Only Good Girls Will Answer "Yes" To All These 15 Questions

Are you a good girl or are you bad? Both kinds are desirable and both make men go crazy. Good girls make men want to turn them bad, while bad girls make men want to see how far her limits are. Both extremes are worthy opponents, but remember one isn't better than the other, they're just different. If you aren't sure if you're a good girl or a bad girl, take a step back and really think about things. There are certain things good girls would never do while there are several things bad girls stay away from. So, which are you?

If you start thinking about the choices you make and why, but you still aren't quite sure whether you're more of a good girl or more bad girl, you've come to the right place! It's a pretty simple process to determine whether you're genuinely a good girl or not, all you have to do is take a look at these fifteen questions and if you answer "no" to more questions than you answer "yes," you're officially the opposite of a good girl! Sound like fun? We think so too! Step on up and test your character with these fifteen simple questions:

15 Did You Save Your First Kiss For Someone Special?


Only truly good girls know their first kiss can only be given once. No good girl would risk her precious first kiss with someone during a cheap game of Spin the Bottle or Truth or Dare. No, a good girl knows to truly cherish one of life's most monumental moments with a boy she's kept her eye on and is certain would appreciate the opportunity to be the very first person she locks lips with. If you were unlucky enough to have your first kiss come as an unwanted surprise, then no worries! Your real first kiss is when you decided in your heart that you wanted to kiss someone. It is in that moment that you truly shared your first kiss, so you can still be considered a good girl!

14 Are You More Interested In Mr. Right, Instead Of Mr. Right Now?


Another mark of a sure-fire good girl is one who would rather take her time to pick out the right kind of guy than accept the first person to look her way. It's normal to want attention, but it's okay to rest easy and watch as the guys trip all over themselves in the age-old battle to win their fair maiden's heart. Dating someone isn't as serious as choosing to marry someone, but a good girl knows that a man worth dating is one who doubles as a possible future (even if it's far-off) husband candidate. She's willing to be picky and won't be so fast to overlook flaws other girls might. A good girl knows her worth and knows what she wants in a man. If that means waiting for the right one to cross her path, then so be it.

13 Do You Kiss With Your Eyes Closed?


Good girls know how to fully immerse themselves in the experience of kissing someone. They've already spent so much time carefully selecting who was worthy of her affections, then she spent more time making sure the moment was right. When physical intimacy becomes part of the picture, good girls embrace it. They savor the moment and close their eyes with every kiss. By keeping your eyes open, you are aware of too many visual stimuli. When you close your eyes, you also close off one of your senses, sharpening the others. Suddenly the kiss becomes more intimate and more enjoyable. You are able to relish the feeling of your lips being caressed by his and you can give as much as you take. All good girls instinctively know to close their eyes - do you?

12 Are You A Tease?


Who said good girls don't have any fun? One of the marks of a good girl is the ability to flirt without shame. The guys want to be with you but you haven't yet chosen one. All single men are considered fair game and there are no rules saying good girls can't flirt their hearts out. Good girls are already having to choose who is worthy of her full affections, so what's wrong with leading a few guys on for a little bit? A good flirt offers the promise of a chance one day but doesn't actually commit right now. A good girl will flirt and tease with the promise of possibly going through with things once a guy is promoted from friend to boyfriend, but until then, let the good times roll!

11 Do You Trust Your Man Would Never Cheat, No Matter What?


If you think good girls are naive, think again. They know to keep an eye on their men, even before they start dating. They sit back and watch how a guy treats women, whether she is his ex-girlfriend, best friend, or even his mother. How a man treats the women in his life is how a good girl can expect to be treated as well. The same goes for how he acts when they're alone compared to how he acts when friends are around. Good girls know a good guy will treat them the same way no matter who is within earshot. After going through all the time and scouting for the right man, a good girl can trust he would never cheat on her or do anything short of pleasing her entirely.

10 Would You Say No To A Date If He's A Smoker?


If there's one thing good girls know, it's that she should take care of her body and do her best to ensure she lives a long healthy life. Smoking is known to cause so much harm to a person that she would want to be with a guy who also wants to take care of himself. Smoking has long been a sign of a "bad boy," a "rebel" or even the simple label of being "cool." Good girls aren't as interested in how cool a guy is compared to how easy he is to be around. If a guy is smart enough to keep from flirting with cancer, gum disease and a lifetime of wasting money, then he's one step closer to being the man of her dreams!

9 Are You A Hopeless Romantic?


Because it takes a good girl so long to find the right guy, she daydreams wildly! All those romantic comedies where the clueless guy wins the girl in the end and all those princes fighting to save the princesses really leave their mark. They read romantic stories and watch only the most lovey-dovey movies. The bottom line is simple: All good girls are in love with being in love, and they spend their time hoping and dreaming they'll find a man who knows how to be her equal and who also knows when to treat her like the most precious jewel the world has ever seen. Some might think her expectations are unrealistic, but hey, no one ever said dating a good girl was easy!

8 Do You Try Your Best, Even If No One Cares?


Good girls don't expect the best from their men and fail to deliver their best in return. Good girls know better than to raise the bar for others while hypocritically sitting back and doing nothing. Good girls know that they need to try their best to better their lives and to prove themselves - not to other people, but to themselves. Good girls are the ones who do well on tests and don't brag about it because doing well is expected. Good girls are the ones who give money to the homeless without posting about it on social media. Good girls are the ones who don't even think about whether anyone is looking, they just do what's right by them and expect nothing but self-improvement as a reward.

7 Are You Strong Enough To Go Against The Flow?


The world is a finicky place. Good girls aren't always seen for who they are. When people think of stereotypical good girls, they think of timid little creatures who are too shy to speak up for themselves, girls who are so weak-willed that they don't understand what it means to make waves or stand strong. Oh, how wrong the world is! To stay their path, good girls have to be strong enough to swim against the tide. People who give in to peer pressure may look cool, but the reality is they're all just sheep following one trend to the next. A good girl pushes everything but her goals to the side and stands tall against the rush of expectations, teasing and stereotypes. If you're strong enough to go against the flow, you've definitely got the makings of a good girl!

6 Are You Always Up For A Girl's Night Out?


A good girl knows better than to turn her back on her friends! Guys may come and go but friends are forever. If you have established ladies nights, then you make them - and your friends - a priority. Whether your squad wants to go out clubbing or stay in for movies and junk food, you're there for your girls and they're there for you. Nothing and no one can come between you. Even if you're in a serious relationship and you've already got a ring on your finger, good girls understand the importance of creating space in a relationship and giving her man a chance to miss her a little. Just because she's in love doesn't mean she's going to let her other relationships fall to the way-side.

5 When He Asks Questions, Are You Always Honest With Him?


The think about good girls is they have nothing to hide. They've spent too much time making sure they're the best versions of themselves they can be. They pushed their way through school, made sure to secure the profession they've always wanted, and have invested their time into finding the right man to spend her life with, so when he asks her something, there is literally nothing she needs to hide and no reason to do so regardless. She trusts him explicitly and expects him to be able to fully trust her as well, otherwise what's the point of being together? The point is simple, every time her man has a question for her, she's going to be honest one hundred percent of the time.

4 Do You Expect Your Man To Treat You Like A Princess?


You treat him like a prince so he should be treating you like a princess, right? Right. You want him to do little favors and surprise you with flowers every now and then and in return, you surprise him with breakfast in bed and picking up one of his smaller chores. Any good girl worth her salt knows that a relationship is built on mutual respect, so if she expects him to treat her like a princess, she'd prepared to treat him like the prince he is! Nothing says "healthy relationship" like a couple who is willing to do whatever it takes to make their better halves feel loved - even if that means doing things they don't always like. Didn't think the princess would get her hands dirty? Think again!

3 Have You Checked Off Items On Your Life Goals List?


Good girls have goals, and they do whatever it takes to reach them. Some of those goals are easier to achieve than others, like finishing school, moving out of their parents' houses, and getting the dog they've always wanted. Other goals are a lot harder to reach, but no matter how difficult the path, a good girl doesn't give up! She does whatever it takes, whether that means she stays in school for a few extra years, works harder than she's ever had to work in her life, or meet several small goals over a period of years - a good girl isn't easily swayed from the prize and you'd better believe she's willing to work for years, her entire life even, to make her life as fulfilling as possible, so when she looks back on it, she can do so with a smile on her face.

2 Do You Apologize And Make Up With People After A Fight?


Good girls understand the importance of maintaining relationships and aren't afraid to go above and beyond to ensure those relationships last. Everyone fights at some point or another and a good girl will never let those bad times fester. Even if she was right and absolutely blameless, no matter the situation, she is willing to set aside her pride and initiate the makeup with an apology. She'll have the class to refrain from pointing out the faults of the other person or even acknowledge what the fight was about. Instead of placing blame, she'll simply say she doesn't want to fight and that she wants to make up with whoever it is that she was arguing with. As with most things, friendships are fragile, but only if both parties refuse to work at keeping them going strong!

1 Has Anyone Ever Called You A Good Girl?


If there's one thing good girls hate, it's being called a "good girl." The connotations are always so negative and it makes good girls feel like they're worth less than they are. Good girls aren't known for being "cool," but they are known for being boring. There's nothing wrong with wanting to do well in life and keeping your eyes on the prize, but good girls know that they're passing up opportunities to have fun. They're well aware that there are a lot of good times they're missing out on because they're working to achieve their goals. When people call a girl a "good girl," good girls know the real meaning behind it, but they smile and take it in stride because they know that in the end, good girls come out on top.

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