OITNB – 15 Cast Photos They Don’t Want You To See

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OITNB – 15 Cast Photos They Don’t Want You To See

Since 2013, Netflix’s hit comedy-drama Orange Is The New Black has won over fans worldwide as it’s just the gift that doesn’t stop giving. Now in its fifth season, the series is stronger than ever with even more epic plot twists, which pulled in more than six million viewers for the season premiere.

Another reason everyone loves the show is that the actresses are so real. Natasha Lyonne, who plays Nicky on the show, told Harper’s Bazaar, “As a cast, we’re pretty aware of the world around us. We’re not Hollywood actors, whatever that stereotype would be. We’re very much on the subway and on the streets and aware of the world around us.” Because the ladies are so real – their personal lives can also be a bit too real too. Some cast members have suffered previously with addiction, court summons, and just generally embarrassing incidents.

The one thing about the internet is when these stars slip up, we are all there to witness it. These are the following moments that were captured of the cast that they don’t want you to see.

15. Yael Stone’s Throwback


Sydney-born actress Yael Stone landed her big break in the 1999 movie Me, Myself and I. She then moved around the Australian TV circuit before landing the role of Lorna on the hit Netflix comedy-drama. Despite her strong Australian accent, her father was born in Czechoslovakia, to Holocaust survivor parents.

Since the show has pushed her into the spotlight, she has revealed that she’s not so comfortable with being a well-known face and would prefer being “invisible”. She told The Courier, “I’m very uncomfortable with being a known entity. I think, ‘Oh dear, what do people expect of me?’ I’d rather just be invisible in the corner most of the time.” At 4ft 9inches it wouldn’t be hard for her to keep her head under any radar.

14. Natasha Lyonne’s Wardrobe Malfunction

Natasha Lyonne was newly famous in 2001 following her breakout role as Jessica in American Pie. Then, unfortunately, such is the fate of many new stars, she went off the rails and in true Tara Reid-style appeared in public a drunken mess. The above moment was captured when she had to be physically carried across the red carpet by a friend and she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

In 2004, her addiction was at its peak and she suffered a collapsed lung and contracted hepatitis C. The actress who plays Nicky on the show told The Guardian, “I’m such an open book that I have no problem talking about it and speaking freely, but I’ve sort of said my piece on the subject. The truth is, at the back of that addiction are feelings that so many of us have, that doesn’t go away. Isn’t everyone entitled to a moment of an existential breakdown in a lifetime? Adulthood is making peace with being kind to oneself when a response to life that’s so much more organic and immediate would be to self-destruct.”

13. And Again… 

Natasha Lyonne just can’t seem to keep her clothes on. During a break from filming, she enjoyed a vacation on San Paulo, Brazil, with her fellow cast members. The mini break should have been a nice, relaxing girls’ holiday but this turned into another embarrassing moment for the actress, as she fell out her bikini top.

According to the actress, she’s wild at heart anyway and since starring in OITNB she’s become “dirtier.” During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she revealed, “I identify with (her character Nicky) more because I know that I’m allowed to bring to her as much as I want of myself. I was already like a dirty talker and stuff, but I think I’ve become even dirtier because I’m allowed to be there. Like now I just hit on all things, men or women; I hit on inanimate objects. And a lot of that is Nicky’s confidence — it’s not necessarily my own.”

12. Laura Prepon Makeup Free 


Since finding stardom on the show, Laura Prepon, who plays the role of Alex, has rarely been spotted without her signature nude complexion and huge lashes. That’s until she snapped this selfie showing that underneath it all, she’s just as basic as the rest of us. (Quite a relief really!)

When she does actually open up the makeup bag – she’s a pro, according to her personal makeup artist Tina Turnbow. The beauty expert told Marie Claire, “(Prepon) does a great job doing makeup for herself. She’s definitely more of an eye person than a red-lip gal. She’s even great at applying her own lashes!” Bare faced selfies are on the rise but it’s not the real star we know her as without those killer cat-eye flicks.

11. Ruby Rose’s “Ugly” Tattoo 


Ruby Rose is considered one of the most beautiful stars of the show but even she had the “ugly” card thrown at her when she revealed this tattoo to fans. Sure, tattoos are very personal to the individual but considering the hate online, it’s clear nobody is going to be rushing to get this done soon.

The actress and model, who plays Stella, posted to Instagram, “J.M.Basquiat the love of my life. Wanted this tattoo for years.” Basquiat was an artist who died of a heroin overdose aged 27-years-old and clearly Rose was either a fan or a close friend. Her fans were quick to comment their opinion as they wrote, “Hm speechless. Not in a good way though … Ugly as hell. To me it looks like a random misplaced tat,” and another added, “Hope it means something cos dat is one ugly design on such fine piece of skin.” Well, like we said – tattoos are clearly personal.

10. Tarryn Manning’s Leaked Arrest Details 


Tarryn Manning (Tiffany) was so furious that her arrest and appearance in Manhattan court was made public that she threatened to sue the New York Police Department. Manning’s stalker, Jeanine Heller, claimed the actress threatened her in public – although, as Heller had previously been arrested for harassing the star then her claims should have been double-checked.

Her attorney stated to People magazine, “Ms. Manning should never have been arrested. It was also astonishing that the NYPD acted on an allegation of a complainant with a glaring prosecutorial (two prior arrests, charges including stalking and harassing Ms. Manning) and plea history” before adding, “This petition is the first step in a claim for damages arising out of the patently false arrest of Taryn Manning.” The New York Daily reported that Heller was sentenced to six months behind bars for harassment.

9. Taylor Schilling Makes The Worst Dressed List 


Taylor Schilling landed her dream role as Piper on the show for which she has received two Grammy nominations and won a Screen Actors Guild award. She had previously appeared in the 2007 drama Dark Matter and 2011’s Atlas Shrugged: Part I. 

Speaking with Net-a-Poter, she revealed that there was a lack of Hollywood roles for her to “bring it.” She explained, “There are people in the business who have been working since they were children, and they’re pros by 24. But that wasn’t me. It was very hard. I felt a lot of responsibility. I felt like I wasn’t able to bring it.” Then this lead role came along and she knew it was the one for her.

Sadly, as much as she might shine like a star on screen, that was not the case when she took to the red carpet at the Tony Awards in 2015. This full-length gown, with a skin-colored back panel, landed first place and almost every ‘Worst Dressed’ list the following day. One definitely to donate to a charity we think.

8. Pablo Schriber’s Throwback 


Although Pablo Schreiber is cleanly shaven in real life, he will always be remembered for his epic mustache as George Mendez on the show. The handsome star looks less like his normally groomed self in this dodgy throwback photo. The Canadian born actor, who was born in a hippie commune, plays the crooked corrections officer on the show and he said on the red carpet, “He’s one of those wonderful characters (who) has absolutely no consciousness of how incredibly hideous they are.”

The role landed Schreiber an Emmy nomination for playing the scene stealing villain – the episode he was nominated for only witnessed him appear three times. During an interview with Comicbook.com, he said the next dream role he would like to land would be playing a future Wolverine in the X-Men films.

7. Dascha Polanco Appears In Court For Assaulting A Teenager 


In 2015, Dascha Polanco, who plays Daya on the show, found herself in the courtroom as it was alleged she had beat up a teenage girl. 17-year-old Michelle Cardona claimed that Polanco punched her in the head three times, pulled her hair and clawed at her with nails, whilst they were at her home in Manhattan.

The charges were then eventually dropped and her legal team said, “From the start, Ms. Polanco has denied the allegations and we have said that the charges should be dismissed. We are pleased that after a thorough investigation and review of the actual evidence, the District Attorney’s Office has done the right thing and agreed to dismiss the case against Ms. Polanco.” This one moment the actress clearly wants to just put behind her.

6. Uzo Aduba’s Cry Face 


Uzo Abuda now joins the ranks of Kim Kardashian and Gwenyth Paltrow when it comes to having a stand out cry face. In 2014, she accepted her Emmy award for the best-supporting actress and things got emotional. She revealed that three years earlier, she returned from an audition and decided to give up acting and re-train as a lawyer. Her speech earned her a standing ovation.

A little-known fact about Abuda is she is opera-trained and even beat Beyonce to the role of Glinda The Good NBC’s live staging of The Wiz. Her portrayal of Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren has won her many fans as she’s considered a standout character on the show. Speaking about her happiest career moment, she told Marie Claire magazine, “When my mom got to meet our hero, Oprah Winfrey, and when we were given the honor of going to White House to meet our President and First Lady, Barack and Michelle Obama. Still feels like a dream.”

5. Kate Mulgrew Vintage Throwback 


Kate Mulgrew, who plays the Russian chef ‘Red’ on the show, started out in the late 1970s TV crime series, Mrs. Columbo. After that, she became a big hit as Captain Kathyrn Janeway in Star Trek: Voyager as Captain Kathryn Janeway and then went slightly off the radar before landing this role. During an interview with The Telegraph, she said, “All I wanted to do was act. Nothing got in my way. And when you’re young, nothing should.”

She also revealed that she’s most proud of the show for casting “real” actresses, explaining, “I have been in Hollywood since I was a young girl and I have managed to sidestep it with grace and dexterity. It (having surgery) has never once occurred to me. I don’t know why it occurs to these women to do it. The face is destined to change. To fight it with the knife is crazy. Sooner or later the face is going to fall in on itself.”

4. Lori Petty’s Red Carpet Fail 


When Lori Petty walked the red carpet at the Screen Actors Guild Awards last year, she left everyone a little shaken by this bubblegum horror show. Her outfit looked more like a costume which should have seen her placed behind bars much like her character Lolly on the show. Her character has not made it back for season five or six but there are rumors she might reappear in the future.

She told The Hollywood Reporter that she was initially attracted to the show as she could be surrounded by women who were living real lives. She revealed, |When I saw it on Netflix, the only thing that came into my mind was, ‘Why am I not a part of this show?’ To see all these extraordinarily talented women not talking about, ‘Did he call you?’ But to see women with lives and children and stories; with problems and husbands and girlfriends. It was just a revelation to me.”

3. Matt McGorry’s Unflattering Selfies 


Matt McGorry hit the big time when he landed not just the role of John in Orange Is the New Black but also as Asher on How to Get Away with Murder. One of the favorites on the show, he’s the kinder guard who’s not afraid to stick up the women when he believes they are being mistreated. However, he might want to scroll through his social media and do a “timeline clean” as some of his older selfies are far from flattering.

McGorry identifies as feminist and shocked fans when he showed off a tattoo of a uterus on his bicep. Don’t fear though guys – the uterus was just temporary and not something the show’s makeup department will have to worry about covering up. He previously told Adweek that he’s proud to be a guy who women can talk to about female issues, explaining, “I think that, understandably, a lot of women don’t go to their guy friends to talk about this stuff because they think that we’re going to underplay it or not understand it.”

2. Jason Biggs Poorly Timed Tweet 


Jason Biggs who plays Piper’s former fiancee Larry on the show, landed himself in trouble when he posted a poorly timed tweet. In 2014, a Malaysia Airlines plane went down over Ukraine carrying 298 people – he then tweeted, “Anyone wanna buy my Malaysian Airlines frequent flier miles?” The backlash was instant as many poured in to express their disappointment with the joke.

The next day, whilst co-hosting The View, he said, “I made a tweet the other day, and I’d just like to say a few words on it. There was one line, an old adage: ‘Never attribute to malice that which is explained by stupidity.’ I certainly meant no harm; there was no malice, but I was stupid. It was poorly timed. I’ve always tried to find the humor in situations … it’s a knee-jerk reaction for me, it’s how I cope.”

1. Natasha Lyonne DUI Mugshot 


In 2002, Natasha Lyonne, who was under the influence of alcohol, crashed her car in Miami and luckily nobody was hurt. She pleaded guilty and was put on probation for six months, her license was suspended for that same period, and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service. Above is her mugshot on the date she was arrested and the police report said she told officers at the scene, “I’m a movie star. Can I talk to my entertainment lawyer?”

Following this incident and several other wild moments, including trashing a neighbor’s house and threatening their dog, she earned the name “Nut-asha” amongst the press. She told The New York Post, “I was definitely as good as dead.” When she managed to get clean and sober, her personal life and career vastly improved.

Sources: cosmopolitan.com, dailymail.co.uk

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