No Big Macs Here: 20 Fast Food Options We Won’t Find In The U.S.

The United States of America is well known for being one of the biggest fast food hubs on the entire planet. Known for popular chains such as Mcdonald's, Arby’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, and thousands of other in-and-out eateries, there are still some fast food options that the U.S. does not offer.

This news may sound absolutely shocking- nay, perhaps unthinkable. How could the fast food capital of the entire world not offer the full package? One would expect to find every kind of fast food with every option available for purchase in the states— after all, it is home to some 50,000 fast food chains! In 2016, it was calculated that there were over 14,000 Mcdonald's restaurants in the nation (not including the additional 1,450 located just across the border in our friendly neighbor Canada). And that's just one type of fast food business that's booming.

This compilation contains restaurant options that are available elsewhere in the world but not here in the US of A. The list also contains specific menu options that are not available in the United States, although the restaurant chain itself may take up residence here. Be sure not to feast on too much fast food this week!

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20 Supermac’s Attack Ireland

Via: Michael Freeman

Ireland’s own Supermac’s is a real deal contender in the country's fast food arena. Created in 1978 in Galway, Supermac’s has spread with speed throughout nearly all of Ireland's cities. Supermac’s offers the standard fast food options that America has grown comfortable with— big burgers of every variety (only Irish beef) and chicken products in various forms.

There are, however, some items that Supermac’s offers that do not fit in the standard fast food menu.

For example, items such as Cod and Chips are offered. This joint also serves french fries in 8 different ways with various toppings for each! It is no wonder that this restaurant has grown into the number one franchise in Ireland!

19 Chicken Tikka Pizza Hut?

Via: Stuff Point

Well, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what's on Pizza Hut’s Chicken Tikka Pizza, which you won't find in any Pizza Hut in America. In this dish, the pizza dough is covered in Chicken Tikka Masala pieces, as well as with red peppers and red onions.

Only available in India, this pizza creation smashes a traditional Indian dish that is probably the most famous worldwide offering of Indian cuisine into the traditional ultra-doughy base of a Pizza Hut pie. Given the reviews this pizza pie has garnered, it seems to be time for Pizza Hut to start offering this slice of pie in the United States.

18 Kentucky In Korea—The Zinger Double Down King

All meat and no buns is a good way to describe this KFC special. This shocking creation is comprised of a beef patty sandwiched in between two chicken filets. The top of the “sandwich” is covered with bacon before being smothered in barbecue and white pepper sauce.

Despite its lack of bread, the spicy meat "sandwich" has received rave reviews.

Sadly, the promotion is only available in Korea. It began last October with no end date in sight. For anyone on the Korean Peninsula who is craving a meat medley, this sandwich is surely the go-to. And with its emphasis on meat, it should be no time before these creations are seen stateside.

17 The Dutch Deluxe—Burger King's Nacho Whopper

Via: Fickr

Now being served in the test market of the Netherlands, Burger King has created a product labeled, “The Nacho Whopper.” This sandwich is comprised of a typical Burger King Whopper beef patty but is topped with products including tortilla chips, a Mexican sauce, and jalapeno peppers.

It is quite bizarre that the Burger King creation offers the textbook American patty with Mexican adaptations in the Netherlands. But the scientific experiment of mashing different fast food cultures has seemingly paid off. The burger has garnered serious international attention and is still being sold in the Netherlands as a long-term taste test.

16 Asian Toastbox Comes Highly Recommended

Toastbox is a really interesting fast food joint that is located in Singapore. This chain was created in 2005. The creation of Toastbox is supposed to “preserve the culture of Nanyang Coffee and Toast served in coffee shops during the 60s and 70s.”

Highly acclaimed and the recipient of various awards, Toastbox adopts an extremely inventive take on a coffee shop.

Items offered here vary from traditional coffee and Kaya toast to Chicken Curry with rice. Initially isolated to Singapore, Toastbox has recently expanded throughout Asia to open locations in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Taiwan. This expansion is clearly tied to its success at home.

15 Out Of The Box Burger King Nuggets

Via: Yelp Manila

This take on a chicken sandwich from Burger King is found only in Israel and New Zealand. Not exactly the most creative meal of all time, this concoction is merely a mix of the nugget meal with any sandwich that can be purchased at Burger King in the United States.

Delicious chicken nuggets are inserted into the traditional sandwich wrapping of two sesame seed coated buns. The sandwich is then topped with the traditional lettuce and mayonnaise combo before it is served. Truly a simple version of a chicken sandwich, the Sandwich Nugget has actually received quite positive reviews in the two countries in which it is offered.

14 The Canadian Cheeto Crunchwrap

Via: Time

Taco Bell has ravaged the United States with a marketing campaign for its clash of Taco Bell and Doritos products— AKA the Doritos Locos Taco. In our neighbor to the north, they offer a slightly different take on this meshing of fast food and chips.

The Beefy Cheddar Cheetos Crunchwrap Slider offered in Canada is a concoction loaded with beef and triple servings of cheddar cheese and nacho cheese which are then topped with Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos.

The promotion is a test trial and is for a limited period of time. During this trial, Canadian fast food lovers will be able to purchase this snack for around $3. Anyone down for a road trip?

13 Polish Golden Arches Speciality


A seemingly repeated trend amongst fast food chains is the clashing of a traditional dish with a product previously offered by the chain. This is no different when examining McDonald’s Cordon Bleu Burger, which is offered solely in Poland.

This beast of a burger is a standard beef patty that is then topped with a chicken patty that is filled with ham. On top of this meat patty mountain, they place a few pieces of bacon in case the initial meat offering was not enough. This sandwich will cost customers around $5 a pop and will be running as a promotion in specific locations for a limited time.

12 Already FINished?

Via: Merlin & Rebecca

This Finnish fast food chain has a long history dating back to its creation in 1966. The chain slowly gained popularity throughout Finland before becoming the fast food powerhouse that it is recognized as today.

Hesburger offers many different options to its customers, and the Finnish classic does it in an environmentally conscious way.

When eating at Hesburger, one can choose from a wide selection of smoothies and coffees, burgers, and even salads that are all prepared in-house. This chain also has an extensive dessert and milkshake menu for those visiting with a sweet tooth. Hesburger also offers chicken, soy products, and veggie tortillas as healthy alternatives to french fries.

11 Get Ready For McSpagetti

Via: Give Me This Day

This next dish is actually a combo meal that McDonald’s offers in The Philippines. This dish— costing about $2.80 USD— contains a big chicken drumstick, a container of sauce, spaghetti and meat sauce, and a drink on the side. While this may sound like a bizarre combo for native U.S. eaters, the people in the Philippines seem to love it.

The sweet sauce and soft pasta have become a favorite of the folks on that side of the globe. This should come as no surprise as Filipinos absolutely love McDonald’s food. There are well over 500 McDonald’s locations in the Philippines, so we are guessing that they serve up quite a few meals with McSpaghetti.

10 La Chocodilla, Taco Bell

Via: Fatherly

For Taco Bell lovers in America, go ahead and get excited! Taco Bell is going to start offering the Chocodilla in select Wisconsin locations.

For now, however, if you are craving a Chocodilla, the only locations that offer them are located in Central America, the United Kingdom, and Spain.

This dessert is an absolute chocolate overload. Teaming up with Kit-Kat, Taco Bell has started to sell this $1 dessert item, which consists of a flour tortilla stuffed with melted Kit-Kats. Word is that they will soon be offering a similar creation that is stuffed with Twix bars as opposed to Kit-Kats. Make sure to grab one as soon as they are available.

9 The Famous Szechuan Pentagon, Courtesy Of KFC

Via: Shanghai Scrap

Only available at KFC locations in China is a product that has been dubbed, “KFC’s Tender Beef Pentagon.” This delectable treat is a tortilla folded into the shape of a pentagon. Inside is Szechuan flavored beef as well as chips, vegetables, and mayonnaise.

The flavorful pentagon has been in testing for some time and was rolled out as part of a promotion in Asia to expand the fast food chain's reach. Although it has received some criticism, the product seems to be relatively well received apart from the sauce. While it defines the sauce as Szechuan flavored, many people find a shocking similarity to Tabasco sauce as opposed to the Chinese flavoring.

8 The United Kingdom’s Chicken Cottage

Via: Yelp London

Chicken Cottage is a fast food brand that is located in the United Kingdom. Many say that this chicken hotspot rivals that of Nando’s, another chicken location in the United Kingdom that's a direct competitor. The first Chicken Cottage location was created in Wembley in 1994.

Chicken Cottage offers a wide variety of chicken-based products, as well as the typical fast food burger.

Currently expanding more and more, the franchise is looking for locations in other countries now that it has experienced so much success on the homefront. Unfortunately for Americans, the USA is not currently on the list of locations that Chicken Cottage is looking to open stores in.

7 Nando’s Never Misses In The UK

Via: Liverpool Echo

Nando’s is a famous United Kingdom fast food joint that offers absolutely delicious chicken products and preaches offering food of the highest quality. The chicken that is used in the restaurant is marinated for at least 24 hours before being cooked to order. The sauce used has no preservatives or any artificial flavorings or colors.

The meat that Nando’s chooses to use is also reportedly top quality. The chain delivers this fresh meat to its location and never uses frozen patties for its sandwiches. For those who want a little heat, Nando’s is the place to go. They offer delectable chilies and spices on their chicken, and all of it is farmed in African countries.

6 The MOS Burger Asian Invasion

Via: Eatboook

MOS Burger is an extremely popular eatery in Asian countries as well as down under in Australia. Originating in Japan in 1972, the brand has aggressively spread throughout the Asian Pacific region of the world. There were more than 1,700 MOS Burger locations as of March 2015.

The menu at MOS Burger offers domestically grown veggies as well as domestically produced meat.

Popular items offered at MOS Burger include the MOS Burger— a chilled tomato slice atop a grilled patty, with meat sauce caked over it all. Another favorite is the Tobikiri Cheese Burger, which the Mos Burger website notes is "a juicy ground beef and pork patty topped with MOS original Gouda cheese and butter sauce.” Don't forget to try their pasta-topped patties, too!

5 Hungary For Some Sweet Raspberry Pie?

Via: Brand Eating

Many of America's McDonald's fans are very familiar with the pies that are offered at locations in the states. The traditional McDonald’s desserts offered in the USA are cherry pie and apple pie. In Hungary, however, there is a different pie that has taken hold of people looking for a quick and cheap treat.

McDonald’s locations in Hungary are the only ones in the entire world that offer a different twist on the dessert pies offered in America. These locations offer a third pie— McDonald’s Raspberry Pie. As opposed to the regular dough used in the pies here in the U.S., this pie is composed of a chocolate wrap filled with raspberries and vanilla cream.

4 Tantalizing Teremok

Via: Miss Adventurer

Created in 1998 by Mikhail Goncharov, this Russian fast food powerhouse has become affectionately known as “the McDonald’s of Russia.” This homemade eatery competes with McDonald’s and KFC for popularity in Russia and has managed to fend off the U.S. contenders.

There are around 300 locations in Russia but luckily, it does not seem like the citizens of America who want to try Teremok will have to jump on a plane.

The company plans to open stores in New York City quite soon. A slightly more expensive alternative to McDonald’s, Teremok offers a large menu with higher quality food than its rival. Look for Teremok locations to start popping up in U.S. cities.

3 KFC Wedges Its Way With The Twister Wedge

Via: Business Insider India

The KFC Twister Wedge is a treat that is not offered in the United States Kentucky Fried Chicken locations. Offered only in Russia, this creation is “a hash brown with cheese, lettuce, and tomato wrapped in a fried wheat wrap,” per Business Insider. It is sort of like a hash brown quesadilla.

The Twister Wedge is a quick treat that consumers in Russia can pick up for an extremely low cost. KFC Russia has also started to offer different types of Twisters in addition to the traditional Twister Wedge. Now, one can order a Twister that contains spicy chicken, tomato chunks, lettuce, and mayo sauce as well. They even offer to deep fry it!

2 Here Comes McCurrywurst

Via: Yelp

In a bold attempt to increase their sales in Germany, McDonald’s has created a new menu item catered to the German people it hopes to sell to. The McCurrywurst is a dish comprised of chunks of bratwurst sausage that are covered in a spicy tomato sauce and served with packets of curry powder.

Sales in Germany have been notoriously low for McDonald’s standards, so the company is capitalizing on this change and hoping to turn things around.

This meal is available for around $3.99 and contains roughly 450 calories. Who knows if the promotion will work, but grab one while and Germany and judge it yourself!

1 Chicken Licken Is Finger Lickin’

Via: Crave

Chicken Licken is a fast food chain serving— as one might expect given the name— fried chicken. What makes this restaurant unique is the fact that it is the world's largest fried chicken franchise that isn't based in the U.S. Headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa, Chicken Licken dominates the local fast food market, sharing such success with the more famous fast food chain, McDonald’s.

With the motto, “Time for some Soul Food,” Chicken Licken does not disappoint. The menu is absolutely jam-packed with chicken products including chicken wings, chicken burgers, chicken bites, chicken sliders, and basically anything chicken that one may desire. The menu also offers the chain's signature hot sauce, which they call Soulfire.

References: MOS Burger, Business Insider

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