Noah Centineo Now Has A Beard + 19 Others Who Are Total Stud Muffins With Scruff

If we had to choose who the hottest man in Hollywood is ATM, numerous names would flood to our minds. And with social media nowadays, it's just so hard to escape all these gorgeous men that are totally drool-worthy.Is it Aquaman's Jason Momoa? Is it Michael B. Jordan? Is it Noah Centineo?

It's impossible to decide on one, however there is ONE criterion that is a must which instantly makes a man go from super-cute to super-hot: a well-maintained scruff.

Some women love beards, while others loathe them. All we know is that there are some A-listers who made us go bonkers when they decided to make their beards a part of their look. There's just something about a beard that gives a gorgeous guy an edge.

So, with that in mind, let's take a look at 20 celebrities who rock the red carpet with some stylish scruff.

20 Just When We Thought Our Bodyguard Could Not Be More Handsome

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Chances are if you watched the UK TV series Bodyguard, you fell head-over-heels in love with Scottish-born Richard Madden.

While in the show the PPO does not have a full-grown beard, in real life Madden rocks a wicked crazy beard that makes him look more bae-utiful than before. Just go ahead and stalk his 'gram page, and you'll vouch for the facial hair on the blue-eyed hunk. Plus, he just looks so much more like a tough guy with a bit of a scruffy look on him.

19 Groom It Like Beckham

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While many look up to David Beckham because of his football greatness, we look up to him because of his impeccable style.

If any man wants to amp up their beard game, they should certainly make David Beckham their go-to guy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and we honestly cannot resist Beckham's beard.

His full beard is both stylish and manly, which naturally places him on top of the fashion game. The football icon looks like a hunk with his shortly-trimmed beard and natural mustache, and at the end of the day there is no questioning that David is a certified grooming god too.

18 Pratt’s Beloved Patchy Beard

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Chris Pratt just got engaged, but that doesn't mean we're going to stop paying attention to his lovely scruff! His beard is a part of him and his career, as it's played a crucial part in many of his most significant film roles. Chris might not have the longest beard or the finest stubble, but the man who constantly makes the list of the sexiest men alive is surely doing something right, and that is his clean-cut style.

Always trimmed and kept at a uniform length, Chris's beard looks red-carpet ready.

17 Oh Ricky You’re So Fine

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He may be “Livin' La Vida Loca,” but he drives us bananas with his beard!

Ricky Martin will always look amazing, whether he hits the red carpet looking sharp in a tux or he's chilling out at home. It's partially thanks to his flawlessly-groomed beard. Martin makes sporting a beard look so effortlessly elegant, and since his style is so posh, the beard brings it all together. Even when his beard looks shaggy, he looks bomb!

16 A Sizzling Beard Is Born

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If there is anyone we fell in love with all over again in 2018, it was Bradley Cooper ― and we loved every second of it.

Although we already knew he was a star, a star was certainly born again when we heard and saw Cooper sing and strum a guitar in A Star Is Born. If one man can rock an unkempt beard and messy hair, and still look that foxy, it's Cooper. After seeing him in the film he also directed, he surely heightened the beard game. Now we're having difficulty picturing him without that beard which emphasized his ocean-blue eyes.

15 Chris Hemsworth’s Beard Is A Gift

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Whatever Chris Hemsworth does, he still looks undeniably handsome. This Australian really puts the bae in bae-utiful. If you ever want to convince your significant other to get a beard, just show him the many pictures of Hemsworth's different scruff styles, and then show him a picture of the stud muffin without one ― he'll instantly change his mind and stop going to the barber so much. Hemsworth's masculinity just shines through when he's got a beard, which is partly what makes him so perfect as Thor. 

14 Beards Over Stripes, That’s What We Like

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Drake certainly "looks alive" with his beard ― as if he was not already the most talked about star in the music business.

Because Drake was on top of the Billboard Chart all 2018 long and we saw his face splattered just about everywhere, we completely forgot what he looks like without a full beard. After thorough review though, Drake's beard is a must. It takes him from attractive to awesome. Since it's slightly rough, his beard gives him an edge so we hope he keeps it around.

13 50 Shades Of A Beard

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To be honest, when news first broke of Jamie Dornan playing the role of Christian Grey, we weren't that excited - until we saw him bearded up!

When the actor is clean-shaven, he tends to look younger with his flawless baby face. Give him a beard, whether bushy or groomed, and he becomes totally smashing. Dornan has had some of the greatest beard moments ever for an A-lister, and we totally dig it.

12 And Just Like That, Harry Potter Got Our Attention

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We saw him start off as a young teen in Harry Potter. Then he quickly became a mega superstar in Hollywood, and now he's also one of the hunkiest celebrities with beards.

When we saw that Daniel Radcliffe ditched the clean-shaven look for a full-on beard, we got pretty excited about it. Harry Potter was no longer the young Daniel Radcliffe to us, but a man to keep our attention on him. He has already referred to his beard as the "beast beard," as People reports. We believe the nickname should stick around since he looks so grown-up and rugged with it.

11 This Is Why We Love Creed So Much

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What woman hasn't gone bonkers for Michael B. Jordan in the last year?

But let's be honest: Michael B. Jordan would not be Michael B. Jordan without his superior beard. It oozes perfection. Anyone have an idea who his barber is, so we can thank him?

As Jordan's career continues to rise, so does the beauty of his beard, and so does our heart rate. Besides putting us under his spell on the big screen in movies like Black Panther, he also breaks our hearts with his little scruff and mustache.

10 Noah Centineo Just Rocked Our World Again

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To all the boys we've loved before, we no longer care about you because we have Noah Centineo and a beard. Oh Centineo, why did you have to do this to us? We were already in love with you and now you're killing us softly.

Just when we thought Centineo had no more surprises up his sleeve, he teased us with a glimpse of his new look on Instagram - a scruff, and we fell in love all over again. 

This 22-year-old has it all, and now that we saw him go from gorgeous baby-face to a grown man with facial hair, we're excited to see what he has in store next. One thing we know for sure, just like his To All The Boys I've Loved Before co-star Lana Condor, we are in love with his lush beard.

9 Tom Hardy Has One Of The Coolest Beards In Hollywood

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If anyone could pull off the shaggy, messy and unkempt beard and make it look sizzling hot, it is Tom Hardy. Even if you did not enjoy the actor and producer in Venom, we must hand it to him, his beard is the ultimate accessory.

His beard styles are so iconic that there are advice columns for men who want to achieve a rugged beard like his, with GQ jumping on the bandwagon. 

It's safe to say that his scruff is the epitome of rugged masculinity, and it takes his appeal through the roof.

8 We Know There Is Nothing Dead About Reynolds’ Beard

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You know who is ruggedly handsome so effortlessly? Ryan Reynolds. Not much has changed about his appearance over the years. He keeps the same stylish haircut, for example, but when his beard hit the scene, it made us go, "Oh." Instead of being OTT, the beard looks just right for the classy actor.

He had a big year last year on the screen, and we won't mind seeing him regularly on the red carpet with a tux and groomed beard in tow. It just works for him. Can he get more gorgeous?

7 He Made A Big Bang With His New Bearded Look

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How can a man change his appearance dramatically? With a beard, and we are so grateful that many of these celebrities opted to do so. Johnny Galecki, we mean you!

We are so used to seeing this cutie portray a nerd with no sense of style or appeal on The Big Bang Theory, so when he stepped out with a little scruff, we were floored.

The A-lister skipped the clean-shaven look, and it worked for him. We wish he would've done it sooner. He's gone from nerd to not-your-average.

6 Chadwick Boseman Strikes Again

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This next actor took over the world in 2018 with his role in Black Panther, and he was certainly fit for the role as Chadwick Boseman is so fierce with his beard.

Talk about being a panther, this man really made us growl when we saw him on our screens. If your SO is feeling a little adventurous, you may just want to convince him to try out Boseman's fabulous beard that is one of the best scruffs in Hollywood.

His look is impeccable: his beard is always groomed and tailored to his face, which accentuates his (heartbreaking) jawline. To top it off, the mustache is the cherry on top.

5 John Krasinski Looking Fly

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Some men look entirely different when they grow beards, and when John Krasinski opted for a beard, we loved the bona fide star even more. When we saw him with his beard in A Quiet Place, we certainly had trouble keeping quiet ― how could we? The star suddenly spiked our interest in him a thousand times more.

His beard in that movie stole the show. Social media went crazy after people started commenting about how gorgeous he looked with it, as Pop Buzz reports.

One person tweeted, "find someone who looks at you the way emily blunt looks at john krasinski's beard."

4 Chris Pine Is So Sharp

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If your man wants to achieve the perfect beard, he should try and imitate Chris Pine's one ASAP.

Although the stud muffin has already hypnotized us countless times with his piercing blue eyes and his infectious charisma, he won over our hearts with his full beard.

So classy and elegant, this well-groomed man makes us all go gaga with his naturally charming look. His beard is classic and laid back, without ruining his boyish good looks that keep us looking his way.

3 Miley Cyrus Is A Lucky Woman

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Liam Hemsworth has a black belt in knowing how to go from clean shaven to manly hunk in under five seconds. If you needed any more convincing on how attractive a scruff is, we have your man right here. The Hunger Games star sets our hearts racing with his rugged manly look which perfectly accentuates all his greatest qualities, including his eyes and jawline.

As Insider reports, he really looks more distinguished with facial hair.

2 We’re Not Hating Hart

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The man who makes us laugh until it hurts, Kevin Hart has not only changed the game in comedy, but also in facial hair. Hart has continuously poked fun at his height, but with the recent variation he made to his scruff, we certainly do not see Hart as a boy, but rather, a man who is the epitome of manliness and class.

The comedian has recently opted for a goatee with more fluff at the bottom of his chin which makes the look a bit more rugged. His beard is a lot more modern than many celebs on this list, and it works for him.

1 He Was Not Cast As Aquaman For Nothing

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Wherever you know Jason Momoa from, chances are you first fell in love with his luscious hair. Not just the hair on his head, we're talking about his beard, too!

Momoa's beard is his signature. There's no one else in Hollywood who suits a beard as much as he does. The best part about it is that although it's a bit disheveled, his beard is all about looking natural without being untidy. The effortless and healthy scruff has made Aquaman steal our hearts.

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