Only 200 Dollars To Spend At Sephora: Here Are The 20 Ultimate Things To Buy

Every girl loves a good makeup haul. So where else does she want to go besides the ultimate beauty destination that's worshipped by women across the globe? Sephora, of course.

Unfortunately, as we all know, Sephora can get a bit pricey. It's easy to go overboard with so many options and brands to choose from, especially when we start trying samples left, right, and center, deciding we immediately need everything. The sales staff are almost too helpful sometimes, and we wind up pining after something we didn't even come in to buy, to begin with.

Lucky for us, Sephora isn't all high-end products. They offer dupes from time to time, such as their house brand, Sephora Collection, which mimics top makeup products from other brands. Of course, a dupe is not always a better option, but most of the time you can get away with using a product that costs less yet is still highly effective.

We've rounded up a list for all you girls on a budget of the 20 ultimate things to buy with only 200 dollars in your pocket. We've made sure to combine cult favorites, little-known gems, and we've even cleverly thrown in premium products but in smaller sizes, perfect for you to test out before you actually commit to the real deal!

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20 Rosebud Perfume Co: Rosebud Salve, A Cult Favorite Lip Balm For 6 Dollars


There's a reason celebrities and beauty gurus around the globe praise Rosebud Salve as the holy grail to smooth chapped lips and dry skin. According to Rosebud Perfume Co. themselves, this world-famous balm has been a favorite since it's inception in 1892.

The consistency is perfect, while the fact that you can use it effectively both on your lips and skin makes this salve a product to reach for on the regular.

With almost a full star rating on Sephora's website and for only 6 dollars, there's no reason not to invest in something so widely used. Easy to apply, all you have to do is dab it on your lips, elbows, or knees to get rid of that irritating dryness.

19 Sephora Collection: Total Coverage Sponge, A Beauty Blender Dupe For Only 12 Dollars


Why would you ever spend over 20 dollars on a sponge when you can easily buy a dupe that works just the same? Sure, there are a lot of beauty blender dupes out there that simply don't apply as effectively as the original. But the Sephora collection sponge is incredible and definitely worth the 12 dollar price tag.

With the rating coming in at an almost full 5 stars, women everywhere are opting for this dupe instead of the real deal. Another useful thing to note? People have been observing that it actually uses up less product than the original beauty blender, so you'll be saving money on restocking on your foundation, too!

18 Fenty Beauty: Gloss Bomb Universal Lip Luminizer, When You Need The Ultimate Lip Gloss For 18 Dollars


Fenty has become one of the It Girl brands that women have been lusting to try and why not? Its founder, Rihanna, is an absolute beauty, so we may as well hope some of her good looks rub off on us by using her products. She created the Universal Lip Luminizer in a universal rose nude shade so it looks amazing on all skin tones.

We've put this on the list since it's the perfect lip gloss when you're in a rush and need something that you know will simply work.

According to Sephora, she made it because she wanted girls to get kissed more, and according to the 94% recommendation rate on Sephora, it looks like that's actually happening.

17 Bumble And Bumble: Prêt-à-Powder, When You Don't Feel Like Washing Your Hair, For 13 Dollars


Dry shampoos are the type of invention that, when used properly, are a gift from the heavens that save us hours of prep time. There are a lot of dry shampoos on the market, however, and not all of them work as efficiently. Luckily for us, Bumble and Bumble is a brand synonymous with hair care and their Prêt-à-Powder is no exception. Besides being a dry shampoo, it's a volumizer as well that absorbs oil effectively and gives your hair that fresh bounce you need.

Easy to apply and so useful to have on hand, grab the mini version for 13 dollars and pop it in your purse for on-the-go touch-ups!

16 Benefit Cosmetics: Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation, When You Want To Try A New Medium-Coverage Foundation For Only 10 Dollars


With summer in full swing, you should definitely consider a foundation with an SPF to shield your face from the sun's rays that you're most likely basking in. Cue Benefit's new Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation that works to even out your skin tone and blur imperfections.

Besides the packaging which is downright adorable, the buildable formula leaves you with a natural matte coverage, ideal for the hot months when you don't want to look too cakey.

Benefit also makes sure nobody is left out with the range being available in 12 shades. With reviews being positive since it entered the market, test out the mini version of this cute foundation for only 10 dollars.

15 Benefit Cosmetics: Ka-Brow Cream-Gel Eyebrow Colour, When You Need A Fantastic Buildable Eyebrow Gel For 12 Dollars


Eyebrows are a crucial part of makeup application as they frame your face and can make or break a look. You can even get away with little-to-no makeup as long as you have your brows done, so it's crucial to have a good brow product always on hand. Benefit's Ka-Brow is a waterproof cream-gel brow color that's buildable, meaning you can have a light look for day, and a dramatic, bold brow look for the evening.

Benefit states that the brow gel is 24-hour smudge-proof, and judging by the high reviews, it delivers. Some users have even admitted that they wear it to the gym and they'll sweat off all other makeup but this brow gel. Try the mini size for 12 dollars before you commit to the real deal!

14 Sephora Collection: Brow Enhancer, Because Some Highlight Under Your Brows Really Makes Your Eyes Pop - Especially For 5 Dollars


Adding highlighter under your brows makes your eyes pop so much and really makes you look alert and awake. Sephora's own Brow Enhancer is a jumbo highlighter pencil designed to do just that!

Drawing inspiration from contouring trends ruling YouTube, the Brow Enhancer makes your eyes look so much bigger. The creamy texture is great for easy application, while the pencil's large size is fool-proof.

Offered in a variety of different tones, you can opt for a daytime matte or a shimmery finish for those iridescent nights.

Users have noted this is a dupe of a similar Benefit pencil for a fraction of the cost, so pick it up for a mere 5 dollars!

13 Ouai: Wave Spray, Since Beach Waves Are Perfect For The Summer And For Only 12 Dollars


Beach waves are the It look of the summer and always will be, as effortlessly chic and messy hair will never go out of style. This Best of Beauty Allure Winner of 2017 is a weightless texture hair mist that's infused with rice protein so it actually lasts and holds. Besides creating those perfect beachy waves, it also enhances its texture and builds body, giving your hair that shine it needs. Further, it's made with rice protein instead of sea salt like most sprays, so it's much safer for color-treated hair.

With a fragrance touching on notes of bergamot, Italian lemon, rose de mai, violet, and white musk, whisk yourself away with the mini bottle of this spray for only 12 dollars.

12 Sephora Collection: Brush It Off Cleansing Brush Wipes, Since We're All Lazy And Need A Simple Method Of Cleaning Our Brushes For 3 Dollars


As we all know, cleaning our makeup brushes should be, ideally, part of a weekly ritual that keeps them fresh and buildup-free. Of course, a lot of us can get a bit lazy with our brush cleaning, setting it aside to do at a later date over and over again.

Sephora has made the chore of brush cleaning so much easier by offering a set of brush cleaning wipes all individually wrapped.

Besides being good for travel, you can use these at home as well, as they effectively remove dirt and any residue from your brushes. The non-alcohol formula keeps the brushes hygienic and clean, so why not try something this handy for only 3 dollars?

11 Sephora Collection: Bright Future Skin Tint, For When You Want A Little Bit Of Coverage For 9 Dollars


Sometimes we're not after a full-coverage foundation, especially in the summer when we're craving that fresh and healthy glow. Sephora's newest light coverage foundation is their Bright Future Skin Tint that smooths skin while letting it breathe. With an SPF of 25, it's the perfect choice for the summer and all you really need.

The formula is blended with lemon extract, helping improve your complexion's overall luminosity while the rice peptides let it breathe. Users have reported seeing an improvement in their skin's appearance, even more so than using high-end products! With Vitamin E and Shea extract, which are both known for their powerful antioxidant properties, this skin tint is just simply good for you. Test it out for only 9 dollars!

10 Inc.Redible: You Glow Girl Iridescent Jelly, To Get That Perfect Dewy Look For 12 Dollars


Non-powder highlighters are always great to have handy in your bag and on-the-go since they'll never break, and You Glow Girl's Iridescent Jelly highlighter is a perfect option for only 12 dollars!

Silky smooth and so easy to apply, this highlighter is designed to be put on over your makeup for an immaculate light-catching glow.

Versatile as well, you can use it everywhere! Simply dab it with your finger or brush across your collarbones, brow line, eyes, cheeks or even lips.

The texture is jelly, which is ideal for very precise application, since it applies wet and dries after, holding the pigment in place.

9 Benefit Cosmetics: Roller Lash Curling & Lifting Mascara, When You Want To Test Out A Holy Grail Mascara For 12 Dollars


Benefit's Roller Lash is an interesting one, as it's inspired by hair rollers, with super curling and lifting properties to give you a beautiful, doe-eyed look. The brush features are unique to this mascara, with custom-designed hooks that catch, lift, and curl all kinds of lashes. This Allure Best of Beauty winner also contains provitamin B5 and serine in the formula, ingredients known for their lash-conditioning benefits.

Users have reported the lashes looking extra defined and separated, with Sephora research results stating that an impressive 97% said it visibly lifted their lashes! Test out this legendary mascara yourself by grabbing the mini version for only 12 dollars.

8 Sephora Collection: Colorful Cheek Ink Jel, When You Want That Fresh Flushed Look For 7 Dollars


If you need a blush that'll last all day look no further than Sephora's own Colorful Cheek Ink Gel. With the application tips even suggesting that you use a brush to avoid staining fingers, this gel is truly designed for long-lasting results.

A buildable blush that gives your skin a natural flushed look, this gel is infused with hibiscus extract, leaving your skin looking fresh for hours.

When you first put it on, understand that the color is sheer, allowing you to build more if need be. As a little goes a long way, this 7 dollar tube will last you a while!

7 Sephora Collection: Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes In Green Tea, Since Some Nights We Don't Feel Like Doing An Entire Skincare Routine, For 7.50


We've all had those nights - we get home, we're absolutely exhausted, and we definitely don't feel like washing our faces. We reach for the next best thing- makeup removing wipes. Sephora's Cleansing & Exfoliating Wipes have become almost a cult-classic, with each one infused with different active ingredients used to target specific skin concerns.

Our favorites are the Green Tea Wipes as they're proven to mattify and fight the appearance of blemishes all while cleansing your face. The wipes are also two-sided, with one of the sides exfoliating, working to gently eliminate your dead skin cells. The other side does a fantastic job of removing all types of face makeup and dirt. Test them out for only 7.50!

6 Boscia: Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser, A Beauty Trend You Should Try That's Withstood The Test Of Time, For 10 Dollars


There's a reason that charcoal cleansers have been used as the ultimate solution to our beauty woes for years now. The activated charcoal means it's been treated with oxygen, making it much easier and more effective at drawing out impurities.

Boscia's Detoxifying Black Cleanser is a proven staple for those with problem skin as it works to clear it up with activated charcoal and vitamin P, which is found in citrus peels.

This combination warms skin on contact and opens up your pores, getting rid of any dirt and oil, all while fighting blemishes.

If you want a tried and true cleanser that beauty gurus around the world swear by, give the mini version of Boscia's a go for only 10 dollars.

5 Clinique: Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel, Because Having Oily Skin Doesn't Mean You Don't Need To Moisturize, For 14.50 Dollars


This cult moisturizing gel has been a favorite for years with dermatologists touting that it maintains optimal moisture balance for oily skin. With its unassuming packaging, this gel lets itself do the talking- garnering rave reviews just about everywhere.

The formula is refreshing and oil-free, providing all-day hydrating while strengthening your skin so it looks younger. Users have reported that if you have oily skin that just gets worse as the day goes on, you need to try this gel. To make it even more appealing, a little goes a long way as the texture is smooth and jelly-like. It's also easily dispensible via the pump bottle. Try out the mini size for 14.50 dollars, we promise you won't be disappointed!

4 Sephora Collection: Mattifying Blotting Films, So We Can Stay Oil-Free All Day For 8 Dollars


If you have oily skin, it's always handy to have blotting sheets in your purse or else you run the risk of looking like you've been in a sauna all day. Sephora's Mattifying Blotting Films are a set of 50 sheets, infused with skin-soothing ingredients that are designed to control oil.

All you have to do to banish oil is pull one out and gently blot your whole face.

As they're made for on-the-go girls, they come packaged in a slim case that can easily slip into any small purse you have. As per Sephora's users, they have a high rating, especially since they don't disrupt your makeup, just there to help matte you out a bit! Snag one pack for only 8 dollars.

3 Sephora Collection: Easy Smoky Eye, When You Need A Foolproof Way To Get That Rebellious Party Look For 7 Dollars


A smoky eye look has been coveted for generations upon generations of women wanting to turn up their glam in the evening. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the skill to create the most smoldering, jaw-dropping, nighttime look. Thanks to Sephora, however, we all have the opportunity to at least try with their Easy Smoky Eye stick. A double-ended smoky shadow stick, this product makes creating your perfect smoky eye easy in just two steps.

With a high rating on Sephora's website, users rave about how easy the process is to achieve your desired look thanks to this all-in-one eyeshadow and brush combo. Try it out, on sale for 7 dollars!

2 Sephora Collection: Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer, When You Want A High-Rated Dupe For Only 7 Dollars


This concealer is one of Sephora Collection's best-kept secrets and a cult favorite among many. With a formula that rivals Nar's Radiant Creamy Concealer but for a fraction of the price, the Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer brightens up your face and makes you look more alert, with buildable coverage that doesn't settle into fine lines.

Infused with pineapple extract, the formula improves your skin's texture as it covers, making it perfect for your under-eye area.

Offering great coverage, the Radiant Creamy Concealer is also fantastic at covering up any blemishes or spots on your face. If you're looking for a concealer but don't want to dish out too much money, reach for this absolute staple for only 7 dollars.

1 Kat Von D: Metal Crush Eyeshadow In Thunderstruck, When You Decide You Want Your Eyelids To Have A Truly Iridescent Sheen For 13 Dollars


Kat Von D's Metal Crush Eyeshadow in Thunderstruck is an eyeshadow that YouTube beauty mavens have been raving out - for good reason too. The formula featured is called Color-Soaked Concentrate, which is the result of a technique that takes pigment saturated-powders and lets them undergo a unique tumbling process that softens each particle, leaving behind the highest possible levels of pigment and pearl.

It gives you a glow that's almost blinding and absolutely metallic, you can apply Thunderstruck to your lids and even on your cheeks or cupid's bow - all set to last you an entire day or night. For a product that's garnered such a cult following, be sure to grab it now while it's on sale for a totally attainable 13 dollars.

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