Only A Good Girlfriend Does 10 Of These 20 Things

There are many depictions of girlfriends in romantic comedies and on TV shows, and it can be confusing to know which one we should be.

There are the girlfriends who wait on their boyfriends 24/7 and do every single little thing for them. There are the girlfriends who are so independent that they never seem to be around. And then there are girlfriends who are always in a good mood and seem perfectly suited to the person that they're dating.

The latter is definitely the kind of girlfriend that we want to be. Whether we're all about love or we're focusing on our jobs or other aspects of our personal lives right now, we know that when we do find 'The One', we want a happy and normal relationship.

We don't want any drama and we want people to look at us and say, "Those two are a great couple." We also want our boyfriend's friends and family to think that he made the right decision when he asked us to be his girlfriend.

What makes a good girlfriend? People might have different opinions on this subject, but chances are, there are some things that we can all agree make for a great relationship. Only a good girlfriend does 10 of these 20 things.

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20 She Strikes The Perfect Balance Between Clingy And Independent

Star Tribune

Most people agree that being super clingy isn't a good thing in a relationship. Each person should have their own things going on and they should enjoy spending some time apart, whether going to the movies along, hanging out with friends, or working out.

But if someone is too independent, then why are they even in a relationship?

A good girlfriend strikes the perfect balance between clingy and independent. She enjoys hanging out with her boyfriend and lets him know how much she appreciates being in his life. But she also can have fun on her own and doesn't mind when he goes out without her.

19 She Does Nice Things For Her Boyfriend (Even If It's Only Every Once In A While)


From buying him his favorite snack to surprising him with a date night, a good girlfriend does nice things for her boyfriend from time to time. She knows that this can keep the relationship feeling fresh and he'll really appreciate that she took the time out of her busy schedule to care for him.

Even a couple who really loves each other can get bogged down in the details of daily life. Chores, socializing, work—it can all get really stressful. A good girlfriend will definitely do her best to show her partner that she's always thinking about him and that he always means a lot to her.

18 She Focuses On The Relationship Instead Of Comparing It To Someone Else's

Seventeen Magazine

Thanks to couple selfies and mushy posts on social media, it's easier than ever to compare relationships. Even the most secure couples who are in it for the long run can feel strange when seeing posts from other couples that they know.

If she's a good girlfriend, she won't compare her relationship to anyone else's.

Even though it's hard, she'll focus on her relationship and make sure that she's happy and feeling good about things. While there are days when she might wonder if things should look different, she's able to deal with those thoughts and move on right away.

17 She's Always There For Him, Even When Times Are Tough


Of the 20 things that a good girlfriend would do, this is something else: she makes sure that her boyfriend knows that he can always count on her. She might even tell him, "I'm here for you" just to be really clear.

Even when they're both experiencing work stress or a family conflict, she tells him that she's there for him. She listens to him when he needs to talk (and even when he claims that he doesn't, she knows that he does). She knows that being in a solid relationship means being able to talk to each other about everything.

16 She Encourages Him To Be His Best Self And Follow His Dreams And Goals


Many people say that when they're in the right relationship, they become the version of themselves that they always wanted to be. It's like this person was always hiding inside of them and now they can let them out into the open.

A guy wants his girlfriend to make him a better man, and a good girlfriend will do her best to bring out the best in him.

She'll encourage him to follow his goals and dreams, and she'll always check in with him to see if he's happy with his life and his work. She'll really enjoy having these conversations.

15 She Doesn't Bug Him About Being Romantic... If It's Not His Thing


A good girlfriend understands when her boyfriend isn't a romantic person. She doesn't think that this is a problem and doesn't put any pressure on him. Even if her best friends always receive red roses on Valentine's Day and extravagant gifts on anniversaries, she doesn't tell him that he should do the same thing.

Some people show their love with flashy presents and chocolate and weekend getaways. Others like to be more low-key and that stuff isn't their style. There is no right or wrong here. A good girlfriend accepts her boyfriend for who he is, even if he's not Mr. Romance.

14 She Treats Him With Respect Even When She's Frustrated Or In A Bad Mood


People often take out their frustrations on the people who they love the most. They wake up in a bad mood and snap at their partner at the breakfast table... and they didn't mean to at all. A good girlfriend will do her best not to let this happen.

She treats her boyfriend with respect, even when she's frustrated or not in the best mood.

She knows that it's not his fault and that he doesn't deserve any poor treatment. Instead of snapping at him, she tells her boyfriend that she's having a tough week and that she's sorry if she's not as talkative as usual, and she's there for him.

13 She Asks His Opinion About What To Have For Dinner And Where To Go On Vacation


Couples who have been together for years know each other really well. But that doesn't mean that they should make decisions for each other without checking in first.

What's something else that a good girlfriend will do? Before she makes a dinner reservation, buys some groceries for a homemade meal, or makes any travel plans, she'll talk to her boyfriend. She always wants to know his opinion. She would never assume that he feels a certain way before asking him first. Sure, sometimes she knows that he wants a burger and fries for dinner since that's his favorite meal, but she still wants to ask him first.

12 She Motivates Him To Be Happy And Healthy


It's often easier to stick to a workout and healthy eating plan when both partners are involved. Otherwise, one person is making a kale salad for dinner and the other is wondering if it's okay to order takeout. It can be hard to keep going when ordering pizza for the second night in a row seems like the easier option.

A good girlfriend also motivates her boyfriend to be happy and healthy.

She exercises and likes to eat healthy food, and she keeps him motivated to do the same. A couple can have fun embarking on a healthy journey together and it can connect them even more.

11 She Makes Sure He Keeps In Touch With His Friends And Family


Some people are awesome at keeping in touch with the people in their lives, and others let weeks go by without any communication at all. Sure, it's tough to stay in contact thanks to busy schedules, but it's important to remember that being social is part of being happy.

A good girlfriend makes sure that her boyfriend keeps in regular contact with his friends and family. Every so often, she asks him if he's texted his best friend recently or called his grandma. She cares about his well-being and wants to make sure that he's happy and talking to the people that he loves.

10 She's Willing To Try New Things Because He Loves Them


There are many theories about what makes a great couple. Some say that opposites attract. Others say that both partners should have a lot in common.

One thing's for sure: if her boyfriend has a certain hobby or interest, she should do her best to check it out.

Maybe he loves yoga, running, cooking, or painting. Even if she's not sure that she's going to feel the same way, she should at least give it a try. This proves that she cares so much about him that she wants to learn more about what he loves, and that she's invested in him and the relationship, too.

9 She Lets Him Be Who He Is Without Saying He Needs To Change


Everyone hopes to get into a good relationship and change for the better. They want to be happier, try harder to get promoted or go further at work, and crush any goals that they set out for themselves.

No one wants to be in a position where they feel that they have to change the person that they're dating. As everyone knows from movies and TV shows, that doesn't work out very well. A good girlfriend won't try to change her boyfriend. She accepts him for the person that he is. More than that, she loves who he is and celebrates his personality.

8 She Pitches In At Home More When He's Super Busy At Work Or Sick


The best relationship is when both partners chip in equally when it comes to housework. Maybe one person loads and unloads the dishwasher and the other one is in charge of the laundry. Everyone has chores that they naturally prefer over others, so it's usually pretty simple to divide up these tasks.

But when one person gets sick or is having an especially busy week at work, it's really awesome when their partner will pitch in more and help them out.

This is exactly what a good girlfriend does. She supports her boyfriend and wants him to know that she's there when he needs her.

7 She Makes Every Day More Fun


People know that they're in the right relationship when they can honestly say that their life is more fun with this person in it. Sure, they were happy before, but it just wasn't the same. If a guy says that his girlfriend makes every day (and everything in general) more fun, then he knows that she's amazing. She's not only a good girlfriend but she's the best person that he could be with.

This is what everyone is looking for. When two people are in a great relationship, they'll feel like even cleaning the bathroom or kitchen together is a really enjoyable task. That's true love.

6 She Listens Carefully When He's Talking Excitedly About One Of His Interests


Being a good listener is a pretty essential skill in any relationship. When one person talks, the other person definitely has to listen really carefully. Otherwise, it's not only rude but it's also kind of weird.

If she's a good girlfriend, she'll listen when her boyfriend talks about one of his interests.

Maybe he's an avid home cook and is excited about a recipe that he just found for homemade fried chicken. Maybe he's decided that this is the year that he's finally going to try his hand at stand-up comedy. Whatever he's interested in, she definitely wants to hear about it.

5 She Encourages Him To Talk About His Emotions


It's too bad that there's a stereotype that men can't talk about their emotions. Some women don't enjoy talking about this stuff, either.

A good girlfriend will encourage her boyfriend to talk about his feelings because she knows that this is important. She cares about him and wants to help him feel better if something is going on. She also wants him to feel comfortable enough that he knows that she won't think any less of him if he shares that he's having a rough time. Even if some people say that it's not good for guys to share their emotions, good girlfriends know that the opposite is true.

4 She's Cool With A Casual Night In (Instead Of A Fancy Date)


Just like some people love romance and others don't really see the point of it, some people prefer to go out and others want nothing more than a comfortable night at home.

When a girl is cool with a night at home instead of a fancy date night, that's something else that makes her a good girlfriend.

She knows that spending time with the person that she loves is what's important and that spending $200 at a fancy restaurant isn't necessary. He doesn't feel any pressure to plan really lavish date nights, and that's really awesome. After all, a movie and dinner at home always sounds perfect.

3 She Tries Her Best To Get Along With His Friends


Some couples absolutely love each other's friends and can hang out for hours with no problems at all. Others really struggle to find things to talk about and it can be a bit awkward.

A guy knows that he has a good girlfriend if she tries her best to get along with his friends. Sure, she might not have much in common with them, and she might spend a lot of time smiling at them and simply listening. But she's putting in the effort, and that matters a lot to him. She knows that these people are really important to him, so this is important to her.

2 She's Kind To His Family, Even If They Stress Her Out Sometimes


The holidays can be the best and most frustrating times of the year because people spend so much time with their family. On the one hand, they love all the delicious food, treats, and quality time. On the other hand, they get a bit stressed out from spending so many hours with relatives.

A good girlfriend knows that her boyfriend's family might stress her out sometimes.

She doesn't shy away from that and she makes sure to be nice to them. When she makes an effort to be kind to them no matter what, she's proving that she's the best partner for him.

1 She Tells Him She Loves Him At Least Once Every Day


Some couples are super mushy and say that they love each other 100 times a day. Others say it much less often because they feel awkward about such obvious displays of affection.

If someone is a good girlfriend, she probably tells her boyfriend that she loves him at least once every day. It's important to her that he knows how she feels about him. Sure, he already knows, but it still feels great to hear these three words on a regular basis. The happiest couples are open about how they feel about each other, and a good girlfriend never misses an opportunity to share how much she loves her boyfriend.

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