Olive Garden Might Be Upgrading From Pasta To Makeup

If you like your pasta as much as you love your eyeshadow palettes, then this might be the best thing you've heard all year. Popular Italian restaurant chain Olive Garden teased that they could be making the leap from calamari to cosmetics in a tweet last week. The restaurant shared a snap of a makeup palette, with some incredibly on-point pun names. There are shades "Alfredo Awesome", "Royal Ravioli", "Spaghetti Sparkle", "Breadstick Bronzer" and "Marinara Rouge". Who doesn't want to do their makeup and think about snacks at the same time?

Twitter soon blew up with the news, which was well-received by beauty - and pasta - lovers everywhere. One user joked that it's what dreams are made of, while another suggested that the chain go one step further and create products that smell like the dishes too. Although many fans hoped it was a real snippet of something exciting in the works, Olive Garden crushed any chance of that happening soon, stating that it's not actually real yet, but it's in their dreams. Judging by the reception, the company would be foolish not to take it any further.

Olive Garden is notorious for raising the hopes of many only to dash them further down the line, with tweets that tick all the right boxes - but turn out to be jokes. Earlier this year they shared a snap of a breadstick subscription box, which also went down a storm with followers. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be either. Alas, we can dream.

Unsurprisingly, it's not often that you see restaurants crossover to the cosmetics industry or vice versa, although Jessica Simpson did release a line of edible beauty products back in the early 00's. The range included body mist, shampoo and much more, but unfortunately didn't survive thanks to a lawsuit. It's probably a good thing in the long run.

It looks like we may have to wait a little longer until our food also becomes our foundation, but let's hope Olive Garden takes note sooner rather than later.


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