Nobody Can Remember Which Of These 20 Guys Taylor Swift Actually Dated

In the world of music and pop culture, few names carry the same weight as Taylor Swift. The singing sensation, who started off wowing audiences with her country tunes before transitioning to an out-and-out popstar, has been the centre of attention since day one.

While we'd love to say that this is because her music is phenomenal, that's not the entirety of the story. Call her explorative, open-minded, promiscuous, blessed with a short attention span, or a hopeless romantic, but the fact is that Taylor's complicated dating history is what continues to shoot her name up in lights (and inspire a significant amount of her hit songs).

So, who thinks that they can remember who T-Swizzle has actually dated over the years and who was just a good friend?

20 Tom Hiddleston

via Time Magazine

They say that age is just a number. However, would the fact that this English actor, film producer, and musician is almost 10 years older than TayTay throw her off her game? Or do you think that she was able to look past it and actually link up romantically with Tom Hiddleston for a while?

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have dated. 

19 Harry Styles

via Billboard

We'll give you all a little hint for this one, okay? Here it is: Taylor Swift did, at one stage, date a member of One Direction. Which one was it though? While this could be a photo of a romantic boardwalk stroll, it could just as easily be a couple of friends catching up and getting some fresh air.

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have dated.

18 Josh Hutcherson

via Getty

At first glance, it might seem that there's no way that Taylor would have dated someone who was that much shorter than her. However, not pictured are the giant high heels she's wearing, which give her an extra edge above Josh. Height aside, he's a great guy and a quality actor.

Taylor Swift and Josh Hutcherson have never dated.

17 Zac Efron

via Billboard

It's no secret that Taylor has played the field a little over the years, so to speak. But that's not to say that she's been romantically involved with every single dazzling Hollywood star she's pictured alongside - although the Zac Efron and T-Swizzle combo would certainly be a powerhouse.

Taylor Swift and Zac Efron have never dated.

16 Hugh Jackman

via Today Show

Judging by the tip of the Christmas tree poking out in the background, it seems obvious that these two friendly faces were spending time together at the holidays. Nevertheless, the Aussie heartthrob, who travels constantly, is quite hard to pin down, and also has a significantly higher number of years on the clock than Taylor.

Taylor Swift and Hugh Jackman have never dated.

15 John Mayer

via Billboard

As a pair of beloved musicians, it would make plenty of sense that these two would have taken it to another level at one stage or another. Rumour has it that Taylor has actually written a few of her songs about the Connecticut singer-songwriter - the question is, do you believe that those were based off a fling?

Taylor Swift and John Mayer have dated.

14 Joe Jonas

via Billboard

With three brothers to choose from and a track record that isn't exactly picky, it wouldn't come as much of a shock to discover that Taylor had, in fact, tamed one of the Jonas Brothers. These two are both in the same industry and therefore would have had plenty in common.

Taylor Swift and Joe Jonas have dated.

13 Bruno Mars

via getty

If these two were to join forces not only would their trophy cabinet be overflowing but they'd skyrocket toward the top of entertainments list of 'it' couples. Or perhaps they were actually already romantically inclined in the past but kept it relatively under wraps.

Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars have never dated.

12 Austin Mahone

via getty

Granted, Austin Mahone might have a babyface, however, the age differential between he and TayTay is only six years - Austin is 23 while our favourite country-turned-popstar is 20. Thankfully, in the entertainment and music industries, age gaps mean very little.

Taylor Swift and Austin Mahone have never dated.

11 Cory Monteith

via Billboard

If anyone can remember back to 2010, that's when this photo was taken. At one stage, during an interview on Ellen, Cory was asked to confirm or deny rumours that he was knocking boots with Taylor. We won't reveal his answer though, as that would give it away.

Taylor Swift and Cory Monteith have dated.

10 Lucas Till

via Billboard

We know that Taylor Swift and Lucas Till co-starred on "You Belong With Me", however, does anyone remember what happened after that? While a romantic spark would have definitely been possible, perhaps they just decided to stick it out as friends - or perhaps not!

Taylor Swift and Lucas Till have dated.

9 Calvin Harris

via Billboard

If Calvin's gawking side stare is anything to go by, then all signs point to some sort of romantic history between this dynamic music duo. Of course, we can't judge anything from just a solitary picture - for all we know, he could have been commenting on a ghastly perfume choice.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have dated.

8 Justin Bieber

via Teen Vogue

Despite the fact that Justin Bieber is a few years younger than our beloved T-Swizzle, considering that we're well aware of her celebrated dating history, it wouldn't come across as too much of a shock to discover that the pair had been knocking boots at one stage or another along their spotlit careers.

Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber have never dated.

7 Kanye West

via SheKnows

Over the years we've had no shortage of headlines featuring Kanye West and Taylor Swift, that's for sure. Were those headlines about their complicated dating life, or was it something else entirely? Only those who were really paying attention will be able to say for sure.

Taylor Swift and Kanye West have never dated.

6 Taylor Lautner

via Billboard

Did we really see the Taylor-Taylor combo making headlines as a Hollywood power couple or does that just seem too tacky and made-up? We know for a fact that these two met on the set of the hit rom-com Valentine's Day back in 2009 but what happened after that, well, that's up to you to remember.

Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have dated.

5 James Corden

via Billboard

It's no secret that James Corden loves to bellow out some tunes - just take one look at his carpool karaoke series and you'll notice that instantly. The pair seems to be having a jolly time here together but it's just as likely to be a momentary laugh as it is to be anything more serious.

Taylor Swift and James Corden have never dated.

4 Niall Horan

via Billboard

We admitted earlier that T-Swizzle did date one of the former One Direction members but can anyone recall which one it was? The two singers appear rather compatible from an outside perspective, and Niall and Tay do seem to be loving their time on the stage together, that's for sure.

Taylor Swift and Niall Horan have never dated.

3 Jake Gyllenhaal

via Us Weekly

As much as this could be a paparazzi shot of a lovey-dovey couple going for a stroll in the winter, it could just as well be Jake and Taylor hanging out and catching up for a morning coffee, with a touch of flirting along the way, of course. They would make a cute pairing though, wouldn't they?

Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal have dated.

2 Conor Kennedy

via telegraph.co.uk

At first glance it seems obviously that there's a little spark between these two, we can't argue that. However, who's to say that this wasn't part of a music video shoot or wasn't staged for the tabloids? Real of fake, regardless, they seem like they're fully invested in the moment.

Taylor Swift and Conor Kennedy have never dated.

1 Joe Alwyn

via Refinery29

Our first cab off the ranks is none other than English actor, Joe Alwyn. While it might appear that, outside of the frame, the pair is holding hands, they could just as easily be carrying a heavy shopping bag together. It could also simply be an optical illusion.

According to reports, they are currently dating.

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