Olivia Jade Moving Out Of Her Parents' House Amid College Admission Scandal

Olivia Jade moves out of her parents' house amid college bribery scandal

Youtuber Olivia Jade is reportedly moving out of her parents' Bel-Air home amid their involvement in the college admissions scandal. Olivia's parents, Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannulli have both been accused of having bribed their daughters into college, fraud, and money laundering, crimes that all could lead to prison sentences of up to twenty years. Olivia Jade wants to distance herself from the scandal and the media circus that is now surrounding her parents and will, therefore, move out of their mansion to be able to focus on herself without being surrounded by paparazzi.

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Lori and Mossimo allegedly paid $500,000 to the admission consultant organization Key Worldwide Foundation lead by William 'Rick' Singer, who has pleaded guilty to his charges which name him a ring leader in the college admission scandal. Olivia Jade and her sister, Isabella Rose, were both admitted into USC via recruitment to the university's crew team, although neither of them participates in crew. Lori and Mossimo have both pleaded not guilty to the charges against them, and reportedly their intentions were never to do anything illegal - they did not realize their actions were criminal. Another famous name involved in the college bribery scandal was Felicity Huffman, but the Desperate Housewives actress has pleaded guilty to the charges against her and has issued a public apology.

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Olivia Jade moves out of her parents' house amid college admissions scandal
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As reported by People, Olivia Jade suffered a lot of damage to her business because of her parents' involvement in the scandal, and she now wants to try and rebuild her career. The nineteen-year-old had built herself a successful career on YouTube but lost several business deals and endorsements due to the college admission scandal.

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Olivia Jade has been seen getting support from her friends and her boyfriend, model and musician Jackson Guthy. The young couple was recently spotted in Malibu where Jackson lives, and it has been said that Olivia Jade is very upset with her parents and wants to distance herself from their scandal. According to sources she had nothing to do with her parents' involvement and did not even care about getting into USC as she was entirely focused on growing her social media business.

The college admissions scandal has hurt Olivia Jade and the business she has grown, but it is also safe to assume she is very disappointed with her parents. Perhaps moving out and creating some distance is the right choice to make.

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