Nicole Richie’s Daughter Loves Makeup and Feminism

Looks like Nicole Richie’s daughter is changing the game one lip liner at a time!

Nicole Richie, who is the newest face of Urban Decay’s Naked Petite Heat palette, told PEOPLE that her daughter Harlow Winter has become obsessed with makeup just like her mother. The 10-year-old guru-to-be has her own beauty routine that Richie claims is done in a unique and distinct way.

Richie went on by saying that her daughter should be the one heading her Urban Decay campaign. She knows it all from glitter, blush, and lipstick, all the way to YouTube tutorials. We don’t blame young Harlow for loving makeup. It is an art that can transform anyone!

Richie touched on the power of makeup and how amazing it is to transform into “another being”. She continued by telling PEOPLE how makeup has the ability to make women feel “strong about themselves” and that makeup is not intended to hide oneself, but accentuate what one has already.

Along with her passion for makeup, Richie’s daughter Harlow is also interested in current news and women’s rights. After attending this year’s Women’s March, Richie mentioned that her daughter had personally requested to attend and that she is extremely well versed in the Women’s March key issues. Go, Harlow!

On the topic of feminism, Richie mentioned how she hopes her daughter will grow up remaining true to herself and feel “confident in her decisions.” Richie later added she intends to continue teaching daughter Harlow to have “power in her voice and confidence with her voice and her feelings.”

Seems as if Nicole Richie has her parenting skills all set. Those are words to live by. Check out Richie’s collaboration with Urban Decay coming this February 22, 2018.

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