This Affordable (And Adorable) Purse Is Oprah-Approved

You can always count on Oprah Winfrey for great gift ideas. On her recent list of favorite things, she included the Harper Crossbody by K. Carroll Accessories, an incredibly affordable handbag that features separate built-in compartments for your smartphone, glasses, and credit cards.

The bag, which is available on Amazon for an amazing $19.99, also includes a magnetic clasp with a tassel for easy access as well as a belt clip that allows you to wear it on your waist. The bag was first listed on Amazon on May 1st, 2018, and has since been a bestseller. Measuring 7.2 x 4.5 x 0.5 inches, this lightweight bag comes in an amazing 39 different colors and patterns, including florals, animal prints, two-tone shades, and plaids.

Online reviewers have fallen in love with the bag’s versatility since it is easy to wear while you’re on the go, carrying other things, or talking on the phone. Others have praised its size, calling it the perfect crossbody. At 4 1/2 inches wide by 7 1/4 inches tall, the bag holds all your essentials and still looks sleek. And given its price point, you may want to invest in several to mix and match with different outfits.

According to Oprah, her BFF, Gayle King, bought the Harper Crossbody for everybody she knows. The Queen of Television also noted the bag's four RFID-protected card slots, two separate inside compartments, and detachable strap. Made in vegan leather, the bag is a great gift for the eco-conscious, students, and busy moms.

Aside from being environmentally responsible, K. Carroll Accessories is also a woman-owned and run business. Founded in 2002 by Kelly Carroll Burgin, who left her corporate job for her new venture as a bag designer, the company began as a traveling boutique focused on trunk show fundraisers. Eventually, the brand expanded its product line and distribution.

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Burgin says the bags are designed with both “style and purpose,” and try to stay on-trend by offering as many features as possible. The special RFID-protected lining is intended to keep your identity safe. RFID, which is an acronym for “radio-frequency identification,” refers to technology that encodes digital data on tags or smart labels. In order to keep your credit card and personal information secure, the RFID-protected lining prevents others from scanning your data.

K. Carroll Accessories designs its bags in vegan leather since it is an affordable alternative to real leather, helping keep costs low. Also, the fabric is waterproof, which makes it easier to clean by simply using a damp cloth. The material, which is made of polyurethane, has been praised by PETA and animal lovers in general. Offering a distinctive color palette and sheen, vegan leather manages to be more lustrous than real leather.

The Harper Crossbody is not the first K. Carroll Accessories item to make Oprah’s must-have list. In 2016, the brand’s Cell Sleeve was also recommended by the host. Although Oprah is not vegan, she does support a number of cruelty-free brands and has strong views on the treatment of animals. She has often spoken out about how animals are needlessly tortured at the expense of human decency.

Though Oprah has final say as to what is included on her annual list of favorite things, she does have help. K. Carroll Accessories was actually discovered at a New York gift show by Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, who spotted a cell phone sleeve from the vegan leather accessories line. Burgin said that being included on the list was like winning an Oscar for those working in the wholesale industry. "That's really the best stamp of approval I think you could get," she added.

Burgin’s relationship with Oprah has opened other doors as well. Her products have been featured on several ABC programs, including The View, Good Morning America and GMA Day. Working with the television host does, however, require certain guarantees. Burgin’s company, which is based in Auburn Hills, Michigan, was expected to be able to handle the demand and ship products quickly.

Oprah isn’t the only one raving about the Harper Crossbody by K. Carroll Accessories. Several fashion websites have featured the bag as a perfect gift idea. One suggestion that caught our eye was showing your appreciation for your children’s teachers by giving them a bag for the holidays or as an end-of-year present. The bag is also ideal for travelers or students studying abroad since it features a carabiner clip that attaches to your belt that prevents pickpockets from stealing your belongings or your passport.

Finally, if you have any doubt that the crossbody is in style, a similar bag was recently spotted on Beyoncé, though in her case the crossbody in question cost nearly $1,500. So for $19.99 for the Harper Crossbody by K. Carroll Accessories at Amazon, you’re not only saving a significant chunk of change, you’ll also look like a superstar.

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