Netflix Hit Show 'You' Season 2 Will Take Place In Los Angeles

Netflix show You is coming back with a second seaon

The popular thriller TV show You is returning to Netflix with a second season, but this time the plot has moved from New York City to sunny Los Angeles. The first season of You was based on the novel, also called You, by Caroline Kepnes, and the second season will follow her second book called Hidden Bodies. The main protagonist Joe Goldberg, eminently played by Penn Badgley, is naturally coming back to season 2, but most other characters will be new.

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The murderous show was a huge Netflix success, and Penn's character, the murderer and stalker Joe, was despite his horrible actions was romanticized by several viewers. Penn even took to Twitter to reply to some swooning comments about Joe, urging fans to not look past the fact that, well, he killed and stalked people. The second season of You follows Joe in Los Angeles and apparently, he hates it there. Part of the story will be the typical New Yorker hating on everything LA, but Joe being Joe he will also find new people to stalk.

Netflix thriller show You season 2 is coming
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As reported by E! News, Victoria Pedretti, known from Haunting of Hill House, will play Joe's main interest, the aspiring chef Love Quinn. Other famous additions to the You cast are Jenna Ortega form Disney Channel's Stuck in the Middle, James Scully who starred in Heathers, and comedian Chris D'Elia.

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There is a chance for some of Joe's past to follow him all the way to California. Those who watched season one of You will remember that there are some loose ends left behind in New York City, all of which could possibly pop up and remind Joe of what went down on the East Coast. Anyone who read the books knows that the TV series strayed from the original story in some aspects, and this obviously affects the storyline in season two as well.

The first season of You premiered on Netflix internationally late December last year, and the second season is promised to be coming soon, which most likely translates to sometime this year. In other words, there is still time to binge watch the first season or even read the books to get in the right murderous mood.

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