No Kids, No Problem: 20 Female Celebs Who Said NO To Children

There’s no doubt that having children can bring so much joy to a woman’s life, but anyone who has ever raised a child can also say that having children is a lot of responsibility! While children can be a blessing for many people, having kids definitely is not for everyone. Although most people still do choose to become parents at some point in their lives, today it is becoming somewhat more common to hear someone say that they are unsure if they want to be a parent, or to simply say that they are not interested in becoming a parent at all.

For women, the decision to become a parent can involve weighing many factors—after all, they are the ones who have to carry a baby for nine months! And as everyone knows, this is no easy task. That’s why there are more women than ever who are choosing to stay childfree with no regrets. Motherhood is an important job, and some women realize that it is just not the job for them. There are plenty of famous women who don’t feel that motherhood is the right path for them. Here are 20 female celebs who choose to be childfree.

20 Marisa Tomei Didn’t Want Marriage Or Motherhood


According to Marie Claire, Marisa Tomei never felt that having kids was the right choice for her. She also did not feel like getting married was right for her, either. When she has been asked about her choices to remain childfree and to not walk down the aisle, she has said that she is a complete person without kids or a husband—and it’s unfair to expect that all women will make the same life choices.

Clearly, Marisa has had a very full life without marriage or children, and she is going to keep living her life on her terms.

19 Stevie Nicks Chose Her Career Over Kids


Stevie Nicks is a legend in the world of music. She created such beautiful music with Fleetwood Mac, and to this day she is seen as an icon. Her talent is indisputable. But Stevie knew that if she wanted to pursue her career in music and truly become one of the greats, she could not afford to be casual about it. She had to go all in and give it everything she had.

According to Ranker, that is why Stevie chose never to become a mother. She knew that having kids would mean putting her music on the back burner.

18 Cameron Diaz Says Kids Just Weren’t In The Cards


Cameron Diaz was never totally against the idea of having children—but she was never super attached to it, either. According to Yahoo, she figured that she would leave it somewhat up to chance, and if it turned out that motherhood was in her future, she would embrace that new role.

If not? Well, she was already quite happy and satisfied with her successful acting career and accomplishments, so either way, she would be content. She never ended up having children, but that is just fine with her. It’s safe to say that she has no regrets about her life.

17 Megan Mullally Realized Kids Weren’t Part Of Her Plan


Megan Mullally has been working in Hollywood forever, appearing in popular sitcoms like Will and Grace and Parks and Recreation. She is married to her fellow Parks and Rec cast member Nick Offerman, and although the two of them make a great couple and probably would have been amazing parents, they also got married later in life.

According to GQ, Megan says it was just a bit too late for her to have children. However, she also says that she was totally fine with this outcome. She loves her life with Nick either way, and they’re super happy together.

16 Sarah Silverman Prioritized Her Comedy Career


Sarah Silverman is one of the funniest comedians out there, and she has been making an impact in Hollywood for years. Although Sarah was once open to the idea of becoming a mother, according to This Is Insider, she realized that parenthood would mean making a lot of sacrifices as far as her career in comedy was concerned.

She had already worked so hard to make a name for herself as a female comic—a challenge even in this day and age—so why would she want to undo all of it? She chose to remain childfree and focus on comedy instead.

15 Oprah Winfrey Never Had Time For Kids


Oprah Winfrey is simply unmatchable—she has built a media empire with her name on it, and her image is basically synonymous with success. She is a role model for many women of all ages, and she has dedicated her life’s work to uplifting her audience and making the world a better place.

According to Ranker, Oprah says that while she loves children, she would not have been able to be a good mother if she had had her own kids. She says that with all of her business responsibilities, she never would have had the time for them.

14 Betty White Has No Regrets About Life Without Kids


It seems like Betty White is basically everyone’s grandmother—who doesn’t love her and her sense of humor? She is just adorable, and she totally seems like she would be a doting grandma who also loves cracking jokes.

But according to This Is Insider, Betty actually never had children of her own. This was rare for women in her generation—she was definitely not following the same path as everyone else. But despite choosing the path less traveled, Betty says that she has never regretted her decision, and she is very happy that she chose to focus on acting and be childfree.

13 Renée Zellweger Was Only A Mom For Bridget Jones’s Baby

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Renée Zellweger may have played the role of a mother in the film Bridget Jones’s Baby—but in real life, she is not a mother. According to Baby Gaga, Renée said that she was never too detailed about what should or shouldn't happen in her life, so she never really gave children much thought. She also claimed she's never been "that deliberate" about sticking to achieving certain things that she thought would make her happy. She's all about going with the flow and seeing what happens! 

She is happy with her choice to play a mother on screen only and stay childfree in RL.

12 Winona Ryder Just Plays A Mother On Stranger Things


Winona Ryder is another childfree woman who does an amazing job of playing a mother on the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. But in real life, Winona does not have children of her own. According to Harper’s Bazaar, having kids just didn’t seem to be part of the plan for Winona.

But, even if she did not feel a maternal instinct strongly enough to prompt her to start a family of her own, she clearly knows how to play the role of a mother on Stranger Things. Her performance as Will’s mother is so convincing that it honestly feels real.

11 Jennifer Aniston Is Childfree And Loving It


Out of all the female celebs who have chosen to remain childfree, Jennifer Aniston just might be the most well known for her stance on not having kids. According to Vanity Fair, Jennifer was once open to the idea of having kids, but for whatever reason, she eventually changed her mind.

She has never opened up about the specific reasons behind her decision, but she doesn’t have to—she totally has the right to be private about it. She has clearly had a fabulous life without kids, and she will always be known as a strong and independent childfree woman.

10 Helen Mirren Says She Had No Maternal Instinct


Helen Mirren is basically Hollywood royalty—she carries herself with such dignity that she always manages to come across as regal. Many people think that Helen must be a mother, because the majority of women born in her generation did have children, and choosing to remain childfree would be seen as controversial.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, Mirren chose not to have kids, and she says that she has never once doubted that staying childfree was the right decision. She has been able to build the career of her dreams without the responsibilities of caring for children adding pressure to her schedule.

9 Alison Brie Doesn’t Plan On Having Children

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Alison Brie, who is known for her roles on the TV shows Community and GLOW, says that she does not plan on having children in the future. According to Harper's Bazaar, Alison says that realizing that she did not want to become a mother was actually a relief for her.

Even though she was choosing something that went outside the norm, she knew that it would make managing her career a whole lot easier in the long run. She says that she never has to worry about a pregnancy interfering with shooting a TV series or movie, which makes life easier.

8 Margaret Cho Says Kids Would Be Too Much Responsibility


Margaret Cho is another very well known childfree comedian. And being a comedian, she has always had a good sense of humor about her choice not to have kids. Margaret has been receiving questions about whether or not she wants kids for years, and although she typically answers with a clever joke, she also has a more in-depth explanation.

Margaret says that having a child would simply be too much responsibility for her to handle, as Salon reports. She knows that motherhood is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and she says she isn’t cut out for it.

7 Chelsea Handler Says Kids Aren’t For Her

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Joining the ranks of childfree comedians is Chelsea Handler. Chelsea is super funny, and she comes across as low maintenance and fun to be around. If she had ever chosen to have kids, she probably would have been a cool mom, but she says that having children was not part of the plan for her.

According to This Is Insider, Chelsea says that while she is very happy for her friends who chose to become mothers, she knew that it wasn’t in her future. She enjoys the freedom of being childfree and the ability to focus most of her time on comedy.

6 Queen Latifah Loves Her Life Without Kids

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No doubt about it: Queen Latifah is basically the definition of fabulous. It seems like no matter what she is working on, she is always having more fun than anyone else! How does she keep up that carefree, fun loving attitude? Well, the fact that she is not responsible for children probably helps.

According to Us, Queen Latifah is not a mother, and she does not regret her choice one bit! However, she is open to adopting but says that it took her until her 40s to feel that she was ready. 

5 Rachael Ray Put Her Love Of Cooking First

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If Rachael Ray had kids, everyone would probably want to hang out at their house—after all, they would always have the best snacks! But according to Cheat Sheet, Rachael never really felt that pull towards becoming a mother. Instead, she simply felt drawn towards the kitchen!

She always put her love of food and cooking first. Perhaps that is why she has enjoyed so much massive success over the course of her career. She has never seemed to have any second thoughts about her decision not to have kids—it’s clear that she made the right choice for herself.

4 Ellen DeGeneres Is Perfectly Happy Without Kids


When Ellen Degeneres got together with her partner, Portia de Rossi, rumors began spinning that the two would definitely adopt a child or two one day. But that never ended up happening, and yet these two women couldn’t be happier with the little family they have created for themselves, which includes three cats and three dogs according to Good Housekeeping!

Ellen and Portia have all they need already, and adoption just wasn’t part of their plan. They could not be a more adorable couple, and it seems like they have so much fun just being together without having any kids.

3 Liza Minnelli Says Motherhood Just Never Happened For Her


According to Kiwi Report, Liza Minnelli decided not to pursue the path of motherhood. At one point, she did try to have kids but it never worked out for her. So, she realized that while motherhood was a wonderful and fulfilling choice for plenty of other women, it was not in the cards for her, and that was just fine.

After all, everyone is unique, and what’s right for one person might not always be right for another—it takes all kinds of people to make the world spin. Liza was content with her choice to remain childfree.

2 Kim Cattrall Loves Her Independence And Freedom


Many people remember Kim Cattrall for her role on Sex and the City—it was the kind of show that made everyone want to move to a big, exciting city and live a carefree, independent life (on a big budget, of course).

According to The Huffington Post, Kim realized she valued her independence so much that she knew that motherhood just wasn’t the right choice for her. She may never have become a mom, but she is very proud of everything that she has accomplished, and she has never looked back and wished that she had actually made a different decision.

1 Ashley Judd Loves Kids—But Doesn’t Want Her Own


Ashley Judd may love children, but she is not about to become a mother herself. Why not?

Well, according to Harper's Bazaar, Ashley says that there are already too many children who do not have homes, and she does not feel like she should bring more people into this world when so many are already struggling.

Perhaps adoption could be in the cards for her one day—it doesn’t seem like she has ruled it out. But if not, that is perfectly fine, too. Her reasoning for remaining childfree may be more unique, but it's the right choice for her.

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