Offset Is Showering Cardi B And Kulture With Presents In An Attempt To Spend Christmas As A Family

Rapper Offset is apparently trying to convince Cardi B to allow him to spend Christmas with her and their daughter Kulture, and he is showering both of them in presents to get her to agree. Quite unexpectedly, Cardi went on her Instagram and shared a video of herself where she explains how after almost one year of marriage she and Offset are no longer together. The rapper said that the couple had been trying to work things out for a long time but that things simply were not working out between them. Cardi also added that the split is nobody's fault but that the two have fallen out of love.

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Cardi's Instagram post about the couple's split came as a shock to the world, and what was even more unexpected was the comment Offset left on Cardi's post, which read 'Y'all won.', which most people have interpreted to be directed to the public. It is no secret that any celebrity couple will undergo massive scrutiny and has to deal with rumors about the state of the relationship, and perhaps this is what Offset meant with his comment.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Offset is trying to win Cardi back and wants to do so in time for the holidays, especially with this year being baby Kulture's first Christmas. While the rapper has been buying a crazy amount of presents for Cardi and their daughter Kulture, sources close to Cardi are saying she has not yet made up her mind about celebrating the holidays as a family.

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While Cardi sounded positive and mature about the breakup from Offset in her video, information has surfaced suggesting that Offset had cheated on Cardi with Instagram model Summer Bunni, which ultimately caused the relationship to end. Summer has addressed the situation twice, once in a video on TMZ where she breaks down in tears apologizing to Cardi, saying how she is so ashamed of her role in the drama, and another time in an open letter on her Instagram where she apologizes again.

Whether or not Offset and Cardi will be spending the holidays together as a family; the bigger question is if Offset will be able to win Cardi back. Hey, if Tristan can do it...

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