Newly Married Miley: 20 Photos Proving She's Done A Total 180

When we first met Miley Cyrus, she looked like a wingless angel without a halo. The singer, actress, and songwriter quickly became a teen idol when she got her big break as Hannah Montana. We all fell in love with the blonde character who pierced our hearts with her songs; yes, we used to sing our hearts out to some Hannah Montana. Then, the actress took a big leap, made a big move and bust out a mature album called "Can't Be Tamed." That is when the brunette songstress' career went on a major high and things started evolving.

And remember The Last Song? That is when she and Liam Hemsworth first met on set. Who knew a RL love story would flourish? How cute, right?

Over time, things became the perfect storm for Miley; she started making bad decisions and engaging in crazy antics. The Miley Cyrus we once knew became unrecognizable, and she lost fans and a lot of respect. Miley always had a wild side to her, but all that she did came with bad press; at one point, she and Liam even called off their relationship.

Then, the songstress got back on her feet, but she removed all pictures from her IG page, which truly made us wonder what was up. Maybe she just wanted a clean slate to start all over, with her gorgeous beau at her side. But another surprise was in store. Right before Christmas in 2018, Miley and the love of her life tied the knot. We are totally digging the Miley we are seeing now. Go on, take a look.

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20 She Said Bye-Bye To Hannah Montana

via Instagram

Hannah Montana who? The newly-married Miley now looks more like Foxy Cleopatra.

Miley Cyrus is the cover star of Vanity Fair's March issue and she was not shy to show off her look the night she and her comical husband hit the Vanity Fair red carpet.

This is a glamorous Miley that we have not seen before, and she looks striking and downright gorgeous. We have a feeling that Hemsworth took this photo of his beautiful wife glamming herself up because we all know how nuts he is about her.

And let us talk about those voluminous curls and the ice on her neck and ears - can we get an Amen? Her undoubtedly chic look has us begging for more.

19 Mrs. Hemsworth Makes Modeling Look Easy

via Instagram

Whether she is pouting or smiling, Miley, who is at a happy place in her life after a flash marriage, makes everything look so effortless.

After posting all the glam photos from her photo shoot, we came to the conclusion that modeling is definitely Miley's thing; she has the irresistible looks, of course, but she nails it with her natural ease and serene poise.

In this photo, she is just sitting on a pile of rocks, but she looks like royalty. With barely any makeup on and hair flowing in the wind, we love seeing how Miley has reinvented herself. The actress recently turned 26, and it is over a decade that she has been in the spotlight, but this is a milestone moment in her career.

Plus, we are loving the mermaid vibes.

18 The Face Of A Happily-Married Woman

via Instagram

We all know that Miley is not your typical woman; she is eccentric, extremely playful and zany. So, we should have known that she would not wear a conventional white wedding gown on her big day.

Here is a photo of the bride on December 23rd, 2018 after making a lifelong commitment to her beau who is easy on the eyes - and ears. Although Miley has become adept at disappearing when she feels it is needed, this was not one of those times. This time, she announced her wedding after it happened and wanted a million eyes on her, and we do not blame her. If we were in her dancing shoes, we'd want to show off, too. She looked flawless in her silk satin gown - long live fairytales!

17 Miley Is A Happy Dudette

via Instagram

"Oh Miley" is right! We are totally into the radiant Miley that we are now seeing. Pictured here with the man who makes her face glow, Miley looks like she is on top of the world. Who could fake such a genuine grin?

She attended the premiere of RuPaul's Drag Race with her beau in a taffeta fiery red/orange dress that looked like a shower pouffe and she completely pulled it off.Before, Miley would have made such a dress look unpresentable, but the mature and married Miley made it look like a must-have item. And we do not blame her for showing off her killer legs and her handsome hubby all suited-up.

This photo makes it very obvious why other celebrities would want the smiley star at their events.

16 The New Bride Makes Vintage Styles Look Stylin'

via Instagram

We are totally tripping out over this photo of Miley. She looks so natural, and we totally vouch for the no-makeup look. Can we breathe? No, but we are so thrilled that Miley shared these slaying photos from her photoshoot.

All in all, the entire look is vintage; the feathers, the silky gloves à la Audrey Hepburn, the beads in the hair, and the vintage quilted Chanel purse. Before, this look would be way too proper for the "on the loose" Miley, but now, with her fierce and confident attitude, she pulls it off like she is another Marilyn Monroe. Marriage does change people, they say.

15 A Classy And Sassy Miley

via Instagram

When you have a man who has your back, it is easy to pull off such a glowing smile. Miley is only in her 20s, so she is still growing every day and figuring out who she is, but we have her figured out. She is content and finally seeing life in true colors.

Miley is giving us an angelic face, and we cannot deny her; who could resist such a dashing beauty with ocean-blue eyes? What is most heartwarming about this photo though, is that the busy A-lister took time out of her hectic schedule to attend a BCRF Women's Cancer Research Fund event with her lover. The silky pink on her tuxedo blazer was meant to commemorate the cause, and we praise her for doing so.

14 She Can't Keep A Straight Face Next To Her Comical Hubby

via Instagram

We do not know which couple you go bonkers for, but these two make our hearts turn upside down. If you have followed their relationship closely, you might even envy their seemingly perfect relationship.

Hemsworth has often posted videos on his social media accounts of him making his wife laugh and pulling pranks on her, and we gush each time. However, since their nuptials, we have seen a lot more of the two together, and this photo that Miley posted on her IG account is the ideal representation of their marriage. Besides the fact that she looks like an old-Hollywood star in her haute-couture ensemble, her facial expression is worth a thousand words. How could she keep a straight face when her hubby is being silly around her?

13 The Songstress Is Looking Like A Vintage Star

via Instagram

Do you blame Hemsworth for getting down on one knee? Miley looks like a sophisticated woman and is giving us major nostalgia with her old-Hollywood vibes. She has come a long way, from sporting a blonde wig and cutting her hair into a pixie cut, to barely wearing clothing, to now dressing up fancy and glamming up like a mature woman. And we all know how much men love women that strut with confidence; take notes, ladies.

The songstress attended the Grammys with her side-parted wavy tresses and an oversized posh blazer and we cannot stop staring.

12 Never Thought We'd See Such A Sparkling Miley

via Instagram

When Miley hit the red carpet at this event, she came in like a "Wrecking Ball" - a nice, big, shiny and glamorous ball!

As we've seen throughout the years, Miley has been quite the fashion chameleon; she has pulled off any style in the book - even the weird ones. However, we never thought we'd see Miley in an all-black sequined little black dress - we knew she'd rock it though.We are totally gushing over the 26-year-old woman who looked like a glam queen next to her godmother, Dolly Parton; we think she took some style lessons from the icon. What is wrong with standing out from the crowd?

11 Model Behavior

via Instagram

We just want to interrupt your day to show you this epic photo of Miley the model, who looks like she is in her natural habitat. We are seriously living for this picture right now!

Channelling her inner Mary Poppins, Miley looks fabulous and flirty with her multi-colored floral unitard; which, may we add, is totally fashionable at the moment.Although we are a bit confused by the outfit, we love her strong stance in this picture. Miley looks open, free and ready to let anyone under her "umbrella, ella, ella, ay, ay, ay."

10 'When I Look At You'

via Instagram

We are head over heels in love with this couple; just look at them, it looks like they're still in their honeymoon phase.

Pictured here again at the Vanity Fair red carpet event, we are thankful a photographer captured this adorable photo of Miley staring at no one else but her gorgeous hubby.Cue the emotional song "When I Look At You" from The Last Song - yup, we are feeling as cheesy as this duo is.

Seriously, how happy does she look? She is looking at Hemsworth the way we look at our waiter when he is coming with our food. And when we look at her, we see a woman living her dreams.

9 Miley Is Having A Blast With Life

via Instagram

The old Miley is back, the one that danced and pranced around life without a worry; she is still experiencing wedded bliss, her music career took off again, and she is making the front covers of magazines.

She is no longer hiding out in Malibu or in the studio. Instead, she is back to her free-spirited self, which clearly shows in this photo. If we were in Miley's shoes we would also be making a splash out of life! She is just trying to have a good time, and she does not even need to apologize because we adore this side of her. Who else could wear a statement teal gown and rock it in the water?

8 On The Red Carpet Representing Her Man

via Instagram

Isn't it romantic when your SO takes your place when you're sick?

Well, that is what the dashing wife of Hemsworth did when he could not make it to the premiere of his rom-com film Isn't It Romantic in February because he was ill. Clearly, Hemsworth has a supportive wife that would do anything for him. She stood in for her husband just so that he could rest up. It is not like she had to show up at all. But, the star pulled through and she looked divine in a gorgeous red gown. She deserves an award for Best Wifey.

7 She's Still Her Silly Self, Though

via Instagram

Although Miley is now a new person with a new home and new life, there are some habits she has not let go of, and we are so grateful she has stayed true to herself. We all fell in love with Miley because of her comical side and her playful humor, and here she is pulling a typical Miley face (without the tongue, though).

Miley will always be a kid at heart, and the silly side of her has always stood out - and now more than ever. We can't all be too serious about life, and Miley stands by that, even through tough times.

It is refreshing to see that she is able to let herself go and have a great time! Plus, Miley is so extra.

6 Back In The Studio

via Instagram

Have you heard "Nothing Breaks Like a Heart" yet? If you haven't, we are going to interrupt you and make sure you go listen to it now; do not blame us if you get hooked.

We were so obsessed with the music Miley was making before so when we saw pictures of her back in the studio, our excitement level was unbearable. Looking casual and relaxed with a graphic tee, leggings and some Doc Martens at the piano, Miley is seen here in her element.

The long-awaited Mark Ronson/Miley Cyrus collaboration came out in November 2018, and it was the triumphant return we expected. The piano and singing certainly soothe her soul.

5 Miley Making Chanel Happen

via Instagram

How is it possible for a woman to look as perfect and seamless as a porcelain doll? Ask Miley, she's living proof.

Making way to a Chanel dinner, Miley slayed her look, proving what it is to be a real Chanel woman: classy, sophisticated and elegant.

And, the Chanel accessory added on top of her shiny locks was the perfect sassy touch. Who would not look that content when glammed in Chanel from head-to-toe? Pouting in the photo and looking like the center of attention, this photo of Miley looks like a throwback to the '50s, and we are totally digging it. And that kiss was probably for her sidekick who joined her.

4 One Of Her Priorities? Pets

via Instagram

Miley's house burned down in the Malibu fire. She lost everything, yet she managed to pull off a wedding shortly afterwards. Fanatical fans of the songstress know how much Miley loves her animals and she shared her Malibu home that she lost not only with Hemsworth, but with two pigs, two horses, four cats, and seven dogs.

When her wedding came around about one month and a half later, Miley made sure to include all the loves of her life, including this adorable doggie.

Captioned, "You can always find me barefoot on the floor playin w my puppies ... even at my own wedding," we truly cherish the pop star for her unconditional love for others and her humble aura.

3 Papa Billy Ray And Miley Making Our Eyes Tear Up

via Instagram

The relationship between Miley Cyrus and her multitalented father Billy Ray Cyrus has always been strong. It is thanks to her father that she stayed grounded through her rise in fame and her tumultuous times. Fans of Miley know that we could dedicate an entire list to the cutest father-daughter moments between the two from childhood until now.

It was without a doubt a bittersweet moment for the country singer when he gave away his daughter on her wedding day. We all know how emotional such a moment can be, and although the two did not flash their pearly whites, this photo is way too precious. We need a tissue to wipe our tears; Miley is all grown up.

2 Family First

via Instagram

When Miley hit the Grammy red carpet, she did so with glowing skin and a beaming smile, but also a fashion-forward outfit: a black pantsuit with a plunging v-neck that made heads turn for the right reasons.

Take a moment to recall the old Miley who barely covered up at events, and you'll totally appreciate and dig this new Miley as much as we do.

Miley did not attend the event without the ones she loves most: her awesome famjam. The trio showed off their undeniable bond to the cameras by posing with their tongues out, and with some rock and roll hand gestures. They define #familygoals and Miley certainly got it from her mama.

1 A Calm And Serene Miley

via Instagram

Miley may look focused, but deep down she was thinking about all the upcoming festivals she is going to party at.

Part of the same photoshoot from the above vintage photos, this one strikes us as Miley's best. She looks pensive, but content, which is most representative of her state of mind in life right now. The outfit is totally Miley and has us thinking of her "Party In The U.S.A" days.

Captioned " Countin down the days until FESTIVAL SEASON" on her IG page, this pic shows that Miley is clearly thrilled about life and all there is to come. This is the face of a warrior, the face of a woman who knows the best is yet to come. And it also the face of a woman who looks beautiful even without makeup.

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