There's No Use Crying Over A Broken Blush Compact, At Least Not Anymore Thanks To The Fixy Makeup Repair Kit

Among makeup accidents, compacts crashing to the ground or being crushed at the bottom of a purse rank at the top of the list of worst disasters. For most women, losing a beloved compact is a painful experience not only because of the expense but also because a favorite shade can be hard to come by if it’s been sold out or discontinued. Luckily, now the FIXY Makeup Repair kit can help you piece together the fragments of your broken compact, thereby making everything right in the world again.

Jill Rossini, the woman behind the FIXY kit, had 15 years of experience in graphic design as well as 10 years as a licensed esthetician when she decided to create FIXY, while also being a mom, founder and former skater of Denver Roller Derby, an avid snowboarder, mountain biker, and yogi. Not bad for a day’s work.

The FIXY Makeup Repair kit includes a grinder tool, a pressing device, a pick/scraper, and a binding agent, as well as nine empty pans for eyeshadow, blush, and bronzer. A magnetized z-palette helps you set your pans, giving new life to your broken compact.

You can use a knife to gather up the bits of your eyeshadow or blush. Afterward, empty the contents into the screen and use the pick and scraper tools to scrape all the makeup out of the broken pan into the screen. Then, use the grinding tool to crush any clusters and return the makeup back to its original powder form. The grinder will push the makeup through the screen into tin below.

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Now, choose a pan and add your makeup. You may need to try a couple of pans before finding the right size. Then select the press tool that fits your pan and spray two shots of the binding agent onto the powder, holding the press tightly for 10 seconds. Snap the new pan into the magnetized tin and you've finished.

The kit, which costs $44, is well worth it since it can help you salvage hundreds of dollars’ worth of makeup over the course of your adult life. The pans are also useful to combine powders, create your own shades and become an all-around cosmetics guru in the process. Rihanna who?

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