Ole Henriksen Is Making Its Comeback At Boots

Ole Henriksen, a cult Danish skincare brand, is making a comeback in the UK. The brand already has a waiting list of more than 10,000 before returning to Boots on February 1. The skincare line, which is celebrated for its glow-boosting properties, is named after a highly-regarded skin cosmetician, whose clients include Princess Mary of Denmark.

Among the products making a comeback, you will find the bestselling £42 Truth Serum, which is a daily multivitamin for the skin, and the £30 Banana Bright Eye Cream, which is formulated to color-correct and deliver a smooth base for makeup. Fans will also find the popular C-Rush Brightening Gel Crème, which has five-star reviews on Sephora.com. Other products that will be available include a £28 Cold Plunge Pore Mask and a £22 Dark Spot Toner.

Henriksen, who currently lives in the US, opened a Beverly Hills spa in 1975, attracting a long list of celebrity clients. In 1984, he decided to launch his own product line. After researching the effects of Vitamin C on the immune system, Henriksen chose to integrate this 'free radical scavenger' into his skincare products. Vitamin C has also been shown to brighten, smooth and soften the complexion.

Ole Henriksen products are designed for daily use as a 'professional-strength system' and feature powerful actives, natural botanicals, and essential fatty acids that have proven skin care benefits. In addition to Princess Mary, Ole Henriksen is a favorite of Diana Ross, Katy Perry and Cher, as well as Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron and Sylvester Stallone.

Jessica Zeller, the Director of Global Marketing at Ole Henriksen says, “Our recent successful expansion into new international markets and ever-growing global social following made relaunching in the UK and Ireland a natural next step for us.”

Joanna Rogers, commercial director and vice president of beauty and gifting at Boots UK, says, “We believe that this new range is a great fit for the direction in which we see beauty going in 2019. The products are fun, fresh, natural and deliver great results. There is a real trend emerging for products that promote wellbeing as well as looking after our skin and the Ole Henriksen products really fit the bill for this.”

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The Ole Henriksen product line is available in over 12 countries and has won numerous awards. Henriksen, who sold the product line to LVMH in February 2011, serves as the company's Creative Director. Ole Henriksen products are cruelty-free, paraben-free and phthalate-free. The skincare line meets the rigorous formulation standard of the EU, banning more than 1400 harmful ingredients from the products. In the US, Canada and Australia, Ole Henriksen products are available at Sephora stores.

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