Not So Nostalgic: 20 Things '90s Kids Don't Actually Miss

The amount of trends or items that come back into popularity after about a decade or so is crazy. There are fashions from the '90s that seemed like they would never be back in style, and suddenly, they're must-have items. There are certain toys that go from undesirable to retro-chic and are then reinvented by modern companies.

And we won't even talk about music and movies—there are so many hits from the '90s that we're still totally obsessed with. Seriously, is anyone ever going to top Cher from Clueless? The nostalgia is real.

However, there are also quite a few things that most '90s kids actually aren't all that nostalgic about—and don't miss at all. Perhaps they're just outdated, as is the case with a lot of must-have technology from that time period. Perhaps the thing wasn't even that great back then and was just popular because there weren't any other options on the market. And, sometimes it just takes a bit of hindsight to realize that a particular trend was, well, a little silly.

Here are 20 things that '90s kids don't actually miss. No matter how many formerly has-been trends come back into style, we're totally fine leaving these particular items in the past.

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20 Giant Desktop Computers

via: flickr.com

Nowadays, many people don't even have a desktop computer at home. They just have a sleek, shiny laptop that functions as their home office. After all, they're powerful, they're portable, what's not to love? Back in the '90s, that wasn't an option.

Most homes that had a computer had a huge desktop with a big chunky monitor and chunky accessories that went with it, including a mouse and keyboard. It was just a whole lot of equipment. We're totally fine with leaving all that in the past and just embracing our laptops. And, even if you opt for a desktop, it's a totally different, much sleeker situation these days.

19 Frosted Tips

via: tomorrowoman.com

When it comes to fashion trends, women are usually the ones that are the most impacted. After all, a lot of guys rock jeans and t-shirts throughout the decades. Women often jump on board with whatever look is trending at the moment and can end up looking super dated within just a few years.

However, there was one hair trend back in the '90s that made a splash with countless celebrity men—frosted tips. So, so many guys bleached just the tips of their hair because that was the on-trend look and man, did it ever look awkward. We're definitely not feeling any nostalgia for this trend.

18 Having To Rent Movies At An Actual Store

via: flickr.com

Nowadays, when you want to have a movie night at home, the process is super easy. You simply fire up Netflix, scroll through the endless options, and pick something that looks interesting. Back in the '90s, it was far more arduous to get all set up for movie night.

You had to leave your house, go to a video rental store like Blockbuster, and browse all the titles in person. If someone had checked out the movie that you wanted to watch, you were usually out of luck. Sure, there were usually multiple copies of new releases, but often those went like hotcakes as well. We definitely prefer the modern convenience of streaming services!

17 Restrictive (And Sweaty) PVC Clothes

via: pinterest.com

We still can't quite figure out why PVC clothes were ever a trend. Many celebrities at the time wore the style to showcase a bit of an edgier side to their personal look, and everyone wanted to emulate that. However, it was just bad all around!

First of all, PVC is not a particularly flattering material. No one should look that shiny. Second, it locked in all your sweat, so we don't even want to imagine how sweltering it must have been for celebs during performances. And it always smelled a little like plastic, which is not a cute vibe. We don't ever want to see another piece of PVC clothing.

16 All-Over Body Glitter

via: stylecaster.com

If you experimented with beauty in the '90s, chances are, you tried out your fair share of glitter. It was everywhere! There was glitter nail polish, there was glitter lip gloss, there was glitter mascara. You could spray yourself with glitter mist or roll on glitter gel anywhere you wanted a little extra sparkle. Seriously—many '90s girls are still finding glitter to this day!

And the worst part of glitter beauty was that it was always super hard to remove and it got absolutely everywhere. We don't mind a bit of a subtle shimmer, but the full-on, huge flecks of glitter are something we're not nostalgic for.

15 Dial-Up Internet

via: twitter.com

Internet nowadays is pretty much instantaneous. Whether you're using a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone, you can connect and browse within moments. You can download huge files in a matter of seconds and stream things online without a second thought.

Back in the '90s, that was just a dream. Dial-up internet meant that it took hours to download files sometimes, and things were painfully slow. We didn't know better at the time because that was just the way it was. However, after experiencing the lightning fast speed of today's modern internet, we could never go back to dial-up madness.

14 Actual Printed Paper Directions

via: twitter.com

If you're going somewhere new nowadays, most of us do one simple thing—punch it into the GPS in your car or on your phone. You'll immediately get directions that will guide you and even recalculate if you accidentally miss a particular turn or take the wrong exit.

Back in the '90s, though, you had to navigate a different way. Luckily, the internet meant we no longer had to rely solely on maps, but if you wanted step by step directions, well, you had to print them out. And, if you managed to mess up while you were driving, you'd have to puzzle out how to get back on the right path. Nightmare!

13 Teeny Tiny Hit Clips

via: reddit.com

Okay, we're not quite sure why these were so popular. Sure, back in the '90s, there weren't devices where you could download thousands of songs with the click of a button. However, CD players and Walkmen existed where you could listen to full albums.

So, we're not entirely sure who thought it was a good idea to release a system that allowed you to listen to 30-second clips of popular songs on a teeny tiny jukebox. It was a waste of money, and yet we all had to have the latest hot Hit Clips. We definitely don't miss this outdated and expensive piece of technology!

12 Giant Platform Shoes

via: wikimedia.org

It's a miracle that more '90s kids didn't roll their ankles on a daily basis. Seriously—platforms were such a huge deal back then. From platform flip flops to platform sneakers to dressy platform shoes, it was all about huge, chunky shoes. They weren't practical by any means.

Sure, they gave you some height, but unlike heels, they don't make you look particularly graceful. You're a little bit taller, but you're clomping around like an elephant—not a cute look at all. While we don't mind a small platform to make wearing high heels a little more comfortable, we don't miss the chunky platform trend.

11 Easy Bake Ovens

via: howstuffworks.com

If you were a kid in the '90s, you absolutely had to have an Easy Bake oven. They were the hottest toy and people loved cooking up the teeny tiny treats that baked with that little light bulb. However, let's get real for a second—they were kind of lame!

The treat was never really that good because it was just made from a packaged mix. You had to wait forever to cook one little item. And, you couldn't even share what you made very well because it was about the size of a quarter. If we want treats nowadays, we'll just whip up something for the regular oven—it's way easier.

10 The Super Painful Skip It

via: mashable.com

We're pretty sure most '90s kids have at least one Skip It ouch that flares up from time to time. On the surface, it seems like a really fun toy—and it encourages physical activity, which is always a plus. However, in reality, most kids ended up smacking that little ball at the end of the string into their ankle at least once during play time.

And the pain—it was real. We're not sure why the manufacturer couldn't make the toy out of a slightly softer, rubber-based material rather than the hard plastic that could basically break ankles. One thing is for sure, though—we don't miss it!

9 Those Creepy Furry Pets: Furbys

via: pixabay.com

Nowadays, most of the toys on the market are interactive in some way. After all, there are so many technological advances that can be incorporated into kids' toys. However, back in the '90s, Furby was kind of a new breed of toy.

It was like having your very own cute robot pet. They were some strange sort of bird hybrid with big blinking eyes and they could even learn and repeat phrases. They were must-have toys for a while. If you examine them now, however, well... they're a little creepy! We don't want toys that mysteriously start talking out of nowhere or repeat phrases you said aloud.

8 Bulky And Time-Consuming VHS Tapes

via: dailyhogar.com

Every '90s kid remembers the boring process of sitting around while you rewound a VHS tape. Or, the feeling of frustration when you popped one in, all excited to watch a movie, and realized the last person watching it didn't rewind it. So annoying!

When DVDs hit the market, it was a total game changer—suddenly, you could watching things from the beginning, no matter where you were when you popped it out of the player. And, there was the option to add a ton of fun content that just wasn't possible in the world of VHS. Plus, those bulky tapes just took up so much room!

7 Justin Timberlake's Ramen Hair

via: aolcdn.com

To say that Justin Timberlake has experienced a glow up would be an understatement. Now, he was always a total heartthrob—when he was a part of NSYNC he had fans around the world. However, the trend of bleached blonde hair combined with JT's natural texture created a look that was, well, not the greatest.

Many fans refer to that period in his look as his ramen hair phase since that's kind of what the crunchy blonde curls look like. Thankfully, once he embarked on his solo stint and grew up a little, he started rocking different hairstyles. We definitely don't miss this look and hope that JT never goes back to something like that again!

6 Disposable Cameras For Silly Photos

via: thetimes.co.uk

When it comes to selfies and documenting fun times with friends, we're totally spoiled nowadays. Our phones all have cameras, easily accessible at our fingertips. We can add fun filters, we can record video, we can share it on social media with all our friends—the options are limitless!

However, back in the '90s, it was a totally different story. While some people had expensive cameras, most of us had to capture fun times with friends with the help of disposable cameras. The problem was, you never really knew how the pictures would turn out until you got them developed and realized your eyes are closed in half the pictures. Total bummer—we definitely prefer the instant technology of our phones.

5 All Denim Everything All Over

via: usmagazine.com

Denim will never go out of style. Ever since it hit the market, a great pair of perfectly fitted blue jeans have been a sartorial must have. There was a period in the '90s where people got a little too obsessed with denim, though, and started crafting looks that were a little too extra.

The most memorable is obviously the look that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake rocked together. A full on denim gown, a denim blazer, a denim hat... it's just way too much denim. Some fashionistas mix their denim by pairing dark wash jeans with chambray nowadays, for example, but we definitely don't miss the denim uniforms of the past.

4 Palm-Sized (And Obnoxious) Pagers

via: bostonglobe.com

We're so used to having our phones at our fingertips at all times that it's hard to remember a time when that wasn't the case. However, just a few decades ago, in the '90s, cell phones weren't something that everyone had. Instead, many people had pagers that they could carry around.

When someone called you while you were away from your answering machine, the pager documented that and you could try to find a phone to call them back. It's just a whole lot of hassle. Nowadays, the only people that really use pagers are those in the medical profession, and we should probably keep it that way.

3 Neon Butterfly Clips

via: amazon.com

For a while, butterfly clips were the must-have accessory no matter where you were. Heck, some celebrities even rocked them on the red carpet! You could get them in all kinds of colours and finishes, from pearly to glittery, and most girls had a huge collection with different options. Perhaps you'd go for a multi-coloured look, or perhaps you'd keep things more refined and stay within the same shade.

Regardless—no chic hairstyle was complete without a few of these back in the day. We're more than happy to leave these in the past, though. They aren't all that cute, they never lasted very long, and accidentally stepping on one was so painful there aren't even words for it.

2 Inflatable Furniture

via: pinterest.com

If you've been camping, chances are you've slept on an inflatable mattress at some point. However, if you're a child of the '90s, you've probably purchased a piece or two of inflatable furniture for everyday use—and we're still wincing.

We're not sure who decided this was a good idea, but there was a time where you could get everything from inflatable armchairs to inflatable coffee tables. They always smelled so strongly of plastic, you'd stick to them if you had any exposed skin, and, well, they were pretty accident prone. One small poke with a sharp object and they could pop. Plus, you could only sit on them for a short period of time before they'd start deflating slightly and getting a little saggy. Not cute.

1 Slippery Jelly Shoes

via: vogue.com

Every '90s kid remembers the annoying realization that you got a tan on your feet while wearing jelly shoes and then had those silly lines across your feet. But there was a period where everyone absolutely had to have at least one pair of jelly shoes—glittery ones if you were super cool.

On the one hand, they were sort of practical in that they were waterproof and pretty much indestructible. On the other hand, they were shoes made of jelly. The material was a little weird, it wasn't comfortable if your feet started sweating, and we're glad to leave them in the past where they belong.

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