not afraid to open up about their feelings and would rather talk about them with those closest to them then keep them locked away.

James Van Der Beek’s character Dawson Leery from the television show Dawson’s Creek is perfect for a Cancer because of his sensitive and thoughtful nature.

If only Joey would have paid less attention to Pacey’s rebellious antics and more toward hunky Dawson who was just a ladder climb away from a cozy cuddle fest while watching a romantic movie at home.

13 What He Is Up To Now


When James Van Der Beek auditioned for WB Network’s Dawson’s Creek in 1997, he had no idea that it would be such a success. Not only did it launch the popularity of the network, but it also launched the popularity of the cast.

In 1999, James went on to star in another successful series called Varsity Blues, which according to en.wikipedia.org, held the number-one spot for U.S. box office for the first two weeks airing. He actually won an MTV Movie Award thanks to his role in the show.

Sine the '90s, James has gone on to star in things like The Talk, CSI: Cyber, Carters Get Rich, and then a cameo in the film with Matt Damon called Downsizing.

He does the voice of Boris Hauntley in the Disney Junior show Vampirina and is co-creator and star of the show What Would Diplo Do?

12 LEO (Joey Lawrence As Joey Russo)


Leos are known for to things: one being they can get along with basically everyone due to their hilarious sense of humor and two being they are incredibly hard to resist. Which is why Joey Lawrence’s character Joey Russo on the show Blossom is the perfect match for a Leo.

Joey Russo is a loveable goof that stole everyone’s hearts in the show and all the fans watching it. With his disarming smile, silly sense of humor, and just all-around good nature, he was hard to resist.

Both Leos and Joey feel right at home when it comes to the spotlight. They both also love adventures and having a good time. It is a match made in heaven.

11 What He Is Up To Now


Since the '90s, Joey Lawrence has done quite a lot of things. One thing he did which gained him a lot of fame was My Fake Fiancé, which he stared in alongside Melissa Joan Hart, and was known as the most-watched television movie of the ratings season.

He made his return to television in 2010 when he took up another role alongside Melissa Joan Hart as Joey in the ABC family sitcom Melissa & Joey.

The show lasted 5 seasons and aired from 2010 to 2015. Since then he has done films such as Saved by Grace, Emma’s Chance, Ario: The Burping Pig, Isle of the Dead, My Brother’s Keeper, and an upcoming film for 2019 called Roe v. Wade. He has also had some scenes in the television shows Cupcake Wars, Girl Followed, and Hawaii Five-0.

10 Virgo (Usher)

Virgos are known as the most careful sign, along with being a bit of a philanthropist. Which is why Usher is such a good match for a Virgo.

Usher has been known to be a huge activist. He has donated to and started numerous charities. Some focused on natural disaster victims, art programs at different schools, and UNCF.

Let’s not forget his amazing work ethic too. Usher has been going strong since the early '90s and stays more in the background now. He slays at music and has an incredible skill at dancing. Nothing makes a Virgo swoon more than a man who works hard for what he has and cares about other people.

9 What He Is Up To Now

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Usher first debuted in the early '90s and became every girl's crush, especially when he released his second album in the late '90s called My Way.

After the '90s, he went on to continue his success in music. He released his fourth album in 2004, which established him as one of the best-selling musical artists of the 2000s decade.

In 2016 he released another album called Hard II Love, which received positive reviews.

To this day, he continues to make music and even released his ninth album this past October called A, which is a homage to the city of Atlanta where he grew up.

8 Libra (Joshua Jackson As Pacey Witter)

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Libras are a peaceful and fair group of people who are in a constant chase throughout their lives for justice and equality. Which is why Joshua Jackson’s character Pacey Witter on the show Dawson’s Creek is the best '90s crush for a Libra.

See, it was Pacey who was always thrown the role of peacemaker when it came to all the drama that was constantly unfolding between Joey Potter and Dawson Leery.

Libras can relate to Pacey’s style of diplomacy. It matches completely with their harmonious soul, which makes the moppy-haired boy a total dreamboat in a Libra’s eyes.

7 What He Is Up To Now


Joshua Jackson is known for his role as Pacey Witter in the show Dawson’s Creek, but it was in the film 1991 film Crooked Hearts that he first started his acting career.

One could almost say that Joshua is one actor who never rests. He has done so much since his start in 1991. From the sci-fi Fox show called Fringe to CBS’s The Mentalist. He has even done some live on-stage plays.

His most recent play was in March 2018 where he stared in the Broadway play Children of a Lesser God, a play about an unconventional teacher who teaches at the school for deaf kids and who gets into a romantic and conflicted personal relationship with a former deaf student.

6 Scorpio (Luke Perry As Dylan McKay)


Scorpios are very passionate people who, no matter what happens, will always keep a loved one or a friend’s secret. They can have issues though when it comes to jealousy. They tend to be super suspicious, even with those closest to them and manifest their emotions differently than other people. This is why the quintessential '90s bad boy Dylan McKay from 90210 is such a great match for a Scorpio.

On the show, Dylan was known for stirring up jealousy and resentment between Kelly and Brenda. Two qualities that are known to come out in a Scorpio, be it good or bad.

5 What He Is Up To Now

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Luke Perry did an interview back in the early '90s with the one and only Whoopi Goldberg and told her that when he first started his acting career, he auditioned for more than 215 acting jobs while in New York. He was turned down for everyone before finally landing himself a commercial.

After the commercial, Luke went on to star along side Alice Cooper in his music video Be Chrool to Your Scuel for the band Twisted Sister.

So, most fans know Luke Perry for his role as Dylan McKay on the Fox teen drama Beverly Hills, 90210. Fun fact for fans, Luke originally auditioned for the part of Steve Sanders but lost it to Ian Ziering.

In 2015, Luke returned to television after a few years doing live theatre to play Tim Olson on the Up Network series Detective McLean: Ties That Bind. In 2016 he stared in the Hallmark Channel movie Love in Paradise and currently he plays Frederick Andrews in the CW series Riverdale.

4 Sagittarius (Joseph Gordan-Levitt)


Sagittarius is the jokesters all the astro signs. Along with their great sense of humor, Sagittarius are also known to be adventurous, enthusiastic, curious, and open-minded. Which is why Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the perfect '90s heartthrob for a Sagittarius.

Not only is Joseph such a cutie pie, but he also has this quirky personality that Sagittarius are drawn to.

The two are also free spirits. Sagittarius are known for their love of adventure and travel, and for Joseph, it is his love of acting, directing. and producing.

3 What He Is Up To Now

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt has been active since he was four years old. His first-ever performance was for the live musical of The Wizard of Oz, where he played the Scarecrow. After that, he started in many commercials some including: Sunny Jim Peanut Butter, Cocoa Puffs, Pop-Tarts, and Kinney Shoes.

In 2011, he was cast as John Blake in The Dark Knight Rises. In 2013, it was reported that he was in the lead for one of the main characters of Marvel’s Ant-Man movie. Sadly, he was passed up for it and it went to Paul Rudd.

Some more recent television stints he has done is The Muppets, Comrade Detective, and The Comedy Central Roast. Some recent movies include Snowden, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and an upcoming 2019 movie called 7500.

2 Capricorn (Jonathan Taylor Thomas)


Capricorns are nothing but responsible, probably the most out of all the other astro signd They are hard workers, can manage many people at once and have a great ability for self-control. Which is why Jonathan Taylor Thomas makes such a great '90s match for a Capricorn.

Jonathan Taylor spend most of his childhood playing Randy Taylor on Home Improvement, while at the same shooting different movies, going to school, and just setting a foundation for his future.

Not only was he cute with great hair, but he was a hard worker, he even graduated from Columbia after a short period at Harvard. There is nothing foxier than a man who is so adamant about schooling and his career.

1 What He Is Up To Now


Jonathan Taylor Thomas first started his career in the year 1990 when he was selected to play Greg Brady in The Bradys, which is the 1970s remake of The Brady Bunch.

It wasn’t until the following year that he would be casted as Randy Taylor in the ABC sitcom Home Improvement, which he remained at up until his teen years. He left the show in 1998 after deciding to focus more on his academics.

In the 2000s, he did a few guest appearances on shows such as 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter, Smallville, Veronica Mars, and Last Man Standing, where he reunited with his TV father from Home Improvement, Tim Allen.

He has also done a few films since his time on Home Improvement. He voiced Simba as a cub in the animation movie The Lion King and was in Man of the House, Tom and Huck, and I’ll Be Home For Christmas.

Sources: brit.co, en.wikipedia.org

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