Olympians Spill Who They Would Want On A Desert Island With Them

The Winter Olympics are soon coming to a close, but that isn’t stopping the athletes from having a little fun. America’s sweetheart, Adam Rippon, along with Chloe Kim and other athletes, dished on which Olympian they would want with them on a desert island.

Push the podium aside, cause we want to know who these athletes chose! PEOPLE asked members of Team USA what other Olympic athletes, from the Winter or Summer games, they would want to be stranded on a desert island with and their answers are hilarious!  We were intrigued as to who chose who and why, and the responses range from practical reasons to romantic ones.

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Figure skater and eyebrow expert, Adam Rippon, didn’t hold back or disappoint with his answer, revealing that he would choose a close friend of his. “The truest answer I can give you would be Ashley Wagner,” the bronze medalist said. "We would either stay there forever and have a great time, or we would get our asses out of there immediately.” I guess Adam isn’t up to playing castaway.

Although Ashley Wagner would be a great choice, Adam admitted to one major problem with the entire scenario: he can’t swim. The Olympic darling himself told PEOPLE how “I can’t swim, but I would, like, hold on to her back while she did it.” He may not be able to swim, but he sure can skate!

Next up was gold medalist Chloe Kim, who chose fellow snowboarder Hannah Teter because “she’s fun.” You would need some form of entertainment on the island, that’s for sure. Olympic couple ski jumper, Sarah Hendrickson, and freestyle skier, Torin-Yater-Wallace, adorably answered that they would choose each other. Hendrickson added that she’d choose her significant other for reasons other than just love. “He could build a boat,” she said. “We could finagle something.”


A few other athletes answered with more practical and survival-minded perspectives by deciding to have a Summer Olympian join them. “If we’re on an island, maybe one of the Summer Olympians,” said medal-winning ice dancer Maia Shibutani. Don’t blame you Maia, we’d want to get off that island, too!

Figure skater Mirai Nagasu had a similar answer, saying she’d want Michael Phelps with her as he could “probably swim us off that island.” Many solid choices! Catch more from the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics airing live on NBC.

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