Ombré Lips: 25 Satisfying Two-Toned Lip Color Looks To Rock This Summer

Ombre is a fun trend that became a major hit a few years ago. You've probably seen it, from hair to nails to outfits. But we're going to focus on 20 snatched ombre lip looks anyone can rock this summer. You just need two lipsticks that fade from dark to light. To get the ombre effect on your lips, you simply layer some lip liner, lipstick, and powder to give it a gradient effect that will make your lips look trendy and plumped up.

Start by outlining your mouth and filling in the corners of your lips with a preferably dark colored lip liner. You can choose any shade you like, even a light one, but you'll definitely have to start out dark if you want people to notice the plumped up effect. Then, you apply a filler shade using a flat lip-liner brush to fill in the middle of your lips. Lastly, you paint over the liner, and the ombre effect will show up naturally!

You can even make the look totally work-appropriate by mixing barely-there hues, pastels, and natural-rosy tones. But if you're looking to add some pizzazz, you can really take it to the extreme by adding a couple golden flakes or Swarovski stones. The sky's the limit.

Now get ready to be hypnotized by these cute summer ombre lips!

25 Fairy Pastel Pink Artistic Ombre

To get this sweet bubblegum spring look, all you need to do is have the confidence to wear a daring yet totally romantic look. Ombre doesn't always have to be about a perfect-looking gradient — it can also be a little bit messy and artistic!

This romantic look is super easy to achieve.

All you need to do is press the more pigmented shade of pink down the middle of your upper and lower lids with your fingers. You don't even need to outline your lips or fill out the inner corners. Plus, this whimsical ombre pink look will make any outfit pop.

24 Waves Of Purple And Pink


Start off by applying concealer over your lips. This will hide your natural lip color and act as a base. If you do so, don't forget to hydrate your lips with a balm, as concealer can really dry them up. Then use a dark purple lip liner around the edges of your lips. You can even use deep purple or black if you're going for an edgier look.

Just remember to add a paler, brighter shade of fuchsia in the middle. In fact, adding a lighter shade of pink lipstick to the middle works best to get that gradient effect that gives off the appearance that your lips are a glowing work of art.

23 Intergalactic Royalty Shades Of Pink

When it comes to ombre, you can also go the subtle route. You don't need to choose colors that are total opposites or totally bold. This super sleek transition of dark burgundy and lighter fuchsia shades help plump up your lips without having to get lip fillers.

The ombre effect can take most lips from flat to plump with just a few strokes and a little blending!

If you want them to look bigger, just make sure to go for a paler shade of lipstick and place it down the middle. Hey, if it worked for Kylie, it'll work for us too! Plus, you'll be rocking hot pink lips that can brighten anyone's mood during the summer, including yours.

22 Twinkle Starlight Galaxy Ombre


She's rocking the entire universe on her galaxy ombre lips. If you want lips that pop, then try this out-of-the-world ombre look. You'll feel like you've got the power of the entire galaxy with this purple and light blue gradient that'll be the star of any look.

If you're feeling bold and daring, you can even try adding a bit of glitter or gluing stars in or around your lips. This will make you a total hit if you're going to Coachella, that's for sure. In fact, there might be plenty of stars in attendance, but you'll be the only beauty going galactic with those beautiful shades of purple.

21 Spring Rose Gold And A Subtle Dash Of Pastel Green

We're feeling spring year round with this ultra-feminine pastel rose and green ombre look!

It'll feel like you're experiencing springtime all year long with this ombre look.

You can use any shade of rose gold in the middle of your lips and add a touch of pastel green to the outer layer of your to turn yourself into a wood nymph or a Disney fairy!

Now, it might seem like you have to be some sort of Hollywood makeup artist to achieve this look, but you'd be surprised by just how doable a look like this truly is. All you need to do is start practicing, blending, and then blending once more!

20 Boho Yellow And Coral Gal


Rock the summer with these juicy corals and yellow sunset hues that plump up your lips in an instant. Okay, so you won't be able to waltz your way back to the office with such a daring coral and yellow ombre look.

But you can definitely rock this at Coachella, Tomorrowland, or any other festival where you're expected to let out your inner flower child!

Pair it up with a vintage embroidered BOHO jacket, messy braids, and a beaded flower crown. We're getting total flower power vibes with this one. Would you dare to try such a daring look?

19 Creamy Sweet Lips In A Soft Mauve Shade


If you want the perfect summer pout, then add a bit of dimension and color to your natural look. You can use a mauve lipstick or a matte dusty rose to rock a summer party, or even go out with the girls.

Best of all, it's bold, but not so outrageous that it would get you into trouble with the boss at work.

The shades are subtle enough to be wearable, but also pretty ballsy if you want a hint of excitement on your look.

18 Plummy Ombre Dreams With A Dash Of Violet


She's definitely turning heads with those beautiful purple lips. You might study this look and shake your head because you swear you've seen this on "RuPaul's Drag Race" and it's kind of intimidating to achieve.

It seems like purple shades might be hard to blend, particularly when both shades are super similar. But if you add a little dash of a lighter pink shade, it'll create a deeper effect than just sticking with purple hues. You can totally rock this deep purple ombre look no matter what skin tone you have, as purple is one of the most versatile colors out there.

17 Bubblegum Fuchsia And A Touch Of Snow

This fun bubblegum fuchsia ombre look is ideal for spring and summer because it's so much fun, and super creative to recreate.

Best of all, you can wear this look during the day or the night.

Now, red might be the first choice you'd go for when it comes to color lipstick because it seriously looks spectacular on anyone, but pink is the new red, at least during summer! Just add a lighter color to the outline of your lips to make your fuchsia lips stand out a whole lot more.

You can dust a bit of highlighter, like Jeffree Star's skin frost highlighter and voila!

16 Bulletproof Lilac And Diamond Ombre


Try this mermaid effect by using the Jeffree Star Diamond brand to get this periwinkle shade. The opaque liquid lipstick goes great with Sugarpill's Ghosted on top and lines it with Ardency Inn's Dark Blue pencil.

It's all about enjoying the vibrant colors and this combination can really turn you into the good version of Ursula, you know...if she actually had a good side! Shine bright like a diamond with this daring ombre look that's bound to turn a lot of heads.

15 Wicked Explosion Of Metals


Get this BOSS metallic effect by using a dark gray or black liner to outline your lips. Next, fill your lips with a dark shade of gray or deep blue, and add a metallic splash of color in the middle.

You can even dab a little bit of glitter!

It's all about enjoying the vibrant colors and letting your inner creativity shine. Don't be afraid to think outside the box and try shades that are normally kept on the back burner.

14 Barely-There Pastel Ombre

You can add some dimension to your lips by wearing a pastel rose gold color with a bit of nude lipstick in the center. Just remember that picking the right nude lipstick is important to perfect the look, so go for a shade that looks a little lighter than your natural lip color.

But you also want to be careful about making the darker shade that outlines your lips way too dark, which can overpower your overall look. Try to balance the two colors to stay within the "natural pastel" look you're going for.

13 Metallic Green Bold Lips

Your lips will look like the hood of a metallic green Pontiac Tempest car, and it's all anyone will be looking at, even if you're wearing the most outrageous outfit known to mankind. This metallic green look is a serious head-turner, so make sure you're ready to handle the extra attention!

It's sultry and edgy, and perfect if you want to stand out at the club.

You can use a dark lip liner, (such as NYX's slide-on pencil in Emerald Green, as reported by Allure) and then fill up those lips with NYX Cosmetics Wicked Lippie in Risque. If you're looking for something a bit more high-end, you can opt for the Dolce & Gabbana Sicilian Jewels Collection Lipstick in Emerald.

12 Buttercup Yellow And Pale Orange Sun Kisses

As you know, you need two tones to make your lips fuller, deeper, and more defined, but this pale orange sun kiss and buttercup ombre effect creates a look that's as juicy as a slide of watermelon in the summer.

The orange-y shade is barely noticeable, and yet, it's a smash for the spring and summer seasons. Plus, it'll give your lips an almost 3D-ish glow that will turn you into the ultimate beach goddess. Pair this up with beachy waves and a crochet top, and you're ready to rock this season!

11 Dark Plum And A Subtle Glow

If you want lips that are dramatic and moody, then line your lips with a super dark plum liner. Then, fill up those lips with burgundy red in the center, but make sure to remember a key step, which is to blend, blend, blend.

The colors are rich, sultry, and elegant, all at the same time!

This lip combo also works well if you add some rosy blush to your cheeks and a rocking yellow leather jacket to get your "bag gal" side come out.

10 Pale Coral With A Pink Pop Of Color


Ombre lips may never go out of style simply because it's the best color trend to choose when you can't decide what to do with your lips! It simply works every single time.

In this instance, you can outline your lips with a pale coral pastel lipstick that's a shade lighter than your actual lips. Then finish off this juicy summer look by adding a dash of pink in the center and blending away. The way the colors come together when it's all set and done will give you an absolutely exquisite look that will make heads turn.

9 Metallic Grey With A Glittery Dash Of Color

So maybe you've already given Metallic green a try. Now it's time to go for a different shade of gray, or in this case, a metallic gray mauve that is scrumptious as heck.

Go on, give your lips a whirl!

You can use a lip cream product like NYX Cosmetics Cosmic Metals Lip Cream for example, but any shade of cream metallic gray shades will do the trick. Just don't forget to add some lip gloss and some glitter afterward to create a shiny gradient effect. Your lips will truly look like they're made of steel.

8 Mauve Brown With A Natural Twist


Look! Brown lips used to be a hit in the 90s, and it seems like they're coming back. In fact, Sofia Vergara has been seen sporting brown lips now and then, and she looks stunning. Creamy browns and mauve deep chocolate hues work wonders for people with dark, brown skin, and golden skin.

By adding some reddish brown to the outer corners of your lips and dabbing a natural pink shade to the middle, you can create a daring look that pays tribute to a throwback trend that shouldn't have stayed in the past for so long. You can also use a purply-brown lip color to create this brownish mauve look with a natural twist.

7 Deep Fuchsia Base With A Metallic Twist

You can get a plump and contour effect by adding a line of deep dark purple, and then add a plum shade and a bit of metallic lipstick in the middle. This look will bring out the inner rebel in you.

It's vibrant and screams "I'm ready for some fun!"

The pigmented light shade will fill the lips while the darker color provides a little extra definition that will pop out and put you in the mood for spring and summer.

6 Rainbow-Inspired Ombre Lips


You can totally embody the unicorn or rainbow-colored trend by playing with all sorts of different shades of blues and pastel lilacs. Just don't forget to line your lips, fill in the color, add some depth, press your lips and blend.

Before finishing off the look, do a little clean up on the outside of your lips with a quick swipe. Finally, just smile and look fierce, and take a million selfies. This look deserves to be posted on every social media channel. Wow!

5 Deep Red Wine And Black Ombre


Make your pout a little XX-Large with this universally gorgeous look that's perfect for a night out with the girls or a rocking party. This radiant deep wine shade works great with all hair colors and skin tones.

If you want some extra definition, add a little touch of black.

Alright, so it might not exactly be the look you'd go for in the summer during the day, but it will definitely work at night if you pair it up with a white dress and some bold accessories.

4 Sultry Shades Of Red And Burgundy Hues

Strong red lips can look simply stunning, but this ombre mix of red and burgundy will really pack a punch on the classic red look. The combination of intense dark with a softer, lighter coral red in the middle will take it up a notch.

Just remember to line your lips with a burgundy shade around the edges of your lips, and then add a brighter red to the center.

Any red will do, but if you go for coral, orangy reds, your lips will simply stand out like crazy. It's not only a work appropriate look, but anyone can wear it, regardless of the tone of their skin.

3 Colorful Purple Ombre Vibes


Be careful with this look because you can easily end up like you were just rescued from a frozen lake.

Make sure that the tones you choose are warm and flattering to your skin tone.

To do this, start by lining the lips with a vivid shade of purple liner, and then add a pastel purple shade of lipstick in the center.

If you're feeling daring, then you can complement those purple lips with loads of mascara and maybe a light colored winged liner in turquoise to finish off the look.

2 Deep Purple Metallic Ombre


If you want a commanding look that is totally edgy and will make you come off as the powerful sorceress that you are, then try this deep purple metallic ombre look.

You just line your lips with a black liner, like NYX Mechanical Lip Liner, and then add some a black lipstick, like Mac's Black Night black shade. Then, you'll simply need a touch of metallic purple in the center, (even a metallic eyeshadow pigment will do) and voila! You'll be ready to haunt our dreams!

1 Sparkling Glitter Burgundy Ombre


Add a little something special to your burgundy ombre look by adding some sparkling glitter over your metallic shade.

It's actually easier than it looks!

Just line your lips with a dark burgundy liner, then add your metallic red lipstick. Finally, just add some glitter on top and you're done. You won't be able to kiss anyone for a while, but it's worth looking like a star, right? Oh, and apply some makeup primer to the center of your lips if you want your glitter to sparkle all night long.

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