Ole Henriksen Is Dipping Their Toes Into Makeup With The Banana Bright Face Primer

Popular skin care company Ole Henriksen are aware of one thing- their consumers will buy just about anything that comes out from them. Whether it's a cleanser, eye cream, moisturizer, or another skin care treatment- if it fits their particular needs, they'll buy it no matter what. Some new products are so buzzworthy that they'll sell out minutes after it's been released. With their newest product now on the horizon, it looks like Ole Henriksen is hoping to duplicate that success once again.

According to Allure this past Monday, the skincare brand announced their first product to enter the world of makeup- the Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer. Revealed on the company's Instagram profile the same day, its revelation already has consumers eager to get their hands on it. Considering the fact that it's Ole Henriksen's first dip into the makeup industry, it's unsurprising that there are so many people itching to give it a try.

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Ole Henriksen explains that their Banana Bright Face Primer is a radiant face primer that's chock full of vitamin C. Its illuminating properties improves the skin's brightness while also providing lots of hydration. The "subtly sunny tint" that's present in the formula allows for imperfection to be blurred out as well, meaning that it can color-correct your skin in addition to brightening it. It's said to work on all skin tones, meaning that almost anyone can use it. As for how it's used, it can be worn alone, as a base for makeup, mixed with your favorite foundation, or as a highlighter as part of your makeup routine.

While it's said that the Banana Bright Face Primer doesn't contain real bananas, it does contain "banana powder"- an ingredient that's said to be adored by makeup artists. There's also fruit extract from lemons, oranges, and seaberry- making it a product high in both vitamins C and E. All in all, it's a great makeup product to help improve the appearance of your skin in a number of ways.

The Ole Henriksen Banana Bright Face Primer will be available to buy on Thursday, February 21st for $34 USD. Those interested in buying it can purchase it from Sephora- be it in-stores or off Sephora's website- or from Ole Henriksen's website.

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