One Tree Hill: Even Die-Hard Fans Missed These 20 Mistakes

Any amazing teen drama has all of these things: stories about first love, a love triangle where we can't decide who is a better couple, and cliffhangers at the end of every episode. One Tree Hill definitely checks all of these juicy TV show boxes.

The show, which starred Chad Michael Murray, Hilarie Burton, and Sophia Bush and ran from 2003 until 2012, has many fans even today because it was such a great watch.

We consider One Tree Hill to be a special show because the characters are sweethearts (well, not including Lucas and Nathan's dad... or that crazy nanny...) and they're super caring toward one another.

The show also stands out since it has supernatural stories as part of the mix, which isn't something that we usually see on teen dramas. That's why we can still love it even though there have been some mistakes in every season.

Since TV shows have a variety of writers, producers, and seasons, there is no way that they can be totally flawless and never have any errors. The funny thing is that fans don't really expect shows to be perfect—but they do point out when a show messes up.

Here are 20 mistakes that even die-hard fans missed on One Tree Hill.

20 The Show Says Nathan And Haley Had Their Wedding At Night... But Then Says It Was In The Daytime

One Tree Hill Wiki - Fandom

According to Movie MistakesOne Tree Hill gave two different times for Haley and Nathan's wedding. The website explains, "In the last episode of season 1, Lucas goes to see Haley and Nathan where they tell him they got married last night, which must have been after the playoffs game. However, in season 2 in flashbacks of their wedding they got married during the day."

We love Haley and Nathan and they're widely considered to be one of the greatest couples on a teen drama, so we can get over this mistake. But it's safe to say that even the most massive fans missed this one (probably because we were all swooning over the cute wedding).

19 There Are Two Moments When Fans Can Actually See The TV Set (Or A Crew Member)

Yes, this actually happened: there are a few scenes on One Tree Hill when fans can see the set or even a crew member. This is definitely something that even die-hard fans missed. When we watched these scenes, we were caught up in what was going on and things moved so quickly that we would never have had time to notice these mistakes.

As Fame 10 says, "In the scene where Keith is racing down the hall and Lucas is following, the ceiling of the set with the lights in it is visible for a moment. Also, in season three, episode 1o... there is a brief glimpse of a member of the crew wearing shorts and white shoes in the left of the shot."

18 Haley Says She Has A Huge Family And Yet She Has Two Siblings


A fan writing in a Reddit thread about One Tree Hill pointed out that although Haley says that she has a big family, she only seems to have two siblings. We're familiar with one of them, Quinn, since she becomes a major character in season seven.

We probably didn't notice this at all, and other die-hard fans most likely didn't either... but now we're pretty confused. Why not just say that Haley has two siblings from the beginning? That would make a lot more sense. This is a pretty minor mistake, though, and we love Quinn so it's fine with us.

17 Sometimes Lucas Has A Tattoo... And Other Times, He Doesn't

One Tree Hill Wiki - Fandom

IMDB.com pointed out that sometimes Lucas has a tattoo... and sometimes he doesn't.

According to IMDB.com, "Lucas's tattoo disappears and reappears after the car crash. Most of the time it is covered though because he is wearing his basketball uniform."

It's funny that this character has a tattoo since we usually associate those with the typical bad boy character, and Lucas is such a good guy that he's definitely the furthest thing from that type. Honestly, some fans might not even remember that Lucas had a tattoo at all. We were too focused on his love triangle with BFFs Brooke and Peyton.

16 Nathan Gets A Big Deal With Nike While In College, Which Could Never Happen


Although Nathan signs a deal with Nike while he's in college, someone pointed out that this wouldn't actually happen.

As a One Tree Hill fan posted in a thread on Reddit, "My BF finds it hilarious that they had Nathan sign a deal because he says in real life there is NO WAY that Nike or any shoe company would sign a deal with a college player. It's not a thing. Not even for a college graduate player who hasn't been signed to a team yet. He says out of everything unrealistic on the show, the shoe deal is the most implausible."

15 The Bridge In Tree Hill Has Two Different Names

One Tree Hill Wiki - Fandom

Did we know that the bridge in the town of Tree Hill actually is given two different names throughout the series? This is another mistake that even die-hard fans have missed... probably because of all of the dramatic moments that have happened on the show.

According to One Tree Hill Fandom, "On the Season 3 finale the bridge that Rachel and Cooper's car goes over is called the Melena Bridge. Yet on season 8, when Brooke and Jamie go over it, its called the Gable Bridge." In the grand scheme of things, this is a pretty small mistake but it's still interesting that the name of the bridge didn't stay consistent throughout the series.

14 Haley Is In High School Yet Leaves For A While To Sing On Tour (And Teens Could Never Do This)


Buzzfeed pointed out that it's strange that Haley is in high school yet leaves for a while so she can sing. This definitely seems like a mistake because when we were in high school, did any of our classmates leave for a few months? No way. Teenagers absolutely have to go to school every day.

While we do get used to all kinds of storylines on teen dramas that we know couldn't happen in real life, this counts as a pretty big one. We can let it go since it's so much fun to watch Haley sing (and the actress who played her, Bethany Joy Lenz, has a truly beautiful singing voice).

13 Keith Becomes A Teacher But Could Never Get The Job IRL


As Fame 10 pointed out, Keith becomes a teacher but could never get that job IRL because he didn't have the right training.

Along with other die-hard fans of One Tree Hill, we probably didn't notice this mistake... and we were too busy wishing that Keith was actually Lucas's dad and that he and Karen would fall in love and get married already. We live for romance, especially on a teen drama, and we really wanted these two characters to be a couple. We might not even really remember that Keith was a teacher since when we think about him, we think of the episode when he tragically died.

12 Lucas Emails His Mom But The Email Has An Apostrophe Which Means It Could Never Exist


If Karen's Cafe was real, that would be the best news ever. Like Luke's Diner on Gilmore Girls, it seems like such a comforting place to head to when you're having a bad day and you want some carbs and coffee (or a good day since, hey, you can want those things anytime).

As it turns out, there was a mistake on the show that had to do with Karen and her email.

As One Tree Hill Fandom smartly pointed out, "During 1x11 Lucas emails his mom at 'karen'scafe@hotmail.com' this is clearly a fake email since real emails can't contain apostrophes."

11 The Character Jimmy's Gravestone Has The Incorrect Date Of His Passing

One Tree Hill Wiki - Fandom

It's the worst when a sweet character on a teen drama passes away, and it's even more tragic when it's because of something difficult. Jimmy Edwards was having a truly tough time in high school, and he and Keith pass away on the same day.

But even though both of their deaths are on the same day, there's a mistake on Jimmy's gravestone: it has another date.

Movie Mistakes pointed out, "Lucas is seen placing flowers on Keith's tombstone, which states he died on January 23, 2006. In the next shot Lucas places a single flower on the grave of Jimmy Edwards, who died the same day and in the same scene as Keith, yet his tombstone states that he died on March 1, 2006."

10 Lucas Gets CPR In The Totally Wrong Place


It turns out that in one scene in season four, when Lucas gets CPR, he's actually getting it in the wrong place. As One Tree Hill Fandom points out, "During Songs to Love and Die By, When the medic is giving Lucas CPR, he is pumping his stomach, not his chest where his heart would be. Pumping his stomach would do nothing in the case of Cardiac arrest."

Since Lucas sees Keith's ghost, this is a pretty sad episode, and when we look back on this storyline we're most likely thinking about that. Even if we noticed that the CPR was totally wrong, though, we might have quickly forgotten it since there was a lot of drama going on.

9 Lucas's Mom Karen Doesn't Seem To Have Any Relatives (But She Stayed In The Same Place Forever So She Actually Would)


Karen is a pretty typical mom character on a teen drama: she's on the show a lot in the beginning and then fades into the background. It's too bad because she has a kind heart and we like her a lot.

But a fan of the show pointed out in a Reddit thread that it doesn't make sense that Karen has been in Tree Hill her whole life and doesn't seem to have any relatives. The fan wrote, "It’s still a plot hole. She lived in the town where she grew up and yet her parents are completely gone and never remotely even mentioned. Not a mention ever, that’s weird and lazy writing."

8 Fans Can See The Fake Baby Belly The Actress Who Plays Haley Is Wearing

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We know that when an actress is pregnant and she's starring on a TV show where her character isn't pregnant, she has to hide her baby bump. Sometimes she stands behind a lamp or furniture and sometimes she holds a purse to hide her belly. On One Tree Hill, an actress was trying to look pregnant, not the other way around... and that actually resulted in a mistake.

According to Fame 10, there's a mistake on One Tree Hill related to Haley's pregnancy: in episode 13 of season four, we can see that Bethany Joy Lenz is wearing a fake belly.

7 It's Weird For 22-Year-Old Brooke To Adopt 15-Year-Old Sam


Buzzfeed makes a really good point about the storyline when Brooke adopts Sam: if Brooke is 22 and Sam is 15, how is Brooke old enough to do this?

This is definitely in the "mistake" category since there isn't a big age difference between the two characters. If someone is going to adopt a teenager, they should be worlds away from high school life instead of just a few years.

If this never occurred to us when we were watching the show, it might be because it was so adorable to see Brooke care so much about Sam. We still feel this way, although we can admit that this was a mistake.

6 A Few Actors Play Peyton's Father Which Is Confusing


Sometimes, a few different actors will play a character's parent... and we honestly never understand it. It never makes sense when a TV show does this because isn't it obvious that fans will notice?

In the case of One Tree Hill, Peyton's father is played by a few different actors, and that feels like a mistake. It definitely seems like only one actor should have played him whenever he was on the show. Since we don't see Peyton's dad very often, we want to remember him one way and associate him with only one actor. We're still confused about this.

5 Dan Ended Someone's Life... But Was Released After Five Years


The Odyssey Online points out that One Tree Hill has things that are "so unrealistic it hurts" and this is one of them: Dan ended someone's life but is released after five years. In real life, there's no way this would happen.

We can say that even die-hard fans missed this mistake because we all dislike Dan so much that we were probably too focused on wanting him to just go away. Sorry to anyone who likes Dan but, well, that doesn't seem to exist in the universe of One Tree Hill superfans. Dan should have been away for much longer than five years.

4 Nathan And A Member Of His Basketball Team Aren't Wearing The Same Undershirt And That Can't Happen

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According to IMBD.com, Nathan and Lucas are seeing wearing different colored undershirts and that can't actually happen. As the website points out, "Nathan is seen wearing a blue shirt under his white uniform. A teammate is wearing a white undershirt. In the rules of national high school basketball, it is illegal for teammates to have different colored undershirts as well as having a color that is not the same as their uniform."

Did we notice this mistake? We have to say that we most likely didn't. Hey, who can blame us when Lucas and Nathan are so cute?! No one. No one could blame us (and everyone loves these characters).

3 Peyton Is Literally Living By Herself While In High School

One Tree Hill Wiki - Fandom

We can't forget this storyline: the fact that Peyton is literally living by herself while in high school.

Most of us can most likely say that this is something that we absolutely noticed while watching One Tree Hill the first time around (and all of the other times that we've rewatched the show). It's pretty much impossible to ignore this fact.

Why wouldn't Peyton have one parent or some kind of guardian? It's confusing. While we know that teen dramas take liberties and the adults aren't often around, we still feel that this was a big mistake on the show.

2 Lucas Is On A Sports Team Despite Having Heart Problems

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According to The Odyssey Online, this is a mistake on the show and also "unrealistic." As the website explains, "Lucas had a heart condition and still played basketball just fine. This is one of the most ridiculous ones out there. A heart condition is serious, you don’t just ignore it. How did he hide it from his mother, who was really involved in his life? I also like how the information given was so vague as to suggest trouble and pain without actually giving real details or accuracy."

Maybe we noticed this, too, but didn't care because Lucas is such a great character. Or maybe this has been annoying us all along.

1 So Many Of The Characters Almost Die But Then Are Somehow Okay


When we think of One Tree Hill, we think of tons of drama... and Bustle pointed out that so many of the characters almost die but then are somehow okay. This counts as a mistake for sure.

As Bustle says, "A few life-threatening injuries on One Tree Hill include: the time pregnant Haley got run over by a car; when Peyton collapsed into a coma after her wedding, due to pregnancy difficulties; when Quinn and Clay were shot; the time Nathan, Rachel, and Cooper nearly drowned after a car crash; Dan getting burned in an office fire; and when Nathan severely crashed his race car. There were bumps, bruises, and the occasional coma, but essentially, they all walked away unscathed. Remarkable."

Sources: Movie Mistakes, Fame10, Reddit, IMDb, One Tree Hill Fandom, Buzzfeed, Bustle, The Odyssey Online

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