No Make-Up: 25 Of Our Fav Celebs Who Dared To Go Bare

It is incredibly rare to see a female celeb without a trace of makeup on her face. When celebrities are on the red carpet, on TV, in movies or on stage, most stars are fully made up, so much so that we probably wouldn’t recognize them without any makeup!

But just like the rest of us, celebs can’t wear makeup all the time. When they are not filming, performing or doing a photoshoot, chances are they are letting their skin breathe. But for the most part, these makeup-free moments happen in the privacy of their own home. Otherwise, the paparazzi will find these bare-faced gals and snap their pics like there’s no tomorrow. Then the photos are shamelessly splashed all over the web and wind up in gossip mags. You know the drill.

As curious fans of these famous females, we just can’t help but want to see how they look without the fake eyelashes, layers of foundation and lip gloss. Here are some of the world’s biggest female stars without a stitch of makeup. You might do a double take when you see them in their natural state, because we all know the magic makeup can do.

25 Solange Scrubbed

Via: tah-heetch.com

Just like her big sis Beyoncé, Solange is simply stunning without a stitch of makeup. She embraces an all-natural look, letting her smooth skin steal the show and her deep brown eyes sparkle and shine. We often see Solange wearing makeup, but when she goes without it, she still catches everyone’s attention with her unique personality and style.

Fans love Solange’s fierce fashion sense, so when she takes the all-natural approach to her makeup routine, fans admire her for that too. With or without makeup, Solange is a sight to see. And all eyes are on her.

24 Zooey Deschanel Doesn’t Need Any

Via: therichest.com

Actress Zooey Deschanel is known for her quirky roles and cute personality. And whenever we see her in movies or on the red carpet, she’s wearing makeup. Not that she needs it, but her makeup enhances her brilliant blue eyes and other features. But here we see the actress without any makeup at all. She looks youthful and adorable, but nothing like the star we’re used to seeing.

Like the rest of the population, not every moment is a makeup moment for this star. Every now and then, it's good to look after one's skin and let it breathe.

23 Kendra Wilkinson Without

Via: okmagazine.com

Reality star and former Playboy princess Kendra Wilkinson is a California cutie, and here we see the star without any makeup at all. While we’ve seen her makeup-free on TV, she also rocks a full face of makeup when she’s on the red carpet or all dolled up for a night on the town. And back in her “Hef” days, she probably wore a full face of makeup to sleep.

While she looks like she was caught off guard in this pic, she still made the choice to go out and about makeup-free and let the world see her for who she is. Sometimes it’s too much of a hassle to deal with makeup when there are tons of to-dos to accomplish.

22 Ashley Graham’s A Goddess

Via: thefashionspot.com

Model Ashley Graham has paved the way for “plus-size” models to prove they are just as stunning as their skinnier counterparts. Her beautiful face, full(er) figure and positive attitude are what make her the role model she has become.

Her poses are perfection and her smile could light up a room. And even when she isn’t wearing any makeup, she is still ravishing. Some may say she even looks better this way.

Of course, as a model, she must wear lots of makeup for photoshoots and runway shows, but when she’s home relaxing, rubbing off that pressed powder must be pure pleasure.

21 Kim Kardashian Keeping it Real

Via: Shared.com

It’s a rare experience to see Kim K all scrubbed clean without a swipe of makeup to be seen. Granted, this pic is not exactly from yesterday, but even before she became Mrs. West, she was still one to get all done up, day or night. But now we know what Kim looks like without all that contouring and colour.

She’s still super pretty, but far plainer than the princess of reality TV we know today. We wonder if Kanye prefers his wife in her natural state or after her “team” is done with her time-consuming makeup application?

20 Uma Thurman Toned Down

Via: okmagazine.com

Uma Thurman is a long-time actress who we’ve been following for decades. She has a beauty that is out-of-the-box and far from cookie cutter. But just like most celebs, she usually wears a good amount of makeup. But here, she is free of blush, eyeshadow, lipstick and all the rest, except for some nail polish.

Her big smile is all she needs to light up her face. She might not have planned to be photographed, but here it is and she’s not shy about it. Sometimes it feels great to go makeup-free and not give a hoot who sees you!

19 Beyoncé Barefaced

Via: stylebistro.com

Fans of Beyoncé love her look, style and sense of self. She’s always confident and super cool, even when she is makeup-free. When you are as fabulous as she is, it’s hard to feel insecure even without a trace of makeup. Beyoncé is naturally beautiful, so all makeup does is enhance what she already has going for her. She knows how to pose with all the right angles, and her look says it all.

While it’s fun to play dress up and get your makeup done, there is something special about going without makeup and still looking chic. Beyoncé can’t go wrong.

18 January Jones Just Plain and Simple

Via: thefashionspot.com

Actress January Jones is a natural stunner, showing the world her lovely luminous skin and rosy glow. She does not need any makeup to achieve this pretty look. All she needs is her natural beauty and the sunlight to set the mood. With her blonde hair blowing in the wind, we see how the actress sparkles from within, without the need for heavy concealer or matte lipstick.

Without any makeup, she comes across as approachable and attractive – someone you can see as your BFF. And who wants to wear a ton of makeup when they are chilling with their girlfriends?

17 Adele Au Naturale

Via: richardmagazine.com

Adele has the voice of an angel and her all-natural looks are just as pitch-perfect. While Adele usually takes the stage in a full face of heavy makeup, after the curtain closes, she wipes it all away and reveals a face as fresh as the morning dew. With her clear skin and perfect eyebrows, Adele doesn’t even need a hint of makeup to look any better. Of course, we won’t expect the singer to go makeup-free for good, but at least we can say she still looks just as lovely. Let’s hope her makeup artist still has a job after realising Adele doesn’t need much help!

16 Makeup-Free Miranda Kerr

Via: steadlane.club

Miranda Kerr is one of today’s top models, so it comes as little surprise that she looks like a million bucks even when she is not wearing any makeup.

As one of the gorgeous Victoria’s Secret models as well as the face of many other high-end brands, she is highly sought-after and we can certainly see why. Her perfect features are flattering and her complexion is fantastic.

When she wears makeup, it only enhances her genetic gifts. Lucky lady. Most women would go makeup-free all the time if they had looks like this. Maybe the supermodel will start a trend.

15 Radiant Rihanna

Via: sojo1049.com

Rihanna is a total knockout, but we barely ever see the sultry singer without her makeup done. She is flawless most of the time, even when she’s snapped by the paps and unaware of it. Here’s a rare peek at the gorgeous gal without any makeup at all. She is having tons of fun in the sun and any makeup would melt in that heat. She might not realize the paparazzi has taken her pic, but when there is so much fun to be had, who cares if they plaster her photo online? Rihanna knows she is naturally attractive, so the more pics, the merrier.

14 Simply Salma Hayek

Via: thefashionspot.com

Fans adore actress Salma Hayek for her many talents as well as her radiant beauty on the screen. For years she has been an A-lister, starring in some of the most memorable movies of our time. While she has sported many looks over the years, she usually wears makeup, whether on screen or on the red carpet. But she looks just as amazing without a trace of eye shadow or lipstick.

She’s puckering up to blow us a kiss, and she doesn’t need lip gloss to look gorgeous. If we all looked so lovely without the extras, we’d be posing like this too.

13 Zero Makeup Zoë Kravitz

Via: thefashionspot.com

Zoë Kravitz is a total stunner, and she can thank good genes for her gorgeous face. Her parents are both superstars, and they are both as beautiful as their daughter is. Now that she is in the public eye, wearing makeup is part of the routine. But as you can tell, this young star looks flawless without any makeup on.

She is a natural beauty, with skin that’s near-perfect, cheekbones for days and a look that could be catwalk-ready at any time. It seems like this alluring actress is following in her parents’ footsteps, and they sure are fabulous!

12 Sweet Shakira

Shakira is amazing. Her singing voice is powerful and her stage presence is show-stopping. She packs a punch from her petite body, proving that the best things do really come in small packages. Her fab figure and pretty face make her even more appealing, rounding out the total package. We normally see Shakira wearing makeup when she is on stage or posing for photos in magazines. But who knew she would look so lovely without a trace of makeup? Some may argue she’s even more adorable this way.

Shakira should ditch her makeup bag and go makeup-free forever.

11 Naomi Watts With None

Via: okmagazine.com

Do you wear a full face of makeup when you go to CVS? Ya, neither does actress Naomi Watts. She’s more than fine with shopping for toiletries without a layer of foundation on her face. Perhaps that is the reason she is there in the first place: to shop for more makeup. And in a bag of this size, the actress must be stocking up.

While she looks great without makeup, it doesn’t appear that she’s all too happy being photographed. At least the paparazzi could have waited until she swiped on some lipstick. Then perhaps she’d be smiling.

10 Lisa Rinna Rubbed Clean

Via: beauty.fzl99.com

Reality star and businesswoman Lisa Rinna is always beautiful. Her outgoing personality puts her front and center, and she’s always willing to put it all out there. We are used to seeing the star in a full face of makeup, especially when she’s on television. She can’t keep up with the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills crowd by looking like a Plain Jane. But underneath the layers of makeup is a woman who looks darn terrific without all that jazz.

She’s no spring chicken, but her skin tells us another story. Who knew the celeb was such a cutie even without contouring and concealer?

9 Kelly Osbourne Out Of Makeup

Via: abcnews.go.com

Kelly Osbourne is never one to be a wallflower, but she’s also not one to bare her face without lots of makeup to cover it up.

But every once in a while, a woman wants to wash the make-believe away and show the world what lies beneath the blush. And this gal is proving she’s pretty even without all the bells and whistles.

She looks fresh and clean and super confident. And she still has that edge, thanks to her shaved head and lavender hair colour. Who needs makeup when you can look so cool without any? It seems like this celeb got the message loud and clear.

8 Tyra Banks Beneath the Makeup

Via: wethepvblic.com

Tyra Banks still looks pretty great without any makeup. She might be making a weird face to show off her silly side, but the point is that she isn’t afraid to bare it all for the world to see what lies underneath all that Revlon and Cover Girl.

It’s hard to believe that this bare-faced gal is a supermodel, but we all know the transformation she has to undergo to become the glossy, glam woman we see in the finest fashion mags. No one can work it better than this top model.

7 Glowing Gwyneth Paltrow

Via: thefashionspot.com

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow always looks terrific, even when she’s completely natural without a trace of makeup on her face. She looks happy and go-lucky, feeling fine in her skin and with her glowing complexion. When we see the star in films or on red carpets, she’s usually done up with plenty of makeup.

She never goes overboard, but she does get her look perfected just like the rest of the celebs do. But once the day is done, the actress can get back to being as normal as possible and wipe away the day to reveal the woman she really is.

6 Demi Lovato Looking Lovely

Via: abcnews.go.com

Singer Demi Lovato has been through a lot lately, so it’s nice to see a pic of her looking peaceful and serene. When she’s rocking it out on stage or posing for pics for magazines, the star is always done up to the max.

She’s covered in heavy makeup so she can portray the pop star everyone expects to see. But when the show wraps and the singer goes home, she can pop on her glasses and put on some sweats. And all that makeup can go down the drain. Not to mention, she looks pretty terrific without any makeup at all.

5 Emilia Clarke Clean As A Whistle

Via: pinterest.com

Actress Emilia Clarke looks super-cute without any makeup. Her fresh face is a far cry from the made-up look we’re used to seeing, but she rocks this plain look like nobody’s business.

With her hair pulled away from her face, we get an even better view of her lovely skin and features, as well as her great brows and facial structure.

Not every actress is willing to bare their face in front of millions, but this gal is confident in her own skin. She’s a natural beauty with looks that are as great as her talents. Why wear anything to cover it up?

4 Hilary Duff In The Buff

Via: thefashionspot.com

Actress and singer Hilary Duff is a darling. She looks cute in her adorable pose with no makeup on her face. She looks youthful and happy, just like she ought to. Okay, so her nails are well-manicured, but you’ve got to give a gal something, right? Otherwise, this blonde beauty is at her best when she’s completely natural.

Her big eyes tell the whole story, so why take away their stunning shine by adding layers of gunk and goo to distract us from her true self? She looks great in makeup too, but this bare look is simply sensational.

3 Amanda Bynes Blush-Free

Via: beauty.fzl99.com

Actress Amanda Bynes has been in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons in the past, but before her meltdown phase, she was everyone’s fave girl-next-door darling. As a child star, she won over the hearts of millions with her natural talent and charm. She’s a true beauty as made evident by this pic, and even with no makeup at all, her good looks are worth smiling about.

Her cute cheeks could surely hold a lot of blush, but this actress doesn’t need any to give off a rosy glow. She’s all smiles, and we’d be too if we looked so adorbs without any products.

2 Cindy Crawford Carefree

Via: abcnews.go.com

One of the most legendary supermodels of all time is the one and only Cindy Crawford. She is a timeless beauty who only gets better with age, just like a fine wine. A toast to Cindy!

She is radiant and ravishing, looking as great now as any 20-something could hope for.

Her gorgeous daughter is following in her footsteps, but those will be big shoes to fill. This model still has it going on, and she doesn’t even need a pinch of makeup to make us do a double take. Forever runway-ready, she’s a model we will never stop gushing over.

1 Lady Gaga Gets Real

Via: losaltosgirlscouts.org

Leave it to Lady Gaga to show off her natural radiance without worrying about ridicule or negative tweets from trolls. She knows she is a stunning woman, even without any makeup. Sure, she loves playing with her looks and wearing lots of makeup on stage, but when the lights go down and she heads back to reality, the makeup comes off and the real Lady Gaga comes forward.

This has been quite the year for the singer-actress, so she has everything to be joyful about. One more thing to add to the list? Her bare-faced beauty. This woman has it made…makeup-free.

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