10 Nicki Minaj Quotes That Make Us Want To Live Our Best Life

She's one of the greatest boss ladies of all time. Nicki Minaj has made a name for herself by becoming true hip-hop royalty, and she is constantly serving the fiercest looks, the most empowering lyrics, and the shadiest disses. Over the years, queen Nicki has built one of the most impressive empires of our generation, and she inspires us with pretty much every step she takes.

Minaj isn't exactly an angel, and while she's seen her fair share of controversy over the years --including much-publicized feuds with stars such as Travis Scott, Cardi B, and Mariah Carey-- no one can take away any of the credit she deserves. The hip-hop star built herself up from the ground, and she won't let anyone forget the influence and the legacy she leaves behind with each career move she makes.

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There are more than enough amazing role models out there to harness inspiration from, and Nicki is sure to make the list. All the inspiring quotes Nicki has blessed us with could fill a series of novels but for now, let's lay down 10 of the best quotes the queen has given us.

10 “Call It A Curse Or Just Call Me Blessed. If You Can't Handle My Worst, You Ain't Getting My Best."

When you're busy making your way to the top, you have to be strong. Climbing up the ladder of success is sure to bring along a fair share of fake friends, haters and people who cannot wait to see you fall. It's easy to understand why it can be easily perceived as more of a curse than a blessing to be successful.

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At the end of the day, though, none of that really matters. Keep doing you, keep working hard. You'll make mistakes and you won't always have the energy and power to be the best you can be, but those who are willing to stick with you will get to enjoy all the best you have to offer. These are the people who truly matter.

9 “True Confidence Leaves No Room For Jealousy. When You Know You Are Great, You Have No Need To Hate."

Today more than ever, our lives are flooded by unattainable ideals of beauty. With the explosion of social media, the pressure to be perfect down to a T is increasing with each picture that gets posted on Instagram, with each makeup tutorial that is uploaded to YouTube. Many of us tend to cave under this pressure and believe that we simply aren't good enough.

Regardless, we must never forget to love ourselves. Only by embracing our flaws and accepting who we are can we work on improving constantly, becoming truly confident. It's a life-changing moment when you realize you are in charge of your confidence and the image you put out into the world. Once you finally achieve it, you will stop comparing yourself to everyone else and accept that beauty exists everywhere: including within yourself.

8 “Respect Your Haters. They're The Only Ones Who Think You're Better Than Them."

You can't please everyone. Read it and repeat it as many times as you possibly can, until you finally stop trying to do it. What happens when you spend your entire life trying to make the entire world love you? You completely lose your sense of self. Once that's lost, everything's lost.

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Some people will find something in you that they don't like and use It to try and demean you, tear you down, and make you feel unworthy. When these people step into your life, pay them absolutely no mind:the bottom line is, they are nothing but insecure individuals who, deep down, aspire to be exactly like you.

7 “Your Victory Is Right Around The Corner. Never Give Up."

Life is hard for everyone. It's important to remember that nobody has it easy, no matter how it may seem like from the image they project. There are moments in this journey when everything simply seems to fall apart: everyone leaves, your work doesn't get recognized, you feel that you'll never make your dreams come true.

These are the moments when it's most important that we pull through, and remember that nothing is completely doomed until we decide it is. Never stop fighting, because once you do, you lose, even if the universe wasn't ready for you to. Remember that before things come together, they have to fall apart: so make sure you keep your inner warrior alive!

6 "When I Win And When I Lose, I Take Ownership Of It, Because I Really Am In Charge Of What I Do."

It's so easy to blame everyone and everything else around us when things don't go according to plan. Of course, the outcome of everything you do in life also depends on the circumstances and on other individuals, but there is absolutely no use in making excuses for yourself.

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When all is said and done, you're responsible for what you do. For the choices you make and for the risks that you take (or don't take). If you want to have the power to claim your successes, you've also got to be humble and admit that your defeats are also on you.

5 “Good Advice I Always Hated, But Lookin' Back It Made Me Greater."

When we're younger, we never appreciate criticism, even when it's constructive. That's something that comes naturally to human beings, who often tend to believe they came out of the womb possessing all the knowledge of humankind.

Obviously, this just isn't the case. The ability to sit down and listen to the advice of more experienced people --who know more of the world and truly have something of substance to say-- will pay off in the future. Life is very much about learning lessons, so remember to learn from the people who came before you. It can help improve your life in ways you never thought possible.

4 "Stay In School. Don’t Ever Be Lazy, Don’t You Ever Complain About Hard Work. Work Hard, It Pays Off."

There are many frustrating moments in life, and none are more painful than watching people who never had to move a finger their entire lives accomplish things that they simply don't deserve. Witnessing events like this can truly mess with our heads, and make us believe the world is just an unfair place overall.

It's perfectly valid to have these feelings. However, what isn't acceptable is to give up on our own work as a result. Working hard, improving yourself, fighting for your dreams will always pay off in the end. Inspiration is everywhere - focus more on those who made it through blood, sweat and tears than those who never knew the struggle.

3 "You’re Not Gonna Tell Me Who I Am. I’m Gonna Tell You Who I Am."

We are living in a time where personal identities seem to be slowly disappearing. People are blending together; a quick stroll through social media is enough to scare us into thinking we're being a society of clones.

Now, there is absolutely nothing wrong with liking and being passionate about things that other people also enjoy. However, it's never okay to forget who you are. Your biggest strength is that you are who you are because no one else is the same as you, for whatever reason you may choose. Hold on to the things that make you unique, because when you do, you can be sure no one will ever have the audacity to try and tell you who you're supposed to be.

When you're unapologetically yourself, there's no room for anything else.

2 “I Believe That Life Is A Prize, But To Live Doesn’t Mean You’re Alive.”

It is such a gift to be able to simply breathe and exist in a world so full of beauty, love, and light. But it not enough to stay still forever. The time we are granted in this life is so limited and we can never be sure when we are doing something for the last time.

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Every minute you are granted is a blessing, so do not waste it. Live fully, live gratefully, live kindly. Do the things that make your heart race more often, try new things every day and don't ever, ever take anything for granted. You were lucky enough to make it here already - don't settle for anything less than absolutely magical.

1 “You Can Be The King, But Watch The Queen Conquer.”

Women have come so far in the last fifty years. It's been a joy to behold the gender gap slowly closing, and so many brave women stepping forward with their stories. The bravery, strength, and power our ancestors before us have displayed has helped bring us to where we stand today. The empowerment wave is intoxicating.

There is still much to be done, and many challenges to overcome. It's up to us to keep the inspiring work of all these women alive and never stop showing the world we are capable of doing amazing things (and of overcoming barriers), so the future queens of this world can also be inspired to live their best lives!

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