Only A TRUE Disney Lover Will Have Spotted These Plot Holes In Aladdin

Fact: 90s babies were quite fortunate to grow up in an era when Disney animation released their greatest works. Classics like The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and Aladdin ruled our childhood and made for some amazing memories. And, we all know that we had to rewind those VHS tapes countless times because we could not get enough of the films!

Now, years later as adults, we see the movies that are intended for children in a totally different light. We start to think about them much more critically. As children, it is nearly impossible to find anything erroneous with a movie that has a talking Genie and pet tiger in it, but as adults we have realized that there are instances in the film that do not make sense when everything is put together.

It is a given that all Disney films have a happy ending, but on the way there, as adults watching with cynical eyes, there are plot holes that bug us and we can't just let them go. After going through this list of plot holes in the 1992 classic Aladdin, you'll certainly see "a whole new world."

18 Are Genie's Wishes Actually Legit?

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If we had a "wish," we would certainly wish to have a genie, a genie who promises us he could grant us three wishes.

Not only was Genie in Aladdin able to make people's ultimate dreams come true, but he was also one awesome and hilarious friend. However, by the end of it all, was Genie also a sneak and unfair?

When Aladdin wishes to become a prince, he stays the same; nothing much besides his clothing changes. However, when Jafar gets a hold of the lamp and wishes to become a sultan, he becomes a sultan with power and overturns the monarchy. What we mean is that Jafar received the royal treatment he wished for, while poor Aladdin was on the sidelines always having to prove he was a legit prince.

17 Remember The Lamp In The Vendor's Hands?

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Aladdin commences, and right away we're introduced to a lamp that a street vendor is trying to sell. Wait, how did the lamp get in the hands of a vendor?

As children, we did not make much of it, but as adults we're curious to know why the magical lamp would be in the hands of a vendor and not someone more powerful, like the sultan.

We could assume that the vendor was the charming Genie who disguised himself, but why would the powerful Genie downgrade his power? The lamp instantly lost its value that way. And, the vendor knows the entire story of Aladdin, so did Genie come out of the lamp? Keep in mind, the vendor does not reappear ever again in the film!

16 And How Was The Lamp Placed In The Cave Of Wonders?

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In the film, we are instantly introduced to the merchant with the lamp, as we mentioned above, and then suddenly, the lamp is placed all shiny and bright in the Cave of Wonders.

When Aladdin is granted access to the cave, we, along with Aladdin, are teased with shiny treasures all around, yet the lamp is the main treasure in the cave. In all its lustre, the lamp is placed there as if it were not in the vendor's hands, so who put it there?

The lamp seems to be the only thing that matters, but we just saw it in a market?! Evidently, it does not make much sense how it got there considering the fact that only the "diamond in the rough" can enter the cave.

15 The Cave Of Wonders Allowed Only One Entrance, But...

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The Cave of Wonders is confusing. There is an abundance of gold there, and the treasure of all treasures placed in it, aka the lamp, but only one person could enter it. The cave makes it very clear that only the chosen one may be granted permission into the cave without being eaten by the sentient tiger. And by "chosen one," the cave clearly expressed that it only allowed the diamond in the rough to enter, so why was Abu allowed into the cave?

Jafar sent one of his accomplices to the cave in the beginning, and he didn't make it out, but the talking monkey made it out alive ― how? We really want Disney to clarify this for us! Also, since the really smart pet was allowed in, he could’ve snatched the lamp!

14 We Were Not Aware That Aladdin Spoke Monkey

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Aladdin's sidekick is the clever monkey, Abu, but last we checked, Aladdin is a human and Abu is a monkey, so how does Aladdin understand Abu’s gibberish?

Donning fez hats and matching purple vests, the two are definitely similar in looks and they're best pals, but technically, when Abu is screaming away in his monkey language, Aladdin should not be able to comprehend it. We are shown that he does, however, since he clearly replies.

Actually, there are even instances when Abu's mouth remains closed, yet Aladdin understands him, like that time in the cave when Abu is trying to wake him up. We see that Abu’s mouth is closed, and Aladdin awakens; this certainly goes against the flow since no one else gets Abu!

13 So Prince Ali Was The Prince Of What Exactly?

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Many of us would probably wish to be a prince or princess, but would you not be disappointed if your wish from a genie in a bottle was granted and you got nothing lavish that comes with the title?

It is quite illogical that the street rat who became Prince Ali was merely still Aladdin. He was still the exact same person, just with a slightly different wardrobe.

If Aladdin was truly a prince, would he not have a kingdom and land? Aladdin is just prancing around town, like a fresh and new Prince, but he does not even have a back-story to give the people.

12 If Aladdin Wished To Be A Prince, Why Did It Wear Off?

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We do not want to ruin your childhood, but think about it: Aladdin should have been refunded for his first wish. Why? Because his wish to be a prince wore off by the end of the movie. Aladdin used his first wish to transform himself into a prince because only a prince could marry Princess Jasmine, so he said, "Genie, I wish for you to make me a prince," and poof ― Aladdin became Prince Ali of Ababwa. However, by the end of the film, he was wiped of his prince status.

How would that be possible? Aladdin never asked Genie to un-make him a prince. We also hear Genie tell Aladdin to use his third wish to make himself a prince again, but aren't wishes permanent? We know that Jafar's meddling did nothing to remove Aladdin's title, so why did he have to wish to be a prince again?

11 Technically, Jafar Should Not Have Had Guards

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Until Jafar gets control over the Genie, he is merely nothing; he is not a prince, not a king and just a royal servant. IRL, a man like Jafar would not have appointed guards that would go against the monarchy because they work for the sultan, evidently.

We see the guards at the beginning of the film trying to chase away the street rat, who is Aladdin, because he stole goodies from the street market, but why on earth would they listen to Jafar's orders to later go after the prince?

Correct us if we are wrong, but we highly doubt that guards would follow such a command. What would logically occur is that they would question the command and not follow through, or they would confront the sultan about the issue.

10 Jafar Never Ended Aladdin's Life

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Jafar's nemesis is Aladdin, yet with all his supposed power, he does not terminate the poor boy who is in the way of him winning Jasmine's heart.

A fanatical fan of Aladdin will vividly remember the time Jafar returns and he is flabbergasted that Aladdin is still alive. Wait a second. Our beloved Aladdin never died ― what is Jafar talking about? Is Jafar being delusional or did his snakes hypnotise him?

We see many battles between the two where Jafar has the upper hand, but he just leaves Aladdin lingering and lets him get away each time.

9 Jafar Clearly Did Not Make Use Of His Snake Staff Properly

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So, despite all the chances Jafar had to get rid of Aladdin for once and for all, he did not, but on top of all that, he had the simplest and most effective way to do so but he took no action.

Jafar has a snake staff in the Disney classic, used to basically change people's actions, like when he persuaded Genie to make Jafar the ruler of Agrabah.

If the snake staff had the power to do such things, why didn't Jafar use it on Aladdin to make him take a hike and disappear? Clearly, Jafar was not the intelligent guy he made himself out to be.

8 Why Wasn't Jasmine Handed The Lamp?

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Since the Genie's magic did not hold up for Aladdin, why did he not give the lamp to Jasmine?

Think about it: Jasmine could have rubbed the lamp and turned her lover into a prince again, but not one of the besties in the film thought of doing that ― only Jafar got a hold of the golden lamp.

Come on, Aladdin, why did you not think of that? Did you not want your girl to touch the lamp? With three wishes to make, she could have even wished the Genie free! 

If Aladdin did not want to use his third wish to undo all of Jafar's wishes, he could have made his girl take control of the lamp and use her wishes to undo everything and take care of Jafar!

7 Why Does Sultan Wait Until The End To Break The Law?

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You know what else is illogical? Waiting until the very last minute to create change. All throughout the film, the sultan is set on finding a suitor for his Jasmine, and it came with much difficulty which is why he believed his daughter would not be married by the deadline of the marriage law.

If he so desperately wanted to find a prince to make his daughter happy, why did the sultan only decide to change his mind along with the law at the end? He would have made his and his daughter's life much simpler ― and Jafar would not have caused so much havoc.

6 None Of The Guards Recognize Jasmine

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We did not know disguising ourselves was a simple task until our cynical adult eyes watched Aladdin.

Jasmine is the Princess of Agrabah, yet her face, it appears, is not recognizable to all in the small town over who she reigns! We are precisely talking about the beginning of the film when Jasmine leaves her kingdom grounds to scroll through the market with just a brown cape on.

This is also when she runs into her husband-to-be. Suddenly, she gets caught up with the street rat, and the guards who are after the princess and Aladdin in the market clearly do not have the slightest clue who they're dealing with.

5 Jafar Is Not Supposed To Be More Respected Than Jasmine

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In the chain of command in Aladdin, Jasmine is without a doubt higher than Jafar, so why is it that in some scenes of the family movie Jafar has power over her? Last we checked, princess outranks adviser, especially an adviser who needs a talking bird to help him out!

If there is anything that Aladdin taught us, it is that in Agrabah, being a princess means you still must endure difficulty. Is that not odd considering the fact that Jasmine is royalty while Jafar is a servant to her and her father?

One scene that we have examined over and over again is the one in which Jasmine demands the guards let Aladdin go, but they disobey her because Jafar has power over them. Jafar loves it when he has more power than Jasmine, and it's frustrating.

4 How Did Iago Get Inside The Lamp?

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We may not have been a fan of the long-necked Jafar, but we're huge fans of his talking bird ― if we had a Genie who could grant us wishes, we'd certainly wish for a best buddy bird on our shoulders.

Jafar would never give up authority, but his bird Iago had just about enough at certain moments, so maybe he enjoyed his time in the lamp. However, what did not make sense about Iago getting stuck in the lamp is how and why he ended up in there. Iago clearly had no magical powers, or we believe from the start he would have told Jafar to be gone, and he also was in no shape or form a genie. Realistically speaking, Iago, like Abu, would not be able to fit in the lamp.

3 Jafar Enables Aladdin

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The entire film revolves around Jafar trying to win Jasmine's heart and defeating Aladdin, but as we mentioned before, he never defeated him. Instead, Jafar made it easy on Aladdin. He basically empowered Aladdin to keep on surviving his crazy antics without giving a second thought to them.

However, considering the plot, that would be totally illogical since Jafar did not want Aladdin around. Firstly, when Jafar commands the guards to drop him in the sea, they let Aladdin keep his magic lamp (enabled) and then when Jafar sends Aladdin off to a snowy mountain, he lets him keep his magic carpet ― shall we say enabled again?

2 Why Didn't Jafar Just Hypnotise Aladdin?

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Jafar had no problem hypnotising the sultan, yet the idea to do the same to Aladdin never came to his mind ― would that not have been the simplest tactic to get what he wanted for once and for all? We are confident that Iago was smarter than Jafar by a long mile.

Fanatical fans will remember when Jafar disguised himself as an old, poor and hunched man to trick Aladdin into getting the lamp, and his mastermind plan did not work. On the other hand, if he hypnotised Aladdin with his staff, he would have won the lamp easily. It boggles the mind that he didn't hypnotise him.

1 "Touch Nothing But The Lamp," But They Touch The Flying Carpet

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We were first introduced to the magic carpet when Aladdin and his well-hidden monkey friend entered the cave. Remember how it just kept moving and the pretty smart Abu noticed? When the duo entered the cave, they were instructed to "touch nothing but the lamp," but Abu could not resist for long.

After just a couple of seconds, when the carpet started following the soon-to-be-prince and his witty monkey, they became a trio. We reckon that the cave could have chomped down at any time, yet when Abu trailed on the carpet nothing happened, even though they'd been warned not to break the rules. It just doesn't make sense.

Sources: Jump Radio, IMDb

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