The Newest Trend Coming From Oscar de la Renta Is Going To Be Hair Jewels

With New York Fashion Week (better known as NYFW for short) currently in full swing, fashion experts and fans alike are able to see what's in for the coming seasons for the rest of 2019. There are so many trends coming out of the woodwork that it's almost impossible to keep up with all of them. But there are some that are too unique to get lost in the shuffle that is NYFW. Case in point: the main trend that came out of the Fall 2019 Oscar de la Renta fashion show.

As seen in Vogue this past Tuesday, the trend in question was hair jewels. Models partaking in this particular fashion show had their hair styled into super sleek ponytails that sat low. All hair types- regardless of color, length, and texture- were tied off with beautiful bejeweled baubles. Hairstylist Odile Gilbert was the one who had to style all the models while showing off the aforementioned trend for this year's NYFW show.

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The hair jewels featured in the Fall 2019 Oscar de la Renta fashion show were all eclectic and gorgeous in their own right. Each ornament was gold or bronze in color, with matching rhinestones encrusted on each piece. Some of the styles included flower pins, pearly barrettes, and sun brooches. By including these sparkly, eye-catching hair accessories in their NYFW show, Oscar de la Renta ensured that those watching would leave the show talking about them- not just the gorgeous clothes showed off.

There are some fashion trends- both outside of and coming out of NYFW- that many people would consider being unwearable. They're too flashy, too risqué, or just too weird to wear in your everyday life. But the hair jewels trend from Oscar de la Renta's Fall 2019 NYFW show does not fall under any of those previously mentioned categories. You can most likely find a rhinestone encrusted hair bauble anywhere- be it at a drugstore, beauty supply store, or somewhere else. The low ponytail hairstyle used to show them off at that fashion show is also wearable, as well as easy to style. So if you want to be on trend this fall, hair jewels are the way to go.

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