New Couple Alert: 23 Celebs Who Started Dating In 2018 (We Were NOT Expecting)

There's a reason so many magazines and websites and other forms of media cover celebrities and their lives—we're endlessly fascinated by the rich and famous. We want to know where they live, what they eat, what kind of activities they enjoy doing in their spare time, and of course, who they're dating.

We love to see celebrity couples who have managed to keep the spark alive for decades, and we also love to see celebrity couples who are still in the honeymoon stage. There have been plenty of celebrity weddings in 2018, but what we're interested in who is taking those first steps in a relationship and staring things off. Who knows—they may very well end up tying the knot in 2019!

And, many of these celebs ended up dating people we would never in a million years have pictured them with. It just goes to show that sometimes you just fall for someone completely, and it doesn't matter if they're your co-star or someone in an entirely different industry—you just know that they're your perfect match. For the time being, at least.

Here are 23 celebrity couples who surprised us all by starting to date in 2018. We hear wedding bells in some of their futures!

23 Rami Malek And His Bohemian Rhapsody Co-Star Lucy Boynton

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Thanks to his portrayal as the iconic Freddie Mercury in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek is at the forefront of everyone's minds right now. Not to mention, he's got some seriously incredible projects under his belt that show his range and skill as an actor.

And now, it seems, he has someone to share all his success with—his Bohemian Rhapsody co-star, Lucy Boynton.

They were first spotted together on a lunch date in Los Angeles back in August and have reportedly been dating ever since. Sometimes, your co-star is just another person on set—and sometimes, the sparks definitely fly over the course of filming!

22 Robert Pattinson And Suki Waterhouse

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Robert Pattinson has had a somewhat tough, and incredibly public, love life. When he co-starred with Kristen Stewart in the Twilight franchise, countless rabid fans around the world desperately wanted the two leading actors to get together in real life. And, it just so happened that the two started dating. However, things ended in badly, and Pattinson was put through a super public relationship scandal that can't have been easy to deal with. Luckily, he's found love again, this time with model and actress Suki Waterhouse. The two have been spotted out and about in London, getting drinks and even seeing a movie. Cute!

21 Chris Pratt Got Back In The Game With Katherine Schwarzenegger

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It's not an exaggeration to say that people were absolutely devastated when Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced that they would be separating. After all, the two seemed like Hollywood's golden couple, the ones who had a totally perfect relationship. However, things happen and people change, and they parted ways.

Pratt took some time to work on himself and focus on figuring out his new family structure.

And now, he's back in the dating game—and the woman spotted on his arm on multiple dates is none other than Katherine Schwarzenegger, the daughter of The Terminator. Crazy!

20 Josh Duhamel And Eiza Gonzalez

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It's always fascinating to see who people end up dating after they've split from their spouse—after all, they become so associated in the public's mind with their husband or wife for years that it can be tough to see them with someone else! After several years of marriage, Josh Duhamel separated from his wife Fergie, and he's been dipping his toe in the dating scene. Who's the woman on his arm? Actress Eiza Gonzalez, who is best known for her role in the movie Baby Driver. They've been keeping things pretty low key so far, but who knows—maybe they'll take things to the next level soon.

19 Hollywood's Sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence Is An Item With Cooke Maroney

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Given what a superstar she is, it's pretty much a guarantee that the public will be all over any relationship Jennifer Lawrence has—so, admittedly, it must be nice to date someone who is totally removed from the world of Hollywood. That way, at least you only have one celebrity to deal with, not two.

In 2018, J-Law has been spotted out and about in New York City with a new man—and it's one many people don't recognize because he's not an actor like her previous boyfriends.

Her current boo Cooke Maroney is actually in the art world and represents clients including Lena Dunham's father Carroll.

18 Hailee Steinfeld And Niall Horan, Two Pop Superstars In Love

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Niall Horan may not have quite as many over the top fans as when he was a member of One Direction, but there are still plenty of women around the world who want to know if he's on the market—and, as of February this year, it seems that he's taken! He's been spotted out and about with actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld, and we have to admit, the two are totally adorable together. A source even dished to People about a date they had back in May, saying that "Niall had his arm around Hailee and they were holding hands, they definitely looked like a couple."

17 Miranda Lambert And Evan Felker, Proving She Definitely Has A Type—Musicians

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Miranda Lambert has had a few relationships, and without fail, she seems to be attracted to a very particular type—musicians. She's not about to limit her dating pool to only country musicians, but it definitely seems to be a requirement that her partner is involved in the music industry in some way.

Her latest partner is no exception—just a few months after breaking up with her R&B musician boyfriend Anderson East, she started dating Evan Felker, the singer for Turnpike Troubadors.

Sparks apparently flew when the two were out on tour together, and the rest is history. Who knows where things will go—but we're curious to see!

16 Country Cuties Cassadee Pope And Sam Palladio

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Women around the world fell in love with Sam Palladio as the sensitive singer-songwriter Gunnar Scott on Nashville, and fell even more in love with him when they realized that he had an English accent in real life (rather than the Southern accent he has on the show). However, in real life, he's got eyes for only one girl—Cassadee Pope, the musician who is best known for winning her season of The Voice. The two snapped a picture together when they were at country singer Maren Morris' wedding and have been spotted out and about quite a bit lately.

15 Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale And Riley Smith

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Now that she no longer has to keep up with her grueling Pretty Little Liars schedule, Lucy Hale probably has a lot more time on her hands. And, it seems she's been spending quite a bit of that time with the new man in her life—who she met on set!

She's been dating her Life Sentence co-star Riley Smith for quite a few months now—the two were spotted enjoying a romantic dinner together on Valentine's Day.

Luckily, the show that they were on was canceled after just one season—which means that they won't have to awkwardly deal with working together if things ever go south.

14 Danica Patrick And Aaron Rodgers, A Sports Power Couple

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Aaron Rodgers is no stranger to dating a celebrity—after all, he dating actress Olivia Munn for quite a while. However, it seems that his latest partner will understand the demands of being a professional athlete a whole lot more than previous girlfriends have. 2018 kicked off with rumors about a relationship brewing between Aaron Rodgers and NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, and in a January interview, Patrick confirmed that the two were indeed dating. We have to admit, it's a pairing that we never would have envisioned in a million years, but they definitely seem happy together, and that's all that really matters.

13 Dakota Johnson And Chris Martin Consciously Coupled

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Dakota Johnson is no stranger to the spotlight—after all, she grew up with celebrity parents whose relationships were in the public eye. And, Chris Martin definitely knows what it's like to date a highly public figure—in addition to being a famous musician himself, he was once married to Goop guru Gwyneth Paltrow.

However, these two were willing to risk public scrutiny in exchange for seeing whether a relationship would work out, and started dating in January of 2018.

They've been spotted out and about on a few dates now, and though there's no truth to the crazy pregnancy rumors that circulated a while back, things seem to be going well.

12 Audrina Patridge And Ryan Cabrera Are Back On Again—After Eight Years Apart

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There's something about rekindling old relationships that's so adorable, and we have to admit, we love that Audrina Patridge and Ryan Cabrera found their way back to one another. The two dated way back in 2010, when the world was an entirely different place. They both had relationships over the years that didn't work out, and in 2018, they ended up finding one another again and deciding to give the whole dating thing another try. Sometimes, it's not the person that's wrong—it's just the timing or something else in your life. Unfortunately, these two have actually split again, after just 5 months of dating.

11 Paula Patton Found Love With Zachary Quittman

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Paula Patton is definitely no stranger to having her relationship in the spotlight—she was married to musician Robin Thicke for a decade and had to deal with plenty of rumors and speculation over the years.

However, she seems to be in a happier and healthier place lately, and a lot of that is because of her current partner, Zachary Quittman.

Her relationship started on rocky ground, as many people speculated that she was one of the reasons his marriage ended, but all Patton has is love—she raved about her relationship on Live! With Kelly And Ryan, saying that "I'm in love — when you know you know."

10 YouTube Star Logan Paul And Actress Chloe Bennet

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YouTubers document so much of their lives that it can make relationships tough. After all, when your relationship basically turns into another way to get content and is something your audience is invested in, what happens when you realize things aren't working and you need to break up? Logan Paul isn't facing that problem quite yet, though, as he's been in a relationship star with actress and fellow YouTuber Chloe Bennet. Things have been going well so far, but who knows—perhaps he'll have a clickbait-worthy titled video explaining all about his break-up sometime soon. You just never know how things will turn out.

9 Timothee Chalamet And Lily-Rose Depp

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Obviously, not every set of co-stars ends up getting together in real life—that would be completely ridiculous. However, there is something about spending so many hours with someone on set for weeks at a time that can definitely kick some relationships into high gear—and that seems to be what happened between Lily-Rose Depp and Timothee Chalamet.

The two co-starred in a Netflix original film, The King, together, and apparently, sparks flew between them.

They've been spotted out and about in New York City getting pretty cozy and even sharing a little PDA. They look totally adorable together, we have to admit.

8 Channing Tatum Is Back In The Dating Game With Jessie J

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When Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan announced that they'd be separating, many people were crushed. After all, they were just so cute together, and they shared a love of dance—what could be more perfect? However, things just didn't work out, and now both of them are back on the market and in search of true love. While Channing may not be ready to confess his love for his new girlfriend quite yet, things have been heating up between Tatum and British pop superstar Jessie J. They've been keeping things pretty private for the time being, but they've been spotted on a mini-golf date in Seattle, and Channing has been at several of her shows, so it may be getting serious!

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7 Ashley Benson And Cara Delevingne Stunned Everyone When They Started Dating

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Absolutely no one saw this relationship coming because, well, Benson mostly dated men until she found her current partner. However, love is love, and she soon realized that there was something special between her and the supermodel turned actress—and they started dating!

They were photographed together at Heathrow airport back in August and soon went public with their relationship.

It took many people by surprise, but they seem kind of perfect together, so we love how things are going. Hopefully they're together for a long time to come, and get the chance to exchange a little PDA in airports around the world!

6 Priyanka Chopra And Nick Jonas, Who Went From Dating To Engaged In An Instant

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The world barely got a chance to freak out about the fact that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas were dating before the news started to circulate that actually, they were engaged. That's because Nick Jonas went from asking her out on a date to asking for her hand in marriage within 30 days—which is pretty insane. However, Chopra said yes, so obviously they're both head over heels in love! It's not a pairing we ever would have imagined, but seeing them together, it totally works. We're not sure when these two will actually walk down the aisle, but people are eagerly awaiting any new relationship developments.

5 Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom

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To many women, the idea of dating someone who was once married to a literal supermodel may seem a little bit intimidating. However, Katy Perry is not about to compare herself to anyone—not even her partner's ex!

She and actor Orlando Bloom have had a bit of an on-again, off-again relationship, and they've been dating again as of 2018.

Since both have failed marriages under their belts, we're not sure if they'd ever want to take another walk down the aisle, but who knows—perhaps these two will want to show their commitment to one another and take that big step once again.

4 Heidi Klum And Tokio Hotel's Tom Kaulitz

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Heidi Klum was married to singer Seal for nearly a decade, and since the two split in 2014, she's been having fun playing the field a little bit. After all, who says you can't find your perfect partner in your 40s? Lately, she's been seeing Tokio Hotel musician Tom Kaulitz, who is just 28 years old—and honestly, if you looked like Heidi Klum, why wouldn't you date someone much younger than you? The two obviously enjoy spending time together, and have been spotted locking lips and even dancing together quite a few times. Things seem to be going well for now, so who knows where things might lead.

3 Pop Superstar Camila Cabello And Matthew Hussey

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Camila Cabello knows the challenges that come with being in the spotlight, but luckily, her current boyfriend should have some pretty good insight about how to keep their relationship happy and healthy despite Hollywood's pressures—because he's a dating coach!

That's right—the pop superstar is dating Matthew Hussey, a British dating coach and love guru, which is a match we never would have anticipated in a million years.

She spilled about her relationship to radio host Dan Wootton, saying that "I feel like I've never been happier in my life." That's certainly high praise for Hussey—seems like the dating coach has all the right moves!

2 Olivia Munn And Alex Gonzalez

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After her relationship with NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers ended, Olivia Munn didn't wait around, heartbroken, for months on end. She quickly got back in the dating game and managed to find someone she was really interested in—Spanish actor Alex Gonzalez. The two have apparently been dating since January of this year, which means they'll be celebrating their one year anniversary in just a little over a month (provided that things continue to go well). These two haven't been in the spotlight much yet, but that could definitely change in the months to come—after all, Munn is a huge star who the paparazzi definitely follow around.

1 Chris Pine And Annabelle Wallis

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Actor Chris Pine isn't exactly the type to be splashed across the front pages of the tabloids, which is why many people are unsure about what exactly his relationship status is. And, it seems, he's been taken—and has been since around April of 2018. He was linked to fellow actress Annabelle Wallis in spring of this year when they were spotted together at Heathrow Airport, and have since been spotted at dinner together.

Apparently, these two lovebirds even took a Hawaiian vacation together at some point.

Neither has been super outspoken about their relationship, but who knows, if things get more serious they may just be more willing to get chatty about things.

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