Nikki Bella Jokingly Hesitates Calling The Couch She Shares With Artem Chigvintsev “Ours"

It appears as though Nikki Bella, 35, is living her best life. Despite an early retirement from WWE, the multiple business ventures she runs alongside twin sister Brie have proven to be successful in their respective rights. She also stars on Total Divas with her sister, and on Total Bellas with her and the rest of their family. The twins are listed as executive producers on the latter reality TV show, too. Her personal life is thriving, too, as her relationship with former Dancing With The Stars partner Artem Chigvinstev, 37, appears to be going well.

If you happen to follow one or both of them on social media, then you're most likely already aware of the couple's antics. They love to show off how happy they are together, regardless of what others think about it. Case in point: Nikki posted a funny yet cute Instagram Story of them attempting to share the couch.

"Hey everyone, look who I’m with. Back on the couch. It’s like our spot. Someone just got done filming,” she began.

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Suddenly, Nikki's tone took a turn for the cute and silly. "So did you guys notice how I said 'back on the couch?' I kind of hesitated. Cause I was going to say 'our couch.' And then I was like, 'wait, maybe I shouldn’t say that.' So I said the couch — with hesitation. I meant to say 'ours' but I said 'the’ because that is too much!"

Despite her amusing remarks, Artem didn't appear to mind it one bit. The former Dancing With The Stars pro even went so far as to conclude the Instagram Story by saying it's "our couch". It's clear that the couple were ready to snuggle up on the couch and relax for as long as possible.

Nikki and Artem are definitely a cute couple who appear to be deeply in love with each other. While they may sometimes act like their relationship isn't all too serious, they definitely share strong feelings for one another. All we know right now is that we can't wait to continue watching these two interact on social media!

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