Nobody Can Solve All 19 Of These Super Simple Riddles

There comes a time when you just want to kick back and do something a little silly. Maybe go to the arcade and play to your heart’s content? There’s also the option of heading to your favorite pastry shop and indulging in something sweet, gooey and sinful.But then, if you want to save on both effort and money, you can also take some time out of work just to solve some riddles. You’d be surprised by how much it can improve your day.

According to the very reliable Merriam Webster, a riddle is “a mystifying, misleading, or puzzling question posed as a problem to be solved or guessed.” Hence, it has a tendency to get the mind thinking. And so, it some ways, it is a brain exercise, one that can help sharpen your mind while you take a break from your daily grind.

Do you think you’re now ready to try some riddles? Lucky for you, we found 19 that can help get you started. Check them out:

38 I Disappear If You Say My Name. What Am I?

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No, it’s not a magic spell. Although fans of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise may be wishing that it was. Instead, the answer to this riddle is something a lot more practical. Think really hard for second. As human beings, we tend to value this from to time. Here's another clue, we believe it's golden.

37 Answer

Answer: Silence.

36 It Has A Head, It Has A Tail, But It Has No Body. What Is It?

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Now, what kind of creature could this be? How can any type of animal have a head or tail without a body? But then again, this might not be an animal. This might be a creature you’ve never seen before. On the other hand, this might not be a creature at all. Instead, it can be something you already have in your pocket….

35 Answer

Answer: A coin.

34 Can You Figure Out Which Spot This Car Is Parked In?

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To answer this riddle, you have to look very closely at the photo provided above. Are you seeing anything yet? You’re going to need to use your powers of observation for this one. Study the numbers on the parking slots very carefully. What do you notice? More importantly, what do you need to do next?

33 Answer

Answer: According to The Guardian, you have to turn the picture upside down to solve this riddle. When you do that, you will notice that the numbers are listed in numerical order, beginning 86. Hence, the car is parked at slot number 87.

32 There Are 3 Apples For 2 Sons And 2 Fathers To Eat. Each Of Them Gets Their Own Apple. How Is This Possible?

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Indeed, some math problems can be pretty tough or simply confusing. In this case, it may help to picture the scenario in your head. First, envision the three apples. Have you got it? Are they plated or inside a basket? It doesn’t really matter. We’re just messing with you. Now, picture the two sons and two fathers. What do you observe? That answer lies in how they are all related.

31 Answer

Answer: If you think about it, there are only three people in this story – the son, the father and the grandfather.

30 During Which Month Do People Sleep The Least?

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The importance of getting enough sleep each night as been documented well by health professionals over the years. Moreover, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute has explained, “During sleep, your body is working to support healthy brain function and maintain your physical health.” And so, a month with less sleep can seem to be problematic. But then again, maybe not.

29 Answer

Answer: February.

28 What Gets Broken Without Being Held?

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For this riddle, it helps to employ some abstract thinking. Here’s a clue. Psychology Today’s Melissa Ritter defines this as “avowals of intent, large and small, that mark a wide range of interpersonal events.” It also something that requires one “to declare a conscious objective.” Do you know the answer yet?

27 Answer

Answer: A promise.

26 What English Word Retains The Same Pronunciation, Even After You Take Away Four Of Its Letters?

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Here’s a trick to answering this riddle. Concentrate on words that only come with five letters. Duh! To get you started, here are some five-letter words from The Free Dictionary - allow, alert, baker, awkward, basis, count, empty, enjoy, equal, known, large, laugh, peace, phone, photo, paper, ought. You didn’t think we were going to give you the answer, did you?

25 Answer

Answer: Queue.

24 I Am Not Alive, But I Grow; I Don't Have Lungs, But I Need Air; I Don't Have A Mouth, But Water Kills Me. What am I?

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To answer this riddle, perhaps it would help to go back to your basic science. Do you think this thing is a creature or something else entirely? Still haven’t figure out the answer to this riddle? How about a little hint? You may encounter this regularly if your work involves rescue. That’s it, we’ve said enough.

23 Answer

Answer: A fire.

22 Which Vehicle Is Spelled The Same Forwards And Backwards?

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Nowadays, there are so many types of vehicles that you can choose from. For starters, you’ve got the sports utility vehicle or SUV, which seems to be the most popular among car buyers today. There is also the pickup truck for those who need something practical but adventurous. And then, you’ve also got sedans, minivans, and sportscars. But which type of vehicle is the answer to this riddle?

21 Answer

Answer: Racecar.

20 Why Did Tigger Go To The Bathroom?

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For as long as anyone can remember, Tigger has always been a popular animated character. After all, who doesn’t love this harmless tiger that seems to enjoy hopping around. And unlike a certain donkey, Tigger seems to be a lot more fun and optimistic. Now, do you think you know Tigger well enough? Why exactly does he need to use the bathroom?

19 Answer

Answer: He wanted to find Pooh!

18 What Is The Proper Length For A Lady's Skirt?

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Depending on where you are, the answer to this question may vary. For instance, some schools may impose a strict dress code wherein the skirt cannot be above a certain length. On the other hand, certain events may also require uniforms with a prescribed skirt length. But for this riddle, you really need to think in more simplistic terms…

17 Answer

Answer: Above two feet.

16 Why Don’t Cows Have Money?

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For a lot of countries, cows play a vital role in its livestock industry. It also largely supports the food sector, since cows are a source of certain key food items – milk, butter, cream and ultimately, meat. And in a way, this also provides the answer to this riddle. You don’t have to think hard. Just go with your gut.

15 Answer

Answer: Because the farmers milk them dry.

14 Is An Old Hundred-Dollar Bill Better Than A New One?

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Sure, it would really nice to have a crisp hundred-dollar bill. After all, it looks cleaner and therefore, ‘safer’ to use. However, to answer this riddle, you need to think carefully. Once again, employ your powers of observation and dissect the question word for word? What do you notice? Have you figured out the answer yet?

13 Answer

Answer: Well, it’s worth $99 more.

12 What Can You Put In A Wooden Box That Will Make It Lighter?

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Answering this riddle would take a little bit of imagination on your part. Begin by picturing a box. Just make sure you’re imagining a wooden box, those Amazon parcel boxes would be useless here. Now, think very carefully. What can you put inside to make it lighter? Remember, the riddle is not asking for items that would keep the box light.

11 Answer

Answer: Holes.

10 Why Did The Banana Go To The Doctor?

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Just this once, let’s assume that this banana is a character. After all, if utensils and furniture can move and talk on the “Beauty and the Beast,” why can’t a humble banana become animated? So, this banana clearly has a problem and tries to seek help. Now, what could be the matter?

9 Answer

Answer: Because it wasn’t peeling well!

8 It’s Made Of Water. But If You Put It In Water, It Will Die. What Is It?

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If you think about it, water is one of the most essential elements on Earth. Even the human body is mostly water. According to H.H. Mitchell in the Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the lungs contain about 83 percent water while the brain and heart are made up of 73 percent water. And so, it could be impossible to imagine anything dying when put into water. But then again, perhaps you didn’t think hard enough…

7 Answer

Answer: Ice.

6 It Has Hands, But It Can’t Clap. What Is It?

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There’s something about clapping one’s hands that marks a milestone or a joyous occasion. At the same time, clapping also comes with some incredible health benefits. According to a study published in the Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal, clapping can boost one’s immunity, improve bone health and even reduce insomnia. So, having hands and not being able to clap can sound pretty tragic. But before you start to feel bad, think really hard about the answer to this riddle…

5 Answer

Answer: A clock.

4 What Is The Only Tree That You Can Carry In Your Hands?

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Generally, trees are not small enough to be carried by hand. The only time this is even possible is when trees are still in the form of seedlings or a really small plant. On the other hand, there are also the bonsai trees, which you can carry around different parts of your home for display purposes. However, we think this isn’t exactly where this riddle is going…

3 Answer

Answer: Palm.

2 If A Chicken Says "All Chickens Are Liars," Is The Chicken Telling The Truth?

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It seems that the chicken has always figured in some joke or riddle, one way or the other. In fact, for years, we’ve been asking why the chicken crossed the road. We’ve also been wondering if the chicken or the egg came first. And now, it seems we need to determine if a chicken is capable of lying. What do you think?

1 Answer

Answer: Don’t be silly, chickens can’t talk!

Reference: Merriam Webster, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Psychology and Behavioral, Science International Journal, Journal of Biological Chemistry, The Guardian, The Free Dictionary

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