Next Level Penny-Pinchers: 15 Cases Of The Most Extreme Cheapskates

I have to hand it to TLC. Just when you weren’t sure how crazy this world could get, they debut something radical that makes us all tilt our heads to the side in confusion for a few minutes. Is it me, or is this channel full of some of the most outrageous shows. From Toddlers in Tiaras to Extreme Cheapskates, there’s an endless array of strange niche shows for almost everyone. If you haven’t watched at least a few episodes of Extreme Cheapskates yet, then what are you waiting for?

Usually, I go out of my way to ensure I don’t invite negative energy in my life, with the exception of TV, of course. In comes Extreme Cheapskates, a wondrous world of people who take frugality too far. And honestly, most of the time this isn’t because they can’t afford basic items, but it is more of a lifestyle choice. You’ll realize that when you hear the story about the millionaire cheapskate who cheated finances by living ridiculously to save over a million dollars in the process.

In college, I was so broke and was always complimented on a skinny figure that came from pretty much starving myself to each only one meal a day because it was all I could afford. Now, as an adult, I’ve learned some tough budgeting lessons. However, I would never choose money over my health. These people not only do outlandish things to save money, but they are also borderline dangerous.

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15 Reusable Paper Towels And Tricking Your Wife To Eat Candy From The Movie Theatre Garbage

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Believe it or not, multiple cheapskates on the show believe they were doing the right things by reusing their paper towels. They’d ‘wash’ them by rinsing them carefully, and some even hung them up to dry. Roy Haynes was loving dubbed the ‘King of Cheap’ thanks to this being one of his many quirks.

Personally yes, I agree that paper towels can lead to a lot of waste. Do we really need five of them bunched up to dry out hands? Then let’s cut it down to one or two instead, but reusing paper towels is excessive. Even worse, Roy even tricked his wife into eating movie candy and snack that he snuck out of the trash. I’m a firm believer in ‘to each his own,’ but when you have to trick your wife into living your way of life, you’ve got some real issues.

14 Believing There's No Such Thing As Toilet Paper

Kay Hashimoto is one of the more memorable people that appeared on Extreme Cheapskates…she even appears in multiple unbelievable moments in this post. We get it, to be on this show you have to be oddly cheap about everything in your life, but she was just straight up weird and questionable.

Particularly because she was so keen on saving a mere $6 a month by not using any toilet paper. Okay, so I’m cool with cutting my Charmin habit and switching to Scott to save on bath tissue, but not using any at all? Uh, no thanks. Doesn’t anyone else fear multiple UTIs and gynaecological problems from this? Instead, she uses her hand to wipe herself whenever she goes to the bathroom. I am grossed out and so unmoved by this. I’m willing to donate from my own toilet paper supply to get her to stop this.

13 He Tricks His Guests Into Drinking Recanted Wine


Jeff is quite the hilarious cheapskate. He tricks his guests into drink recanted wine. He takes a funnel, and an old, nice bottle of wine and fills it with the cheapest box wine than he can find. I feel that the older I get, the more I can appreciate a good box of wine. That’s right, box. Judge me, go ahead, but it’s well worth the money and multiple trips to the liquor store to buy bottles.

His wife Denise either doesn’t notice or doesn’t care. Either way girl, wine is wine. Pinching pennies doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the little things in life. A glass of wine after putting the kids to bed might be nice. So, what if your husband lies and says he opened a new bottle just for you?

12 The Lonely Millionaire Cheapskate Who Never Flushes The Toilet

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No one proves that being a cheapskate is a way of life more than Victoria from Columbus, Ohio. This woman is a self-made millionaire, but you definitely couldn’t tell this from the episode. Her home is beyond minimal and shows no effort whatsoever to even look like a decent home. She also makes absolutely no effort to dress or look the part.

Throughout the episode, we wonder how long it will be until her relationship with her boyfriend Steve crumbles seeing as he has to live by her frugal rules. This includes never flushing the toilet. Gross. If that’s not bad enough, we find out that Victoria uses jars, and fills them with urine to avoid flushing the toilet. If Steve knows this and still stays with her then that must be true love…right?

11 They Literally Ate What They Ran Over

Just when you think these people’s meal habits can’t get worse, you are just so wrong. Let me be real: Extreme Cheapskates should be watched with no food whatsoever. Don’t even have a little snack, because I promise that you will regret it. One episode featured a family whose father forced them to eat their roadkill.

Yup, forget any threat of rabies. They apparently don’t exist in this guy’s world. No matter if it’s a possum or a raccoon, it’s got good meat on it, right? Then why not cook it up for supper? There isn’t enough salt and pepper on this planet to make me want to eat roadkill. Unless we are transported into a Walking Dead type world, I will stick to not eating furry little creatures.

10 Extreme Sample Testing To Get All Your Nutrients

I love checking out new events around me. Let’s face it, I’m bored and have like two friends who are always busy. So, I am happy to walk around the city in search of adventure. One cheapskate shares my admiration for adventure. Except, this is how he eats.

Honestly, as long as he’s not eating roadkill, I can’t really complain. A few other cheapskates also took part in the habit of going to grocery stores or certain events serving food in order to get their daily calorie intake. As an introvert, I can’t imagine having to find various events per day to ‘dine’ on samples. But I guess when you hate spending even a dime, you get over your lack of people skills. Sample shopping is just a way of the cheapskate.

9 That Is Not Apple Juice She Is Holding Up Proudly

Huffington Post

Flushing will cost you about $10 per year or so. And no, that is not apple juice that Victoria is holding up proudly. That’s one of her many urine jars that she uses so that she doesn’t have to flush her toilet ever. And she is not alone. Various other cheapskates have done similar disgusting things.

Never waste any money or water. Not even by flushing a toilet. By the way, these people live in America and have average houses. Virtually anyone can be a non-flusher. Keep your eyes out, guys. Apparently, they are everywhere. Anyway, this is one of the grossest habits that this show brings to light. And the fact that many of these cheapskates do this is just simply absurd. What is wrong with people?

8 The Man Who Spends No Money Per Year

Huffington Post

I have to admit, in between cringes, Terrance from Oakland, CA made me laugh a few times. He spends most of his time spending as little money as possible. Well, he actually spends virtually nothing directly. Don’t drop a quarter in front of this guy, you’ll never get it back. He won’t even buy any furniture for his home.

Terrance goes out of his way not to spend a single cent no matter what. And he only takes his family ‘out’ to eat if they are willing to pick off of people’s meals. Once you leave a table full of food, you are giving Terrance the right to take his family out to dine. Other than that instance, don’t expect Terrance to buy anyone a happy meal. How are these people not forever alone?

7 The Foodie Cheapskate Who Goes Through Restaurants' Trash


Just because you are a cheapskate, doesn’t mean you don’t want to eat right. Apparently, you can be a total foodie, and yet not bother spending any money on food. What makes a foodie? I suppose a genuine love for different foods and flavor. Luckily this can be found in most dumpsters.

There were various episodes of cheapskates who loved digging for ‘good’ food at restaurant dumpsters. It’s like getting the last fresh slice of steak or something, except it’s in a dumpster with a whole lot of other smelly garbage. Here is Kay again, so proudly finding to die for food items in a dumpster. She can usually fill a cloth grocery bag on a good night. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m totally fine with shelling out some hard earned cash at a restaurant.

6 Collecting Their Own Drinking Water From A Creek Instead Of Paying For Water

PT Money

Ben Livingston is an Austin, Texas-based artist, and also a total cheapskate. He and several other cheapskates refused to pay for too much tap water. However, he took it a whole other level. Instead of paying for tap water, he chose to waste gas by driving to a local creek and filling up empty bottles of water.

Really Ben? Is driving to a creek really better than paying $.001 per gallon for tap water? Does it really make such a difference? Maybe creek water tastes better than tap water. But that’s why they make water filters. Plus, you never know if it’s safe to consumer unfiltered water. Something could be going on in the creek that would only affect him, since he’s dumb enough to use it for everything.

5 A Night Out Means Picking Off Strangers' Half-Eaten Plates

Something that these cheapskates seem to all have in common is that they have absolutely no shame. To be fair, shame will only hold you back from being gross and outrageous. Why not shed shame like your decency as a cheapskate? One thing these cheapskates don’t mess with is food.

Food shall not, and will not be wasted. Not if any of these show stars can help it. One after another they prove time and time again that food is essential, but good and clean food isn’t necessary. Picking half-eaten plates off of empty tables is a major way these people experience a ‘night out’. God forbid you go to Applebee’s and try a 2-for-$20 meal special. No, that is simply too frivolous for these guys.

4 Swapping Deodorant For Corn Starch...And He's Definitely Not Paying For AC

PT Money

I like the idea of indulging in some odd life hacks. And of course, cheapskates love this too…maybe just a touch too much. A few different cheapskates cut out deodorant all together and swapped it for cornstarch instead. Yes, the stuff you cook with. While this should be fine every now and then, the fact that it can seep into your pores and cause breakouts and reactions doesn’t make me feel good.

Ben was one of them. Of course, he didn’t believe in throwing cash at an AC unit during the summer, so he beat the heat using cornstarch. Scrappy guy. This natural product still does nothing for the stench that can come from the mountains of sweat under your layers of cornstarch. Everyone hold on to their deodorant.

3 No Shame For Nonstop Trash Picking And Dumpster Diving


Not every episode was filled with trash pickers, but most episodes were. And we weren’t surprised by this. These people do some truly gross things to live as cheaply as possible. And what for? It seems like these people don’t even use the money that they insist that they are ‘saving’ on anything productive or life-changing.

Honestly, it’s like every other episode features trash picking cheapskates. Even Kay and Roy are in this…their frugality moments are noted above. Some of them even pick up partially eaten items. I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth, but thankfully I never had to dumpster dive. Actually, these people don’t even have to dumpster dive! Yet, they all display the most backwards life choices people can make.


2 Tour De Couches Via Bike For A Vacation Landed Him A Book Deal


When you think of a vacation, you probably have a tropical island with your significant other in mind. Or maybe you want to explore an exotic land. I’ve heard of heading to hostels instead of hotels to save money, but sleeping on your friends’ couches isn’t a real vacation, is it? We usually save up to afford a nice vacation, but Jeff Yeager doesn’t think so.

He even captured the attention of NBC’s Matt Lauer. He rode around South Florida on his bike and crashed on frugal followers’ couches. On the bright side, his frugal ways landed Jeff a book deal with Random House. What will he do with this money? Well, probably nothing. Let’s be honest, once a cheapskate, always a cheapskate, am I right?

1 Driving The Worst Car Ever (If You're Lucky)

Business Insider

Once again, our guy Ben takes the cake on the worst car ever. All of us go through crappy cars before we can actually afford a decent one. Well, Ben can afford a nice car, especially since he has been living so frugally for so long. No one says he has to drive a BMW, but is a rust-mobile necessary to stay in some kind of nonexistent budget?

I think not! Compared to the cost of upkeep for this hunk of junk, he is way better off investing a simple Toyota or Honda. What’s wrong with that? ‘Clunker’ is taken to a whole new level on this show. They should rename it ‘How Not To Live’. Am I right? People, there are some many other ways to cut down expenses and budget that don’t involve any of the above.

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