No Frills: 20 Celebs Who Had Ultra Low-Key Weddings

Celebrities are infamous for being over the top, and of course, weddings tend to be the climax of that. Many stars easily spend millions on their weddings and have huge international events with handmade dresses and food from all around the world, all of which adds up to more money than most of their fans will ever see in their lives.

Though these tend to be the celebrity weddings that get the most attention, there are also a good number of celebrities that choose to have very low-key weddings. Some of these couples chose to have a celebration that is well below their means because they've already satisfied their need for indulgence in many other aspects of their lives. Some of these celebrities have weddings that are considered low-key by even "regular people" standards.

With so many couples going into debt and having to make incredible sacrifices to afford their weddings, it is certainly a relief to see examples of beautiful weddings being conducted with modest budgets. As obvious as it may seem, people occasionally forget that a more lavish wedding in no way guarantees a more successful union.

Plan to walk down the aisle any time soon, and on a budget? These modest celebrities are evidence that it is possible to create a dream wedding on any budget.

20 Cardi B And Offset Got Married Before His Public Proposal


Cardi B and Offset's relationship may be a bit on the complicated side at the moment, but as with any couple, there were certainly better times. Not long ago the world was looking forward to the couple's wedding, but few knew that they got married much earlier than we thought.

In a tweet, Cardi shared with the world that she got married "with no dress no makeup and no ring."

The only witness to her and Offset's September wedding was her cousin, according to Harper's Bazaar. Apparently, the wedding took place in the couple's bedroom. A month later, Offset proposed during a concert with a ring, because he didn't want Cardi to miss out on that experience, hence the confusion on the couple's official wedding date. We love that these two make their own rules!

19 Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin Got Married In A Courthouse


Certainly considered a power couple among the youth, many expected Justin Bieber and Haley Baldwin's wedding to be an extravagant, star-studded event. Instead, the two got married in a courthouse, Cosmo reports. It is believed that the two are still planning to have a religious ceremony, and many anticipate that this will be a larger occasion, despite the lack of confirmation from the couple. We will have to wait to see the details of their ceremony, but Haley and Justin have managed to keep things impressively private considering their fame. We love that these two have already started their lives together, and despite the expectations of the public, they chose to make that beginning as lowkey as possible. Some pictures would be nice though...

18 Lisa Bonet And Jason Momoa Had An Intimate Ceremony

E Online

Before they officially got married, a lot of people were under the impression that Lisa Bonet and Jason Momoa had already tied the knot. The confusion was understandable, the couple has been together for more than a decade, have two kids together, and Jason has been referring to Lisa as his "wife" since even before they were married.

We suppose marriage is as much a state of mind as it is a legal and religious ceremony, and perhaps this thinking is one of the reasons these two didn't feel the need to have a big wedding. 

Us Weekly reports that the two had the wedding in their own home. When asked about the low-key nuptials Jason said this; "I've been married to my wife for twelve years. It's just a gathering of our families and celebrating our love." What a dream!

17 Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Spent Less Than $200 On Their Wedding


America's sweethearts Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell certainly took the idea of getting married on a budget to an extreme. Dax confessed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel that his and Kristen's wedding only cost $142 altogether. How did they pull off such a feat you might wonder? Well, the two got married in a small Beverly Hills courthouse and they didn't spend much on wardrobe. While Dax wore a suit, Kristen wore a simple black shirt and pants, Brides reported. These two were so low-key about their wedding, they have trouble remembering their anniversary date. Sometimes, the little things don't matter.

16 Jessica Alba Didn't Wear White To Her Wedding


Cash Warren and Jessica Alba are one of Hollywood's longest-lasting couples, so perhaps there's something to this whole low-key wedding thing. We're not saying big weddings aren't nice, they certainly give us something to fawn over, but perhaps all that fanfare makes it easier to get caught up in everything but your partner. Like Dax and Kristen, Cash and Jessica also went the Beverly Hills courthouse route, all the way back in 2008.

Like Kristen, Jessica also did not wear a white dress. 

People reports that she opted instead for a blue dress. The two did not have any guests at the wedding, and we'd imagine their ceremony's price tag also came in around the $142 mark. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you like spending money!

15 Ellen DeGeneres And Portia De Rossi Got Married In Their Own Backyard

E Online

To be fair, Ellen and Portia getting married in their backyard isn't quite the same as us getting married in our backyard. We imagine the two have much more space; an entire garden and maybe even a gazebo, rather than a mere two feet of dead grass. Still, these two probably had their pick of places they could have gotten married at. These two celebrated their ten year wedding anniversary this year, and they went to social media to share some clips from their modest wedding. Portia wore a white dress while Ellen donned a suit, and the two were later serenaded by musicians inside their home. Clearly, these two had a wedding that was touching and intimate, and we think it's kinda cool that they chose to have such a simple and personal ceremony.

14 Kelly Clarkson And Brandon Blackstock's Parents Didn't Even Attend


Extra reported that Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock's 2013 wedding was so intimate, their mothers didn't make the guest list. Alright to be fair, we're sure the couple's moms weren't not invited, they just didn't make a big deal of expecting them to attend.

Among those who were present at the small ceremony were the couple's children and just a few other "rumored" guests like Justin Timberlake.

The wedding was set in a hotel/farm in the Smoky Mountains and we imagine the whole thing cost less than Kelly's $150,000 diamond engagement ring. So that's where the money went!

13 Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher Wouldn't Confirm Their Marriage For A Long Time

ABC News

Ashton and Mila have such a beautiful love story. After initially meeting while starring on That '70s Show together, the two lost touch for many years. Both insist that those feelings did not exist for each other when they first worked together, but somehow they started to see each other in a new light. They remained pretty hush-hush about their relationship and wedding, and for a while, they wouldn't even confirm that they were married. Their wedding was kept so under wraps that the press didn't know about it until months later, but apparently they didn't spend a great deal of time planning it. Mila did share that her wedding ring cost less than $100, Glamour reported, so that gives us a glimpse into how chill their wedding must have been.

12 Rachel Weisz And Daniel Craig Still Won't Share Any Details About Their Intimate Ceremony


Despite both being A-list actors, Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig manage to keep their relationship impressively off the radar. Just six months after the press caught on to these two's relationship, Harper's Bazaar reports that the media bought to light that the two were already married.

Their New York wedding reported only included four guests, two of which were their kids.

It's been seven years since, but the two still won't share anything about their wedding, so they're clearly committed to keeping that part of their lives private. After years of friendship, these two apparently got together after starring in a movie together.

11 Carmen Diaz And Benji Madden Had A Small Ceremony Barely Three Weeks After Getting Engaged

Us Weekly

After publicly denouncing marriage, many people believed that Carmen Diaz would probably never tie the knot, but we suppose life is full of surprises. The star insisted that she immediately "knew" when her and husband Benji first met. Hello Mag reports that the actress shared some details on their wedding, "We got married in our living room in front of our friends. Had a little party in our backyard on the tennis court..." Yeah, we didn't miss the tennis court part either. A home wedding is much easier if you have a whole tennis court to hold a ceremony in certainly. So maybe an at-home celebrity wedding isn't quite as low-key as an at-home normal people wedding, but it still seems relatively chill...?

10 Ellen Page And Emma Portner Kept Their Nuptials Totally Under Wraps


After a wedding that flew completely under the radar, Ellen Page took to IG to announce that she'd married her girlfriend Emma Portner at the beginning of 2018. We know that Emma is a dance instructor and from Canada, and that she even choreographed Justin Bieber's Purpose World Tour.

Aside from sharing a photo of their simple wedding bands, the two didn't divulge anything more about their wedding, The Knot reports.

So, we imagine it was simple because it fits their style, and because they were able to keep it so private. We're glad these two were able to keep their happy news to themselves until they were ready to share it!

9 Margot Robbie And Tom Ackerley Only Had 50 Guests

Instyle Mag

Despite being an incredibly successful actress and becoming millions of people's celebrity crush, Margot Robbie has managed to keep her life impressively private. Many people don't even know the actress is married, and her wedding was just more evidence of her preference for a low profile. The actress married Tom Ackerley, an assistant director she met on the set of the film Suite Francaise in a small ceremony late 2016, People reports. The intimate ceremony was held in a small Australia town and featured only 50 guests! We'd argue this is quite an impressive feat. Considering their line of work, Margot and Tom both meet a lot of people, and even those with small families would probably find in difficult to pull off a wedding with only 50 guests.

8 Jordan Peele And Chelsea Peretti's Only Witness Wasn't Even Human


If you assumed that people only elope in movies, then you'd be wrong. In 2016, funny couple Jordan Peele and Chelsea Peretti decided to elope, as Jordan revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers. 

Chelsea also took to IG to share the news with her followers, which is where she shared that the only witness was her dog.

We bet he feels pretty important! He took precedence over both the couple's human families! People reports that the couple was just as laid back about announcing their engagement after two years of dating, so no one really expected them to have a big ceremony. Still, we imagine it's quite a challenge to elope and keep everyone from being mad at you.

7 Amanda Seyfried And Thomas Sadoski Eloped

Hollywood Reporter

Us Weekly reports that the only other person present at Amanda Seyfried and husband Thomas Sadoski's wedding was the officiant. At the time Amanda was nine months pregnant, and she explained that she wanted to get married before they got to the delivery room in case of an emergency. She supposes her very practical concern is one of the reasons they didn't make a big deal about the whole thing, as well as the fact that the two were so busy planning for their baby. Amanda explained she didn't feel the need for a lavish ceremony because she's done it onscreen a bunch of times; "I was in a wedding dress last week! I also go to premieres where people take my picture. I just don't care about all that stuff."

6 Kelly Ripa And Mark Consuelos Went The Vegas Route

E News

Earlier this year, Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos celebrated a very impressive 22 years of marriage according to Entertainment Tonight.

Not only did this couple elope, but they also took it another step and got married in Vegas, thus proving that not all weddings that happen to the strip are doomed.

These two have three kids together, and after all this time they still seem to like each other. We love that they started their relationship so casually, and of course, their laid-back wedding has given them the perfect excuse to have a lavish vow renewal anytime they want. They've earned it!

5 Alicia Keys And Swizz Beatz Had A Chill Ceremony By The Mediterranean


For a long time, the media treated the relationship between Alicia Keys and Swizz Beatz as bad news. Alicia has explained that Swizz was separated from his wife when she started dating him, and despite all the perceived drama, she seems to have a great relationship with her husband's ex-wife and their kids. Nevertheless, many people argue that Alicia and Swizz kept their wedding low-key because of all the drama. Whatever the reason, their 2010 marriage was pretty low-key despite being held by the Mediterranean. The two held the ceremony at friend Deepak Chopra's home, CBS News reported. They are now eight years strong!

4 Isla Fisher And Sasha Baren Cohen's Six Guests Barely Got Any Notice

Yahoo News

Hilarious and adorable couple Isla Fisher and Sasha Baren Cohen are obviously Hollywood royalty, and yet they remain pretty down to Earth. After meeting at a party in 2002, these two got married in 2010 after a six-ear engagement, People reports.

Their private wedding was held in Paris, and only featured six guests!

Apparently, those six guests were given very little notice because the couple wanted to keep things private. We have to imagine that choosing six guests for a wedding is even more difficult than eloping with just your dog present because then you're clearly showing everyone who the most important people in your life are. Still, it does make sending out invites a lot less time-consuming.

3 Miranda Kerr And Evan Spiegel Had A Small, At Home Wedding

ET Online

Model Miranda Kerr and her boyfriend, Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel, got married in May of this year in another at home wedding. The two apparently had about fifty guests at the ceremony, and Harper's Bazaar reported that Miranda said; "We started the day, did yoga, then our families came over and we literally had a big celebration in our backyard." Overall, sounds pretty laid back to us. We imagine since the bride is used to getting glammed up for work, she wasn't nervous about having to do so for her wedding. The wedding was apparently very private, and even Miranda's ex, whom she shares her son Flynn with, was not invited.

2 Kerry Washington And Nnamdi Asomugha Got Married In Idaho


Scandal star Kerry Washington is notoriously private, so we couldn't think of a better place for her to hold her wedding than the potato state of Idaho.

After a year of dating, Kerry married NFL player Nnamdi Asomugha in a ceremony we have very few details about. 

E News reported that the marriage license revealed that Kerry's parents signed as witnesses and that the officiant was Nnamdi's sister, who is a minister. Considering how successfully the ceremony flew under the radar, we imagine it was a pretty intimate, and that it may have even been a courthouse wedding. Perhaps someday these two will share more details!

1 Ellen Pompeo And Chris Avery's Wedding Only Lasted Minutes


Grey's Anatomy star (and one of the highest paid women on TV atm) Ellen Pompeo met her husband Chris Ivery at a Whole Foods in 2003, E News reports. They'd actually grown up very close to each other, and apparently, that made Ellen very uninterested. Somehow the two ran into each other again only two days after the Whole Foods meeting, and Ellen took it as a sign. Four years later in 2007, the two got married at City Hall, and New York mayor Michael Bloomberg served as their officiant. Apparently, the wedding was super quick and the two went to have waffles for lunch after. What's more casual than that? Except for, you know, the whole having a former mayor marry you part...

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