New York Pilates To Launch Their Own Workout Gear Collection

New York Pilates is a pilates studio based out of New York that's slowly but surely growing. With five locations across the populous state since its founding in 2013, it's spent the last six plus years gaining fans of the exercise and the studios themselves. The studios are covered in light pink, and its bathrooms are always choke full of enough beauty products to make any beauty lover's head spin. The studio's overall vibe is young and hip, making it prime for a cult following to form and grow as more time goes on.

That may explain why their new workout gear collection, NYP Tech Sport, is already anticipated to be a hit. There are 14 pieces in the fashion line that are very feminine with an earthy colour palette. Such colours include chocolate brown, copper, pastel pink and white Some of the items include bicycle shorts, bodysuits and mesh shirts that make all the workout clothes in this collection sexy yet sleek.

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The Founder of New York Pilates, Heather Andersen, collaborated with friend Elena Kibalchich to design the items in this cute collection. Andersen's inspiration in the fashion line came from wanting to accuntuate the human musculture's delicate lines. Therefore, the collection would embody movement as a whole. In addition, Andersen wanted the colours to match well together while also working well with all skin tones. She wanted the clothing items to be wearable for all women, no matter their appearance or athletic background.

The NYP Tech Sport clothing line contains a lot of cute yet stylish workout gear options for women who are active to some extent. Granted, the items can be seen as a bit pricy- the range within the line goes from $64 USD to $178 USD. But if you're on the hunt for minimalist-style workout gear that will do you well whether you're doing strength training, pilates or cardio, then New York Pilates' line will surely have something for you.

You can currently purchase these clothing items from NYP Tech Sport either in New York Pilates' studios, or online.

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