Officially Ranking Every Oreo Flavor From Worst To Best

For those that enjoy a good snack food, cookies are often a saving grace. One of the mainstays in the cookie community has been Oreo. Many imitators have come over the years, but the power of Oreo cookies has never wavered. Admittedly, Oreo cookies started in a very simple place, but long gone are the days where Oreo was a basic chocolate and vanilla cookie.

In recent years, there has even been an Oreo Club Subscription box that's been created to make sure that die hard Oreo aficionados are able to keep their cookie quota as high as is necessary. There's no question that there are currently more Oreo flavors out in the world than ever before, but that doesn't mean that they're all successful hits. Oreo isn't afraid to take risks with their ideas, which can sometimes pay off, but also radically backfire.

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20 Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

This is going to fall into the "love it or loathe it" category for most people since it takes such an abrasive flavor and pairs it up with the power of an Oreo. Hot & Spicy Cinnamon Oreo cookies are true to their name and they taste like they're infused with Hot Tamales or Cinnamon Hearts. One thing's for sure, it's definitely harder to down a box of these in one sitting.

19 Berry Creme Oreo cookies

Via Influenster.com

Berry Creme Oreo cookies dip into that family of blue and purple fruits. There are plenty of Oreo flavors that use fruit for inspiration, but this is one of the more lackluster efforts. It's definitely a powerful flavor in play here, but there are better versions of this cookie in Oreo's extended lineup of treats.

18 Banana Split Oreo cookies

Via Delish.com

It's always a little more interesting when the flavor is something complex and not a one-note ingredient. There's a lot going on in a banana split and Oreo cookies do their best to represent that. The result is something that goes too far in the banana department and is hard to stomach.

17 Cookie Dough Oreo cookies

Via BusinessInsider.com

Cookie Dough has turned into a dark horse favorite for many when it comes to ice cream flavors. It stands to reason that some of these flavors would be able to transition over to cookies, but this idea seems particularly crazy. Cookies are cookie dough, so to incorporate that ingredient again in another way seems kind of unnecessary. It's an interesting idea, but the results don't go far.

16 Caramel Apple Oreo cookies

Via BrownieBites.net

Here's a flavor that should be a guaranteed winner and while there is probably someone that loves this ambitious flavor, it just left us in a sticky situation. You can taste both the caramel and apple components in this cookie, but it's very overwhelming and nearly sweet to a fault.

15 Mystery Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

Here's an example of Oreo cookies really thinking outside of the (cookie) box. This mystery flavor doesn't just inspire audiences to trust their taste buds, but it turns the secret into a contest for $50,000. 2018's mystery flavor was Fruity Pebbles, with the verdict for this year's largely coming out to Cinnamon Teddy Grams or some kind of cinnamon and graham cracker combo. The caveat here is that you just don't know what you're going to get.

14 Pumpkin Spice Oreo cookies

Via Bustle.com

Every fall season, it feels like pumpkin spice fever takes over the nation. While this seasonal luxury is typically reserved for beverages, Oreo cookies have succumbed to the trend. The pumpkin flavor is definitely present, but these cookies go a bit too far in the spice department. That being said, you may not be able to resist their autumnal allure.

13 Fruit Punch Oreo cookies

Via Flickr.com

Fruit Punch Oreo cookies seem like a good idea, but the more you think about it, the worse of an idea it seems. Fruit punch is a popular juice flavor but it's a misfire here. These basically taste like intense Kool-Aid cookies and it's not exactly something you want to eat a lot of. Dipping these in Kool-Aid would truly be something else.

12 Thins Salted Caramel Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

The Thins line of Oreo cookies are all pretty good and display a modest attempt to feature leaner versions of their product. It's the antithesis of their Double Stuff cookies. Thins Salted Caramel Oreo cookies, in particular, are a pretty fun flavor. They're not perfect, but they're one of the better options available for reduced cookies, let alone Oreo cookies.

11 Key Lime Pie Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

Key Lime Pie Oreo cookies are a prime example of Oreo cookies taking a beloved flavor, in this case a dessert, and then putting their own twist on the idea. If you're a fan of key lime pie, these Oreo cookies provide a pretty comparable experience. They do feel very artificial and processed, which is the drawback to these, and they may be too sweet for the average Oreo fan.

10 Peeps Oreo cookies

Via HuffPost.com

Holidays are an easy way for supermarkets and dollar stores to get lavish seasonal makeovers. The same happens for a lot of snack products, with Peeps Oreo cookies being one of the cookies' most blatant examples. People love the marshmallow-based Peeps that come every Easter, so why not mash them into Oreo cookies? Peeps fans will probably enjoy these as a substitute to the real thing, but they're pretty bloated and feel a far cry away from what an Oreo should be.

9 Golden Oreo cookies

Via WhiteApronBlog.com

Golden Oreo cookies are so simple, yet they mark a formative switch for the cookie. For the longest time, Oreo cookies were vanilla icing sandwiched between chocolate cookies. Let the other companies handle the rest. Golden Oreo cookies see them deviating from the norm and introducing vanilla cookies. It's a simple shift, but it goes a long ways, and they taste great!

8 Blueberry Pie Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

This is one of the few Oreo cookies where the first thing that you may notice about them is their smell. These cookies are very pungent and if you're big on blueberries then that's not necessarily a bad thing. Blueberry Pie Oreo cookies may seem like an unusual flavor when other similar flavors are out there, but this one is oddly delicious and really perfects the formula.

7 Fireworks Oreo cookies

Via Bustle.com

Now this is where Oreo cookies start to really get creative. It's one thing to effectively recreate a delicious flavor, but it's arguably more impressive to capture a feeling or experience. Fireworks Oreo cookies, for instance, are functional in a sense. They contain Pop Rocks-like ingredients that make the cookies "active" and simulate explosive fireworks. They're a lot of fun and the Pop Rocks aren't too overpowering.

6 Birthday Cake Oreo cookies

Via BrandEating.com

Birthday Cake is kind of like the less functional, but prettier, version of Fireworks Oreo cookies. This approach sticks to the original vanilla creme filling, but then peppers it with colorful confetti-like elements. These Oreo cookies look great, they taste wonderful, and it's hard to pass them up when it's actually someone's birthday (although you don't need that excuse to eat them).

5 Original Oreo cookies

Via Mashed.com

The cookie that started it all. This may feel like a cop out to some, but there's a reason that Oreo took so long to branch out in the first place— it’s because the original design is killer. There's also something nostalgic about the original cookies. Some more adventurous cookies may ultimately taste better, but there's nothing wrong with being basic.

4 Red Velvet Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

Red Velvet is just so decadent that it kind of goes without saying that Oreo's take on the classic would also be delicious. It's hard to screw Red Velvet up. Not only are Red Velvet Oreo cookies a tasty treat, but they're fluffy and cakey in a way that normal Oreo cookies typically aren't, but it works in its favor here. Now if Oreo had some real guts, they'd do David Lynch inspired Blue Velvet Oreo cookies.

3 Marshmallow Krispy Creme Oreo cookies

Via TheImpulsiveBuy.com

These Oreo cookies may sound overly complicated or that they draw their inspiration from donuts, but it's actually much simpler. Marshmallow Krispy Creme Oreo cookies basically taste like gooey Rice Krispy Treats, but in cookie form. These things are seriously tasty and one of Oreo's best hidden secrets.

2 Cinnamon Bun Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

Much like with red velvet, it's seriously hard not to love cinnamon buns. It's just such a soothing, delicious sensation. That being said, cinnamon buns are a much more serious dessert than Oreo cookies and because of this it may have seemed like such an idea was impossible. Oreo really gets this one right. These cookies are so good and addictive, plus they're infinitely less messy than real cinnamon buns.

1 S'Mores Oreo cookies

Via JunkBanter.com

Get ready for heaven in cookie form. S'mores aren't exactly a simple flavor palette to nail down, but Oreo cookies faithfully bring the magic of the campfire over. S'mores Oreo cookies are the perfect mix of ingredients where everything works together— each bite is bliss, and it's certainly a whole lot easier than actually making s'mores, even if you go the microwave route.

This is how we would break down the majority of the more unconventional Oreo flavors, but everyone's got a hot take on the beloved snack cookies. Sound off over your favorites and least favorites in the comments below.

Sources: Kotaku.com, BuzzFeed.com, Delish.com

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