The Office: 17 Michael Scott Memes That Made Us Call HR

While the first season initially struggled, The Office managed to become one of the funniest of all time thanks to the cast, which happened to be the most important part of the entire series.

The main star, Michael Scott (Steve Carell), was the manager of the Scranton branch and had a very unique style of managing his employees. He was an excellent salesman who was incredibly loyal to Dunder Mifflin that ended up getting promoted into a job he absolutely loved.

Michael Scott's awkward, and at times inappropriate, style of management led to some of the greatest lines on television that continue to find a place in the world today. Some of the things Michael Scott has said over the years has been up so bad that even we thought about calling HR.

Let's take a look at the 17 worst things he has ever said that really did cross the line.

17 He Needs To Double-Check His Usernames

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One of the reasons The Office lasted as long as it did was because of the writing. Sure, the acting was amazing and certainly helped, but without the brilliant writing, the show would have struggled to last beyond the first year.

A prime example includes lines like this one, where Michael Scott finds himself trying to sound like an adult while talking about adopting a child, but ends up sounding like he belongs in prison.

16 Taking Out Toby

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If you have never seen The Office, and you wanted to get a taste for it, then you should probably watch the first season in full and see what you think. That's because the first season is more or less how Michael's character plays out, but on a much more inappropriate scale.

It was not until later seasons that they began cleaning up some of the humor.

15 Everything Has To Be Perfect

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When Michael Scott finds out that they will be making a commercial for their branch, he begins to go into creativity overdrive. He starts assigning tasks throughout the branch to all of his employees, including giving Daryl and a few others a chance to create an original theme song.

The first time he hears it, he ends up cutting them down right in the middle of the song to deliver this incredibly demoralizing quote.

14 Interesting Word Play

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One of the episodes of The Office that featured more HR problems than all the rest combined was back in the season three premiere, "Gay Witch Hunt," where Michael Scott ended up outing one of his employees, Oscar.

It was not done in a negative manner, he actually thought he was helping out the situation, but it led to a line that luckily no one reported.

13 Trying To Sound Smart

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"I'm trying to lure kids into my booth, but kids are very wary about being lured these days. Thank you Dateline!"

Job fairs are not a useful way to spend your time as the success rate is very low. However, in an effort to hire some summer interns at their branch, Michael gets the team involved in one at a local high school.

Sadly, no one even tries to attempt to pass by the booth he has set up except for one teenage boy that Michael rudely rejects on the spot.

12 The Best Restaurant On Earth

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"Why do I like Hooters? Well, I will give you two reasons: the boobs and the hot wings."

Throughout the series, Michael Scott makes several references to Hooters, the best restaurant in Scranton. However, it is not until he takes Jim to talk about his crush on Pam that we actually see Hooters.

That is when he delivers this wonderful line and makes everyone around him feel incredibly uncomfortable.

11 Apologizing For Being Rude

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"I did not know you were wearing a hearing aid. I thought you were just speaking abnormally."

There were plenty of times that Michael Scott would unintentionally insult someone without ever thinking he was being rude. His heart was in the right place, but the words just came out wrong.

It was almost like he was trying to sound cool by repeating phrases he heard other people saying, but he just used them at the worst possible time.

10 Trying To Be Cool

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In order to be funny, Michael Scott tends to say and do things expecting a laugh behind it. Almost every single time he opens his mouth to deliver a joke, he does so while expecting a laugh.

So whenever he says somethings that falls flat, or gets no laughter, his jokes tend to come out just plain mean. But that is also part of the Michael Scott charm.

9 The Phrase That Changed Everything

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Since the early days of television sitcoms, when shows like The Dick Van Dyke Show and I Love Lucy were cracking up audiences across the country, very few, if any, had the cultural impact with one simple phrase like The Office.

"That's what she said," is one of the funniest lines in television history that not only became legendary, it helped turn Steve Carell into an international superstar.

8 Let's Not Be Racist Now

In the first season, in an honest effort to end racism forever, Michael Scott thinks it is a good idea to play a game the same day corporate sends someone to their branch to go over diversity.

The game just so happens to be the most racist thing ever seen in the series and if that were to have happened in real life, every morning show would be covering it within a week.

7 Saving The Day

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Whenever Michael Scott was told that corporate was going to stop in and review materials involving diversity or sexual harassment, he would tend to take over because he was the manager and no one could fix his family besides him.

But since he struggles to express himself politically correctly, he ends up saying things that would normally end up in immediate termination.

6 Using Racism To Tell A Joke

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Since The Office ended, many fans have claimed that they have once worked for a boss that was just like Michael Scott. He is the type that tries to be funny and cool because he wants to be your friend instead of your boss— until he has to fire someone that is.

But after watching the entire series, do you honestly think anyone like him exists in this world today?

5 Just One Of The Guys

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We should probably have put this one closer to the top, but we just felt that we had too many quotes from the same episode already, and we just had to be fair.

In other words, this is one of the funniest, HR unfriendly lines ever spoken on the show and it was not even the best one on the episode it was said on.

4 Perfectly Using That Phrase

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Anyone who says, "that's what she said," probably got it from The Office. In fact, a majority of the people who say that infamous line end up quoting the show too.

However, and although it was not the origin of the phrase, the line actually comes from Wayne's World— but you probably missed it.

3 Fighting HR & "The Man"

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Michael Scott started an internal struggle between himself and the head of HR at his branch, Toby Flenderson, because he wanted to act as if he was still a salesman and not part of corporate America.

That turned out to become one of the greatest things about the show. It not only gave us a countless number of hilarious lines, it added even more depth to the personality of Michael Scott.

2 One More Dig At Toby

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The battle that goes on throughout the series between Michael Scott and Toby never ends up failing to make us laugh. In fact, it added to the show's overall quality by giving Michael a way to be completely ugly and almost always get away with it.

Fighting with Toby was one of his vices.

1 Inappropriate Yet Still Satisfying

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After shouting this in front of an entire office of employees, there would be no way any manager could retain his job. This one crosses the line so far that even we cringed when he said it.

On that note, it certainly was one of the funniest things ever said on the show, by any character.

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